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King Simba
June 6th, 2005, 08:52 PM
Alright, so I'm really in the mood for fan fic/story writing right now so I started writing this story about 2 hours ago. It features Katai, Twilight, STL and a few others. I've got quite far at the moment but I'll be continuing to write it. Tell me what you think up to now. :cheese:

And yeah, the characters are anthros in this story. ;)

Friday Night Out

It was a normal Friday night. Katai, who was a young lion in his early 20?s, with a reddish, brownish mane, light brown coloured fur and orange muzzle was sitting on his couch watching the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool on Sky Sports 1. He just came home from a hard day at work in his new Mercedes Convertible that he just recently bought. Katai was a very rich lion since his parents were very rich. He also had a very good job. He owned a large business in the city of Manchester. His father passed this business onto him when he was 19 years of age. After the match had finished, a 2-1 win, Katai sat up and looked around sighing to himself. He picked his car keys up again from inside the drawer and decided to go out for a drive. He picked up the house keys and put his jacket on before going outside and locking the door to his ?500,000 mansion. He put the house keys in his pocket before getting the car keys out of his other pocket. He inserted the car keys into the lock on the car door and opened it. He climbed in and sat inside his blue Mercedes Convertible, turning the radio on and inserting one of his CDs since he didn?t like listening to the radio that much, he decided to listen to his rock and dance CDs. He put the keys into the ignition and put the car into reverse gear and reversed out and drove out of his long and large drive. He turned his headlights on and turned out onto a country road.

?A drive into town, or just a drive in the countryside?? he asks himself, ?Hmm?I think I?ll have a drive into the city?? he drove down the country road until he saw a sign for the motorway, he took that turning and accessed the motorway putting his indicators on. A lioness driving in a red Renault Clio held back to let him in and flashed him, Katai flashed his indicators and hazards to thank her.

He smiled to himself, putting his foot down as he accessed the motorway and turning his music up. He drove along the motorway for about 7 miles to enter the city of Manchester. The red Renault Clio with the registration ?YP05 LEA? felt quite fine driving in the same lane as him, right behind him. Of course, this car was very different to Katai?s. Katai had his own registration plate, ?K4 TAI? and had a much more expensive car than this lioness? car. He flicked his indicators as he took an exit off the motorway, the exit straight into Manchester.

He looked in his mirrors and saw the Clio follow him off the motorway, he laughed a little to himself, ?She seems to have followed me all down the motorway. Does she like my car or something?? he looked in his mirrors again, turning the music down a little. The lioness in the Clio seems to be keeping her distance and is quite content driving behind Katai. She was heading to Manchester also.

Katai had to touch his breaks because a battered, old green Ford Fiesta had cut him up and couldn?t get a move on. Katai dropped his gears and looked into his mirrors again. The Clio was still keeping her distance but a car was now pushing her along. Katai touched his breaks again since the Ford Fiesta doesn?t seem to be getting a move on. He sighed and drops his speed to 35Mph, the speed the Fiesta was travelling at.

The Fiesta turned the hazards on and pulled over to let Katai and the others overtake. A young lion about 15 was driving the Fiesta and he was still in his adolescent years. He was travelling to Manchester also but let the others pass before pulling back out onto the road again. Katai put his foot down again and increased his speed to 60Mph, the national speed limit. The lioness in the Clio travelling behind put her foot down too. The car behind the Clio was a black sporty-style Smart car with ?funky moon and star? transfers on with the registration plate, ?TW1 L1GHT? increased the speed too. A lion around in his late teens was driving this car. He continued to tail-gate the lioness in the Clio though. Katai kept his speed up to bang on 60Mph.

Katai continued to drive at the same speed for about 5 miles or so until he came up to a round-a-bout. ?Manchester?straight on.? He said to himself, looking up at the sign post. He turned his music up again and looked for traffic that was coming around the round-a-bout. It was clear so he drove straight forward. The battered, old Ford Fiesta only just caught up with the Smart car.

A few drops of rain fell from the sky. Katai switched the wind-screen wipers on as more rain poured down. He looked into his mirrors again, still seeing the red Clio behind him. He smiled to himself, driving along at a steady and safe pace. The Smart car had turned into the Garage for some petrol. Katai didn?t need any petrol since he had just filled his car up before he went to work in the morning. The rain started to pour down faster so Katai switched his wind-screen wipers on to the ?fast? mode.

As Katai entered the outskirts of Manchester, he looked around for somewhere to get some food. He spotted a place where there were various restaurants, bars and such. He flickered his indicators as he turned and stopped at some traffic lights. Whilst he was waiting for the lights to change, he opened up the drop down and took out a little piece of chewing gum. He threw the wrappers into the ash tray and looked into his mirrors once more at the lioness. He put his paws on the steering wheel again; ready to go when the lights changed. The Smart car turned into the same turning, a couple of cars behind to Clio.

