Hello everyone! Welcome to New New Lea! Big ups to STM and Fuzzy and everyone who helped out with the VBulletin stuff for getting this place back up and running WAY faster than any of us could have expected. Y'all are awesome!

A couple of things.

1.We know there are still some kinks in the forum. Consider this the soft opening opening before our big Grand Opening. Let's wait a few days before we start bombarding STM with messages about any issues.

2. I know this has already been discussed, but, if you know of any members which may not be aware of our new location, please please please let them know where we are! We want as many of our members back as possible.

3. ???

4. Profit!

Seriously though, if you need anything let us know. I know this new version of VBulletin is a little different. It took me forever to find some things in the Admin panel .