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Thread: Official Lea Halalela Sitewide Rules

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    Official Lea Halalela Sitewide Rules

    Forum Rules

    Please note these rules apply to all of the forums in Lea Halalela. Failure to comply will result in a warning* from one of the moderators. After three warnings, the Pride Member caught breaking the rules will be expelled.

    • 1. No name-calling, put-downs, racial slurs or harassment of other Pride Members.

    • 2. No adult-oriented material.

    • 3. No Lion King hate posts or threads.

    • 4. No chatting in threads (ex: 1 line posts and replies) except in designated game threads.

    • 5. Do not use any of our smilies or images without asking our permission first.

    • 6. No selling of or linking to bootleg merchandise.

    • 7. No multiple accounts - one account per forum member.

    *Depending on the severity of the rule-breaking, a Pride Member may be expelled immediately (with no warning) at the moderators' discretion.

    Your moderation team is:

    * Fuzzy
    * HasiraKali
    * Simba The Mighty
    * Vidan

    Technical Administrator
    * Kirauni

    Super Moderators
    * Azerane
    * Sharifu

    * Kanu_TGL
    - The Water Hole
    * King Simba
    - Scar's Lair
    - Under The Stars
    - The Water Hole

    The administrators and moderators retain the right to change these rules as situations arise. Members will be notified of any changes through this thread.
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