The lights changed to go and Katai was the first one waiting at the lights. He put his foot on the accelerator and drove into the car park, looking for a space to park. He turned his wheel and parked in a space next to a silver Rover 25. He turned the engine off and took the car keys out of the ignition. He climbs out his convertible and stepped outside in the rain. Katai wasn?t bothered if he got wet because he didn?t mind the rain. The Smart car and the Clio ended up parking up in some spaces further down. They also got out of their cars. The lioness who was driving the Clio grabbed hold of her handbag and locked the car doors. She stared over to Katai thinking he was a handsome looking lion. She put her umbrella up and ran to take shelter.

The lion who was driving the Smart car stepped out and took his keys out of the ignition. He looked over to Katai thinking that he looked familiar. Katai was busy sorting things out in the boot. The lion locked his car up and walked over to where Katai was. He stopped directly next to him, ?Do I know you?? he asked curiously.

Katai stopped and looked up before shutting the boot, ?Twilight?? he asked thinking that the other lion looked familiar.
?Yeah, that?s me?long time, no see. Haven?t seen you in a while Katai.? Twilight smiled to Katai giving him a hug, ?Where you get the nice ?toy? from?? he laughed a little, referring to Katai's convertible.

?Toy?? Katai looked at Twilight with a confused expression before realizing what he meant, ?Ah, my car.? He grinned to Twilight, ?I bought it for ?35,000 from Pride Lands Car Sales. Figured it was time to get shut of the Jag.? He referred to his 2001 Jaguar he had before.

Sorry about the long start. I'll post the rest later once I've written it. :cheese:

Prince Simba
June 6th, 2005, 09:14 PM
I like it! So many cars... and so much driving :p


I usually don't get to read many anthro stories.

King Simba
June 6th, 2005, 09:52 PM
Thanks a lot for reading. =) Here's another part I've just been writing...I'll post it in parts. ;)

Twilight gasped in shock, ?Whoa, you aren?t short of any cash are ya? I bought my car for around 12 grand?where do you work now anyway? Long time, so many questions?? he laughed a little.

?No, I guess not.? Katai grinned to Twilight throwing his keys up and down in his paws, ?I own a large business in the city. ?K-A-T-A-I Corporation?. Yes, I?m a very busy lion??

The rain began to slow down and all of a sudden a purple Rover 220 GSi shot in at around 50Mph straight through the traffic lights which were on red, Cradle of Filth was playing full blast. The registration plate on this car was ?K1 NGY?. Katai gave the car a dirty look as it passed, ?Now that?s some bad driving, don?t you agree Twilight?? he turned towards Twilight looking at the car park up in a car parking space taking up at least two spaces. The engine turned off and the door opened, a tiger stepped out of the car turning the music off. He locked the car up and walked into KFC.
?I do agree?? Twilight looked at the tiger as he walked into KFC.

Katai sighed, ?Well, would you like to come and get something to eat now? I?m starving myself, didn?t get chance to have anything to eat before I went out. I just finished watching the match between Liverpool and Man U and I was bored, so I decided to come out for a drive.?

Twilight smiled, ?Yeah, sure. I?m hungry myself. Haven?t had anything since lunch and it?s?what? 9pm now.? He heard his stomach rumble a little.

Katai smiled and started to walk towards KFC, ?Will KFC do fine? Don?t worry, I don?t just go to classy restaurants all the time and I don?t order the ?A La Carte? meals all the time?? he smirked to Twilight.

Twilight laughed, ?I didn?t think that Katai. KFC will be great.? He smiled to his friend walking over to the KFC entrance with him.

Katai opened the door before entering KFC with Twilight; he saw the tiger stood in the queue ordering a Zinger Tower Meal. Katai looked up to the lioness who was driving the Clio again and he smiled up to her. The lioness smiled back at him. Twilight tapped him on his shoulder.

?We?re moving up?wakey wakey?? he chuckled to him as the queue moved up one. The tiger carried his food to a table and sat up near where the lioness was sitting. Katai moved up one space, ?Sorry, just a little tired?? he yawned.

The queue continued to get shorter and Katai and Twilight were soon at the front, they began to order their meals, ?Hiya, can I have a chicken fillet burger please with a Pepsi?? he turned to Twilight, ??what about you??
Twilight thought of what to order, ?Hmm, I?d like to order 4 pieces of chicken with a coke please...?
?How much?? Katai smiled to the lioness at the cashier.
??6.10 then please?? the lioness smiled to Katai.

Katai took his wallet out of his pocket and handed her the cash over. After they received their meals, they went and sat at a table next to the lioness who was currently talking on her mobile phone.

Katai unwrapped his chips and opened his BBQ dip, ?So, have you been watching the footy recently?? he started to eat his chips before opening his burger and taking a bite out of it.

