View Full Version : Episode 5 - Eye of the Beholder

February 6th, 2016, 12:44 PM
So here we are again, time for a new episode. :D

I did enjoy this episode, even if most of the opening lines weere of the characters just shouting their catchphrases! At least that's what I thought :p

To be honest, I'm glad Mufasa wasn't in this one, I feel like they throw him in too often. Mufasa appearing to Simba was a very poignant moment in TLK and I feel that element is lost when he's just thrown in willy nilly. But perhaps his lack of appearance to Simba was more to do with Simba not believing, than Mufasa simply not appearing. In any case, that really has nothing to do with this episode :lol:

I had to laugh at the vultures parliament, because it's just like government and every committee, they never get things done. It's always meetings to discuss things brought up at other meetings, haha. Gave me a good laugh at least. I think it was just for a joke, because otherwise it didn't really seem to fit Mzingo since he seems to go straight to Janja when a situation can benefit him.

The premise of the episode I thought was reasonable, Ono losing his sight for a time, and Janja taking advantage of that to infiltrate the pridelands. I just thought that the execution was a little poor with how easily Janja's plan was foiled. The song I did enjoy, it's catchy because it's upbeat although at the same time seems a little bland to me as there's not much variation in it.

I suppose I should also address the issue of lion cubs and wildebeest as well, since Simba had so much trouble with them and even Mufasa had trouble navigating stampeding wildebeest (then again it was thousands vs the maybe hundred or so we get the impression of in the episode). I feel like Kion very easily has the physical capability to deal with those things in addition to tussling with Janja, although at the same time I do think Kion is portrayed as a slightly older cub than Simba was.
In summary, a very likable episode although I didn't think it was anything amazing.

February 6th, 2016, 11:43 PM
I liked this episode. Maybe not as much "Never Judge a Hyena by it's Spots" and "Can't Wait to be Queen", but it was enjoyable.

Ono is just adorable. I guess that is not a surprise for me to think that way, since I love birds, but I like his personality and his voice is a perfect fit. I felt bad for the little guy, how it bothered him how he couldn't help the the guard while he temporarily lost sight in one eye.

I also agree with you about Mufasa appearing too often. I was glad to not see him in this episode.

The song, "Outta the Way" is alright. It is a bit catchy and upbeat, but it's not quite as good as some of the other songs. I was amused during the song, how the hyenas were picking up animals like they were on a sushi boat. :lol:

February 7th, 2016, 04:50 AM
This ep wasn't terrible. Pretty good just general story of daily LG adventures. I also liked that it focused on Ono and helped us to get to know him a little bit. I hope we get similar episodes for Beshte and Fuli.Though I wonder about the message of telling kids to just put an eyepatch on when they get dirt in their eye instead of flushing it with water like a sensible person. xD

One thing that I did wonder about was why it seems like they never want the hyenas to eat. Maybe it's just that they have already had enough and we just aren't shown that, but to me it seems like they are just sort of starving. :/

Also...it seems like the roar is way overpowered. But, as always, I have to remember it's a show for 5 year olds. xD