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April 30th, 2016, 02:47 PM
Kinda surprised no thread was made for the new episode.

I have to say, there was just somthing really special about this episode and it's "family" theme. Just to see all the characters interacting was really cool, and it's always awesome to see more of Simba/Nala/Kiara.

The interaction between Bunga and Simba was top notch. Just hilarious. Simba made Bunga learn to slow down and think things through while Bunga taught Simba to be more humble and approachable. He is Simba first and King second. And that ending twist where they realize that they are, in a way, adopted brothers, was just so sweet and eye opening.

The truly interesting thing about this episode is that while Hakuna Matata was teased throughout the show, and the chorus was performed in the end, this is the first episode to not include a full-on musical number. I think it is ALSO the first episode to not feature Janja and his cronies.

April 30th, 2016, 07:29 PM
It's still a hard episode to find online, at least not in HD since it hasn't been uploaded to kisscartoon yet. I guess that's why not many has seen it yet. here (http://www.watchonlinecartoons.net/lion-guard/watch-the-lion-guard-episode-13-season-1-bunga-and-the-king) it is in 480p, though.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. Who would have thought there would be an episode centered on Simba and Bunga? It's quite an unlikely duo, but I'm glad the writers dared to experiment with their interaction, and it was brilliant! :lol:

I liked Simba's "thank you captain obvious" lines, and his general annoyance towards Bunga in the beginning, it was so hillarious, and it kinda mirrors what we as viewers feel sometimes. Even Nala acknowledged Bunga as annoying, but to be fair, she also said Simba can be very stubborn too. I'm glad the characters in the show are aware of this, put an annoying character and an impatient one together and you get a recepy for disaster (in a funny way, I mean xD).

I'm very happy it was their common ground with Hakuna Matata what made them become much closer, even see each other as brothers in a way. I think my favourite part is when they hear each other singing in different parts in the tunnels and join in singing together until they reunite again. It was an excellent plot device, and a very nostalgic one too :)

I too thought this episode was most different from the bunch, I mean, there was no roar of the elders, no Mufasa, and no hyenas, not even a villain at all. But I agree that it was great because we got to see more from the Simba/Nala/Kiara group, like Aurelian said. And did anyone else get a deja vu feeling when Simba hanged from the sinkhole cliff and fell? The camera angles and animation look a lot like how Mufasa fell in TLK. I guess that was a homage of some sort, like they did in other episodes.

The only thing I didn't like much were Timon and Pumbaa, Kion had a good plan in bringing Timon in because of his experince with tunnels, but that ended up serving no purpose because all he and Pumbaa did was cry and cry a lot >< But hey, at least it was endearing to see them reunite with their "babies" :p

So now Bunga is Simba's brother and Kion/Kiara's uncle. Does this... mean Bunga is a member of the Royal family now? If so, what a turn of events :lol:

May 1st, 2016, 02:45 AM
I just finished watching this episode and I lost it when Timon was wailing about the savannah taking both of his babies. :lol:

Was it Ono that said "Meerkats are supposed to be good with tunnels"? Anyway, I loved that line because we all Timon is NOT good with tunnels. :lol:

I really appreciated the acknowledgement of Bunga's annoying-ness. My sister kept saying "just eat him" when they were stuck in the hole.

I also liked the Hakuna Matata bit and the realization that they're really a family.

May 2nd, 2016, 06:27 AM
Firstly I just have to say that both Simba and Bunga annoyed me in this Episode. It felt quite out of character for Simba to me, although I certainly understand his frustration at Bunga. I'm glad that they at least addressed the challenging nature of Bunga's personality, that did make me laugh. :lol:

Also, I did enjoy their bonding moment in the cave system when they started to sing Hakuna Matata to find each other, that was nice and as Leor said, a good plot device. It was good to see Simba become more friendly towards the end and invite Bunga onto his back to cross the ravine as well.

Oh and as mentioned, Simba definitely got "Mufasa'd" when the sink hole collapsed :p

May 2nd, 2016, 07:18 PM
Oh wow. That ending. So cheesy.

I must say that Simba handled finding out that he's something of a brother to Bunga rather well. I would've shot that right down. xD

I still find Bunga super annoying and badly written. Hopefully they make him go through some sort of character arc as the series progresses. And fast.

...either that or he's secretly a genious mastermind who is playing them all while he puts measures in place to take over the pridelands. I'd totally watch that. xD

May 2nd, 2016, 08:32 PM
Eventually Bunga get himself killed during one of his stunts, but since this is a series for kids I don't think even something remotely like this will happen. A character change would certainly do him good. However the makers put Bunga in place to be an annoying furball to amuse the kids, so this is also out of the question. On the other hand, imho his character is for the first time contributing to the story... a little. Otherwise it wouldn't be so hard for Simba and Bunga to find a way to get along with each other. After all I think the episode was really good, not only to see more of Simba, but also that Kion and the Lion Guard isn't always the center of attention and reprising Hakuna Matata was a great idea. :)

Do you know if this was the last episode of the first season? I though I've read there should be 26, but maybe they included the second season.

May 2nd, 2016, 09:31 PM
Yeeah, Bunga could really use some character development, I agree. He was incredibly stupid this episode, once again xP

I wish they portrayed him more like in last episode, The Mbali Fields Migration. He actually grew on me a bit more during that one, he had some of the funniest lines, but he didn't feel like a stupid character, and he actually showed some bravery then by saving Muhimu. That's the kind of character I would be totally ok with, he could be really funny without having to be downright dumb. I hope they develop him more like that at some point ><

This Land
June 12th, 2016, 12:36 AM
I only just got around to watching this episode, im a bad fan hahaha xD

My goodness it was worth the wait haha ! xD

Like mentioned, i had flashbacks when i seen Simba falling in the style of Mufasa, then the Hakuna matata song at the end actually sent shivers down my spine xD, was just so nostalgic and was great to see ^_^
Bunga was alot more annoying than usual but then it played out very well as part of the plot as they learned to get along. It was great to see an episode where we seen more of "the oldies", very nicely done ^_^