?Yep, I watched the game between Man U and Liverpool. I?m guessing you watched it too?? Twilight started to eat some of his chicken and took a drink out of his coke.

?Yeah, I watched it before I came out actually. What a game it was? and it was a winner.? He smiled to Twilight before eating his burger and chips until he finished them all off.

June 6th, 2005, 10:03 PM
You make Kingy look like such a rebel ;) good stuff KS :D

King Simba
June 6th, 2005, 11:02 PM
:lol: No problem. ;)
Here's a bit more of the story...that's me finished for tonight I think. :zzz:

?Sure was a great game?? Twilight smiled before finishing his chicken portions off.
?I think it?s time to move on now anyway?getting a little late?what do you think?? Katai smiled to Twilight.

All of a sudden, the lioness dropped her tray on the floor. The wrappers, drink and burger box were all over the floor, ?Just hold on a sec?? Katai looked over to Twilight who was putting the rubbish away. Katai walked back over to the lioness who started to pick all the wrappers, boxes etc. by herself, ?Let me help you with that miss.? He smiled to her, helping her pick the wrappers and boxes up and putting it back onto her tray. He stands up again, the lioness smiled up to him, ?Thank you.? She stood up also looking into his brown eyes; ?I think I followed you on the motorway?? she smiled to him, ??what?s your name??

?The name?s Katai?what?s yours? You look familiar, I?m sure I?ve seen you around before?? Katai stared at the familiar lioness, ??you look very familiar??

Twilight looked at them both in the background, ?Here we go?? he laughed a little, staring at Katai and the lioness.

The lioness blushed a little and giggled, ?I?m Asha?I know where I?ve seen you?you?re all over the city on advertisements?you?re always advertising your business. We probably met in the past or something??

Katai smiled, ?Well, nice talking to you Asha. I hope you find those advertisements useful?I know, there?s so many of them.? He looked back over to Twilight, ?Well, I?ve gotta go now but I?m sure we?ll meet again.? He smiled to her again, ?I?ll spot you in your Clio again maybe?? he laughed a little walking back towards Twilight.

Asha laughed a little and blushed again, before giving him a slight wave with her paw, ?Goodbye.?

?Let?s go?? Katai walked out of KFC with Twilight, ??do you have the time?? he asked his friend.

?It?s 9:53pm according to my watch?? Twilight looked at his watch, ?Sometimes it runs a little slow though. You?d better check the clock in your ?toy?.? He laughed a little before getting his car keys out of his pocket.

?Guess I?ll be seeing you later then. Nice seeing you again?it was a pleasure speaking to you again. I?ll call you later on probably?we can arrange a night out.? Katai smiled over to Twilight before taking his car keys out of his pocket.

?Yeah, sounds great. Just don?t call me after 11:30pm. I?ll be tired out by then?? Twilight winked to Katai before inserting his key in the car door lock, ?See ya mate.? He smiled to his friend.

?Don?t worry, doesn?t take me too long to get home from here anyways.? Katai laughed a little to Twilight before opening the doors to his car too and climbing in.

Meanwhile, the tiger who was previously in KFC who was called ?Kingy? came out of the KFC entrance and got into his car again. He reversed out of the car parking space like a maniac. Katai was reading through some of his papers from work when all of a sudden he heard Kingy?s car zoom past. He looked into his mirrors, ?Sheesh, that tiger again?? he rolled his eyes and sighed before putting his car into reverse and he reversed his convertible out of the car parking space.

At the traffic lights, Katai was one behind Kingy?s car. Katai turned his CD player on again and turned the volume up. He yawned a little and started tapping his paws on the steering wheel to the music. The lights changed to green and Kingy was now up a Ford Fiesta?s back-side. The young adolescent lion from earlier was driving this Fiesta. Kingy tried to over-take, so did Katai. Katai was now up Kingy?s back-side and he kept touching his breaks, dropping down his gears.

They reached a stretch of road on the way to the motorway and the adolescent lion who was called Simba couldn?t get his speed up so Kingy and Katai began to over-take at the same time. Katai had to swerve to the side, Kingy had to break. Katai?s car went skidding to the other side of the road. Kingy?s car stopped. Katai got thrown back in his seat with the force. The Ford Fiesta continued down the road, Katai wasn?t pleased at all. He quickly got out of his car, ?What did you think you were doing you maniac?!? he walked to Kingy?s car window. Kingy looked at Katai, ?First off, it wasn?t my fault. Secondly, you were behind me and you started to over-take after me?? he smirked to him, ?I think you?re the bad driver good sir.?
?Me? Look?ah forget it.? Katai sighed in anger as he walked back over towards his car before climbing in it again.

June 7th, 2005, 12:55 AM
Sadly, had this little accident taken place in the US, Kingy would have been correct. Here, it is illegal to over-take, or as we say; pass, more than one car at a time.

All I can say is that this story contains some major road rage! I love it!

Fear The Paw
June 7th, 2005, 02:49 PM
Yes I agree with you, I was almost in a accident beecause a driver did that. But any way. The story has a good edge to it. Keep Going King Simba!

June 7th, 2005, 03:45 PM
You wrote in American. Bad!

Lion King Stu
June 7th, 2005, 03:49 PM
i don't think she did Neph :confused:

June 7th, 2005, 03:55 PM
"...with a confused expression before realizing..."


Lion King Stu
June 7th, 2005, 03:56 PM
thats probably just the spell checker Neph, cause mines like that *shrugs*

June 7th, 2005, 05:19 PM
:lol: very nice KS, lots of cars.

Neph, not in American, take it from an American ;)

unregistered user
June 7th, 2005, 08:10 PM
The fan-fic is very interesting to say the least. I rather enjoyed reading the first part, and will read the second part soon. :evilgrin:

King Simba
June 7th, 2005, 09:04 PM
Thanks mates. :cheese:
Here's some more of the story which I just wrote out over the last half hour to 45 minutes...I'll probably do a bit more later on, if not, I'll post more tomorrow. ;) =)

Katai rolled his eyes at Kingy who started to speed down the road again, ?Driver?s today? Sheesh?? he slammed his car door still in anger. He put the key in the ignition and switched the engine on before putting his car back into reverse. He put his foot down as he travelled down the stretch of road keeping at a speed of 60Mph. He carried on driving at the same speed for around 5 miles until he reached the round-a-bout again. He sighed after he reached a large queue at the round-a-bout. At this moment, he started to think of Asha again and he smiled to himself. He knew she had something very special inside her and he knew she must?ve had feelings for him. Of course, he didn?t know this lioness too well, but he didn?t want to forget what he did to help her, and he wanted to see her again sometime. Perhaps he could arrange a day or night out sometime? The thoughts stayed deep in his mind. He headed straight on at the round-a-bout and headed towards the motorway. He put his foot down again and kept to the national speed limit. Katai turned his CDs on again. A few miles down the road, just as he was about to enter the motorway he looked in his mirrors. A car behind was flashing its lights. Katai touched his breaks not sure what was happening. The car continued to flash its lights, ?What!?? Katai looked back into his wing mirrors at the car behind. He flicked his indicators and pulled over into the hard shoulder. The car behind pulled over also. It was the red Clio from earlier, Asha?s car.

Katai stepped out of his car and shut the door before seeing the registration plate ?YP05 LEA?. Asha stepped out of the car and smiled to him, ?I wanted to see you again?? she purred a little and locked her car doors. She walked over to Katai slowly and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Katai was shocked at the very moment Asha kissed him, he then looked at her straight in the eyes, ?Whoa, thanks.? He smiled a little, ?You made me pull over into the hard shoulder for that? Well, I guess it was worth it?thanks Asha. You?re a real good friend?? he gave her a small hug laughing a little, ??would you like to join me out for a night out sometime? Let?s say, tomorrow night after I come home from work?? he offered kindly.

?Sure?? she purred a little again, ??that?d be great. Would you like my address now?? she smiled to him getting a small notebook and a pen out of her handbag.

?Yeah, that?d be better for me actually. I?ll come and pick up tomorrow night at let?s say?eight. Would that be fine with you?? he smiled to her politely.

?That?d be great?? she started to write her address down in her notebook, resting on her car?s bonnet for support. When she had finished writing her address down, she handed the piece of paper over to Katai;

Address: 145 Rosebank Drive
Tel No: 345678

Katai gratefully took the piece of paper, ?You live in Bury eh?? he looked up to her, looking down onto the piece of paper still reading what she had written, ??nice.?

Asha giggled a little, ?Yeah?that?s where I live. I thought that putting my post code was pretty un-appropriate??

Katai smiled to her before putting the paper in his pocket, ?Well, I?ll be there to pick you up at eight. I?ll probably call you tomorrow morning whilst I?m at work?or I might call round to your house if I need to give you any more information.?

?Sure?that?d be fine. I?ll see you around eight then?? she smiled to him before walking back over to her car and opening it yet again, ?Later?? she purred a little before climbing back into her vehicle, turning the engine on and putting her indicators on before pulling out of the hard shoulder. She tooted her horn and waved at Katai. Katai gave her a slight wave back and smiled before climbing back into his car. He closed his door and turned the key to turn his engine on. After that, he put his seatbelt on and turned his indicators on looking for any un-coming traffic. All seemed clear so he put his foot down and got up to the motorway?s speed limit which was 70Mph. He drove for several miles until he reached his exit and he joined a narrow country road which led down to his mansion. He switched his full beam on and drove at a steady pace for about a mile. The time was now 10:34pm and Katai was tired. He turned his steering wheel and opened the electric gates to access his property. He yawned and drove down the driveway until he parked outside his garage. He switched his engine off and climbed out of his vehicle. He closed the door and locked his car up so it was safe and secure. He put his paw in his right pocket and took out his house keys. He walked up to the front door and inserted the key into the lock on the door before turning it clock-wise and opening it. He closed the door behind him and locked the door. He then walked down his hallway and hung his jacket up in the cloakroom before entering the lounge and sitting down on his couch. Katai looked for the remote control and switched the TV on and started to watch a wildlife documentary on Animal Planet.

Lion King Stu
June 7th, 2005, 09:13 PM
lol love Asha pulling over Katai that made me laugh :D
Its all good KS keep it up :cheese:

King Simba
June 7th, 2005, 11:06 PM
Thanks mate. :cheese: Btw, just in case no-one's seen this in the 'Post Your Art' thread, here's a pic I finished earlier that's based on the story... =)


I'll carry on with my story tomorrow and I'll try to write loads more. ;)

June 8th, 2005, 09:45 AM
great pic! :D

love the story, ;)
just a question about culture, do you Brits always keep your house keys separate from your car keys? :p

King Simba
June 8th, 2005, 09:48 AM
Originally posted by Lunarcat
great pic! :D

love the story, ;)
just a question about culture, do you Brits always keep your house keys separate from your car keys? :p
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on the pic. :cheese:

In answer to your question I'm not sure. I know that my parents keep the house keys in seperate places to the car keys. Maybe that's just my parents... ;)

King Simba
June 8th, 2005, 12:00 PM
Here's a bit more of the story that I just finished writing. I'll continue to write more later... =)

The time seemed to take ages to pass and Katai yawned to himself as the adverts came on. He looked at the time and realised it was 11:35pm. He knew he had to be up early in the morning for work so he decided to turn the TV off and head upstairs to bed. He turned the light off in the lounge and walked down the hallway to the sweeping staircase that lead up to the first floor where his bedroom was. When he finally reached the top of the staircase he entered his large bedroom which was one of the many master bedrooms. Katai preferred this one because it was the front room and it had a large window and balcony. He turned the light on and took the piece of paper which was previously in his jacket pocket and which he received from Asha out of his trouser pocket. He smiled to himself, clenching the piece of paper tighter in his grip. He couldn?t stop thinking of Asha and he was looking forward to their night out after work the next day. After that, he got undressed and closed his bedroom door after turning the lights out on the large landing. He climbed into his king size, four poster bed and turned his bedside light out. He peacefully drifted off to sleep and he started to have a good dream. He slept peacefully that night.

The next morning the sun?s rays shone through Katai?s blinds and curtains. It was 6:45am and it was time for Katai to wake up for work. Katai?s duvet had been pushed off in the night and he realised that it was a bit chilly. He opened his eyes and realised it was morning. He tilted his head towards the window watching the silhouettes of the sparrows and blackbirds fly by his window through the curtains. Katai yawned and sat up in his bed. He rubbed his eyes and stretched to get his muscles working. He climbed out of bed and started to get dressed. He put his navy trousers on, and then he went over to his wardrobe where he kept his shirts and ties along with his smart jackets and suits for work and special occasions. He looked through his wardrobe and took a navy blue and white tie out. He then looked for a decent shirt to wear and match. After he decided, he took a white shirt out and began to put it on. He then walked over to the mirror and put his tie on and tied it around his neck keeping it fairly loose. He then grabbed hold of his jacket and decided to go downstairs for a quick breakfast before leaving the house at 7:30.

Katai entered the kitchen and opened the fridge. He looked through the food and drinks that were stored in there and took out half a dozen lion eggs. He thought to himself, ?An egg butty will do fine?? He quickly fried the eggs and put them into a crusty bread roll. He then sat down at the table in the dining room and started to eat his breakfast. He looked at the time which was now 7:20. He had to leave in 10 minutes so after he finished his sandwiches he headed up to the en-suite bathroom in his room. He had a wash and brushed his teeth until they were white as pearls. He grinned to himself in the mirror and smiled before heading back downstairs and picking up his car keys and putting his other jacket on top. After that, he picked his briefcase up that he needed for work. He took the house keys out of the door and closed the door behind him. He walked over to his car and unlocked the doors before opening the boot and putting his briefcase in. He then climbed into the driver?s seat before turning the key in the ignition switching the engine on. Since it was a nice day, Katai decided to take the hood down and drive without it on. He put his car into reverse and drove out of his drive before coming up to a give-way junction on the country road outside his house. He looked towards the right direction for any on-coming traffic. He waited for a black Vauxhall Astra to pass before turning left towards the motorway. He put his foot down again and travelled at 60Mph. He had to touch his breaks a couple of times because some adolescent lion cubs were pushing each other onto the road on their way to school. He slowed down to speak to them, ?Kids, you should know better than pushing and shoving around a road especially on a road like this.? He told them firmly with a stern tone to his voice, pulling over beside the adolescents.
?It was him?? one of the adolescent lions pointed to his friend. Katai interrupted before any of the others could speak.
?I don?t care who it was, you shouldn?t be doing it anyway. You really should know better.? Katai looked at the adolescents before putting his foot on the accelerator pulling back out onto the road and heading towards the motorway continuing on with his journey to work.

unregistered user
June 8th, 2005, 12:03 PM
nice one KS:p
can ya tell me why friday?:lol::p

King Simba
June 8th, 2005, 12:07 PM
Originally posted by Guntur
nice one KS:p
can ya tell me why friday?:lol::p
Because that's when the activity goes off in town. :bleen:
You'll find out on what'll happen anyways later on in the story. :evilgrin:

unregistered user
June 8th, 2005, 12:10 PM
me and reina??:rawr: :p

King Simba
June 8th, 2005, 12:11 PM
Originally posted by Guntur
me and reina??:rawr: :p
Nope...you or reina haven't even been mentioned in the story yet. :lol: :bleen:

unregistered user
June 8th, 2005, 12:27 PM
i can't wait:p

Lion King Stu
June 8th, 2005, 02:25 PM
just read the new part...very good KS ^^

Lucy Lioness
June 8th, 2005, 02:43 PM
Tis groovy! :D Can't wait to find out whats gonna happen on friday night! :D

June 8th, 2005, 03:58 PM
Originally posted by King Simba

In answer to your question I'm not sure. I know that my parents keep the house keys in seperate places to the car keys. Maybe that's just my parents... ;)

heh........i just thought that it was a little inconvenient :p

read the new part, very good ;) keep it comin!

June 8th, 2005, 04:06 PM
Great stuff KS!

Originally posted by Lunarcat
just a question about culture, do you Brits always keep your house keys separate from your car keys? :p

No we don't, well I don't anyways, and neither does anyone else in my family.

King Simba
June 8th, 2005, 06:39 PM
Thanks everyone. :cheese:
Here's a little bit more of the story that I've just wrote and finished... =)

Katai increased his speed to 60Mph and kept his breaking distance from the car in front. He shook his head at the thought of the adolescents as he turned the radio on for the travel news. He kept listening for any news of traffic jams or accidents on the motorways and routes he needed to take in order to get to work. Katai turned and accessed the motorway again. The traffic was busy since it was the morning rush hour and it was harder for Katai to turn onto the motorway. He kept his indicators flashing and waited for someone to let him in or until it was clear. He looked into his mirrors and it was clear so he accessed the inside lane before pulling out into the outside lane and putting his foot down on the accelerator to gain speed. He looked into his mirrors occasionally checking on the traffic behind him, he also kept his eyes on the road in front to keep an eye on the traffic in front too. He travelled at a speed of 80Mph and kept listening to the local radio station also keeping an eye on the time which was now 7:56am. Katai always tried to get to work at approximately 8:15 so he could be on time but of course, if the traffic was bad, Katai would be late which would put him behind in his paper work for his business.

After travelling down the motorway for about 10 miles, Katai moved over into the inside lane and flashed his indicators to indicate to the driver behind that he was leaving the motorway at the next exit. After taking the exit, Katai decreased his speed and came up to a round-a-bout. He took a right turn towards Manchester which was where his business was situated. He continued down the stretch of road at a speed of 60Mph for a few miles until he reached another round-a-bout. He took a right turn towards a large building which was where he ran his business. It was easily visible because it had a big sign on the side of the building saying ?K-A-T-A-I Corp.? Katai flashed his indicators and turned into the large car park where all his employees parked their cars. He drove down to near the front of the building and parked his car in his usual spot. This time, he was on time; it was 8:12am. He decided to put his hood back up on his convertible just in case it came onto rain. He then opened the door and climbed out of his vehicle before opening the boot and taking his briefcase out. After that, he locked his car up safe and secure. One of his employees, Keyut, a slightly older lion than Katai locked his vehicle up too which was a 2003 metallic gold Peugeot 307 with the registration plate ?YT53 NUA?, ?Morning sir.? He smiled over to Katai. He put his rucksack on his back which he needed to store all his equipment he needed for work in.

?Morning Keyut. Nice looking vehicle you got there. What is it? A Peugeot?? Katai smiled over to Keyut before putting his keys in his pocket and keeping hold of his briefcase.

?Yeah, a Peugeot 307.? Keyut smiled to Katai, ?You don?t have a bad looking car yourself. There?s some money?s worth there??

?Ah, I see. I kind of knew with the lion badge on front?? he smiled over to Keyut, ??and thanks. It was well over 30 grand?? he paused for a few seconds before sighing, ??well, I?d better be heading up to the office. See you later, Keyut.? Katai smiled to him once again before entering the building through the automatic doors and taking the elevator upstairs to his office. Keyut entered the building too.

In the elevator, a female employee entered, it was Nura, one of the youngest employees. She was only 17 years of age, but she did her job. Katai employed her because she had talent and she seemed to be very polite towards him and other employees, ?Good morning.? She smiled to Katai.

?Morning Nura.? He smiled back at the young lioness, ?I?m assuming you?re off to work on the 5th floor today??

?Yes sir?? she replied politely, ??I?ve got some work to finish up there.?

?I see?well, I?m just off up to my office. If you need anything, feel free to pay a visit.? Katai smiled to her politely before exiting the elevator at the top floor which was the 5th floor. Nura stepped out too.

?Sure will?? she smiled to him before walking down the corridor to one of the offices.

Katai smiled and walked down the corridor to his office. He entered his secret code into the door and entered his large office before closing the door behind him. He sat down at his desk and took some of his papers out of his briefcase looking through some of his unfinished paper work.

June 9th, 2005, 02:48 AM
very nice KS ;)

King Simba
June 9th, 2005, 10:38 AM
Here's a bit more that I wrote last night...I wrote about a page more. ;)

Time seemed to go so slow at work and the thought of Asha was still deep in Katai?s mind. He smiled to himself and as the day went on, his excitement continued to rise. The time was now 3:30pm and Katai yawned to himself. It was Friday so he allowed all the employees to go home around 2 hours earlier than usual work days. He looked out of his office window watching some of the employees get into their cars and drive away. He decided to go too so he packed all of his work papers away into his briefcase before closing it and walking out of his office. He took the elevator down. After he reached the bottom, he walked out of the elevator and walked through the automatic doors out into the car park. He took his car keys out of his pocket and walked over to his car, opening the doors and climbing in. This time, he put his briefcase on the back seats and inserted the key into the ignition before turning the engine on. He put his seatbelt on and reversed out of the car parking space before driving off and out of the car park. He drove out onto a large stretch of road again and put his foot down on the accelerator keeping to a steady speed.

After driving down the road for a certain amount of time, Katai turned towards the motorway again and flashed his indicators again. A lorry driver flashed him and Katai stuck his paw up to thank him. Katai put his foot firmly down onto the accelerator excited about his and Asha?s night out together. He travelled at a speed of 80Mph. He finally reached his exit and he turned into the inside lane ready to turn off. He turned his indicators on again and decreased his speed when he left the motorway. He stopped at some traffic lights behind a turquoise Ford Focus. Katai seemed to go into dreamland for a few seconds until the lights turned to green and until a car behind tooted him to go. Katai looked into his mirrors and put his foot onto the accelerator following the rest of the traffic and turning right. He drove down the country lane to his house to get changed and all ready for his and Asha?s night out. He continued down the road for a couple of miles and turned into his property where he had left the gates open. He parked his car outside the garage and left his work gear in the back, ?I?ll take that out later?? he took the house keys out of his pocket and inserted the key into the lock before turning it clock-wise to unlock and open it. He yawned to himself as he walked in through the front door into the hallway, ?Another day of writing and organizing things?thank god that?s over?? he shut the door behind him and walked up the sweeping staircase up to his bedroom. He entered his room and closed the door.

?Something casual or something smart to wear?? he asked himself looking into his wardrobe. He then thought about Asha?s personality and style himself, ??casual, most definite.? He looked through his wardrobe for something casual to wear. After he had decided, he took some casual and smart jeans out of the wardrobe which he bought new a few weeks before. He then took out one of his Man Utd shirts and decided to wear that with his jeans. He closed the wardrobe and began to take his clothes he wore for work off. After doing this, he put his Man Utd shirt on and sat on his bed so he could put his jeans on. After getting changed, Katai walked into the bathroom and sprayed some aftershave before smiling to himself in the mirror again, admiring his looks. The time now was 6:30pm and Katai decided to turn up at Asha?s house early. Of course, he didn?t really know what it was like where Asha lived but he knew just to look for her red Clio. He grabbed hold of his jacket on the way out and picked up his car and house keys, locking the door behind him.

Lion King Stu
June 9th, 2005, 10:42 AM
kool'ness ^^...Man Utd woot!!

Lucy Lioness
June 9th, 2005, 10:44 AM
Yay more story! Keep writing - I wanna know what happens!!! :D

King Simba
June 9th, 2005, 11:32 AM
Thanks guys. =)
Here's some more that I just wrote... :cheese:

He walked over to his car and looked up to the sky. It was still dry and sunny and was a perfect summer?s evening. He unlocked the doors and opened the driver?s door. He climbed in and shut the door behind him. He adjusted his mirrors and put his car into reverse. Katai switched the radio on and turned the volume up. He turned his steering wheel and drove out of his driveway turning left down the country road. He kept Asha?s address visible so he was able to find where she lived. He drove down towards a round-a-bout where he saw a sign for Bury. He turned left and put his foot on the accelerator travelling at a speed of 60Mph. Since it was a Friday, there was quite a bit of traffic on the roads. He kept his distance from the car in front which looked like Twilight?s Smart car. He recognised the registration plate, ?TW1 L1GHT?. He smirked to himself tooting his horn and flashing his lights. Twilight looked in his mirrors and saw Katai?s car behind, he laughed to himself and waved out of the driver?s window.

?Looks like he?s off on a night out?don?t blame him.? Katai laughed and continued down the road behind Twilight?s car. Since the hood was down on his convertible, his mane started to blow in the wind but Katai didn?t care. He travelled down the road for about 5 miles or so before entering the outskirts of Bury. Twilight turned into a garage for some petrol again and Katai touched his breaks again touching his horn again. He looked around for ?Rosebank Drive?. He entered an housing estate which looked pretty new and looked like an overall nice area. He travelled at a speed of 30Mph since it was a built-up area. He saw the sign for ?Rosebank Drive? down the road and turned his indicators on. He turned left and drove down the road. Down the road, all the houses were new and private. He looked at the houses on both sides, ?141, 143?? he then spotted Asha?s car in the drive and pulled up straight in front. He opened his car door and took the keys out of the ignition. He closed the door after him and walked down the path of Asha?s detached house. The time now was 7:15pm and Katai was early. He knocked on Asha?s door and waited patiently for Asha to open it.

?Coming!? Asha called from inside, and walked out of the lounge into the hallway. She unlocked the door and opened it, she smiled at the sight of Katai.

?Hi Katai. You?re a little early but good news, I?m almost ready.? She giggled a little looking at Katai?s Man Utd shirt, ??so you support the reds? Nice??

?Yeah?great game it was the other night. Me and Twilight support them together?? he laughed a little seeing Asha hiding a little behind the door, ??mind if I see what you?re wearing? Don?t be shy??

Asha blushed and giggled again opening the door wider. She wore a red, casual dress and some nice red sandals, ??I?ve just gotta put a little make-up on.? She smiled to him.

Katai gasped in awe at the sight of Asha, ?Wow, you look?beautiful.?

Asha giggled shyly, ?Thank you. You look very smart, casual and handsome too.? She rubbed her paw down along the side of his face, ?Would you like to come in? I won?t be long?? she smiled to him opening the door wider to let him in.

?Sure?? he smiled to her politely and stepped into the hallway which wasn?t quite as big as the hallway in his house but still fairly big.

?Come and sit in the lounge. You can watch a bit of TV if you?d like. I won?t be long.? Asha offered politely before heading upstairs to her bedroom.

Katai entered the lounge and sat down on one of the soft couches. He waited patiently for Asha to be fully ready.

Lion King Stu
June 9th, 2005, 11:37 AM
thats a awesome part ^^ good job KS :cheese:

June 9th, 2005, 06:35 PM
great job KS ;)

June 9th, 2005, 11:37 PM
Waht really interests me about your style is your strong attention to even the smallest details. For example, which direction Katai turned his house key, which directional he put on before turning his car, or the licence numbers on some annonomouys car. This can be both good and bad. In this story, it helps. This is a look at everyday life in out society, with lions in the place of humans for humor. The extra details really help us see exactly what is going on in Katai's mind. Had this been a sci-fi or fantasy romance, those details would actually kill it. Unneeded informarion would create a delay, ruining the suspence in that case.

King Simba
June 9th, 2005, 11:46 PM
So you're saying I should stop including the registration plate details on cars in the story? And any other extra details like the direction Katai turns his keys etc?

June 9th, 2005, 11:50 PM
That's up to you. I can't tell you how to write.

My best suggestion is to rewrite a already posted portion of the story, and remove some of those kinds of insignificant details. Than. you xcan decide what you are more comfortable with.

June 10th, 2005, 02:40 AM
Actually I was going to say the same thing as I read through your story KS. The extreme level of detail can be used effectively in some circumstances, such as to create a dramatic delay, but it's not usually something that you would carry out through the entire story. Once you have established Katai's routine I think it would make things more concise to leave out the extra details.

Now, if they are relevant to the plot you should obviously keep them in there--like a license plate that is funny or has relevance to someone here on the LH boards. In regard to the driving details, if Katai gets into a high-speed motorway chase I would certainly get detailed but not for normal commuting.

Bottom line is, if you like the way it reads now there's no need to change it. Just trying to offer constructive support.

King Simba
June 10th, 2005, 11:41 AM
Thanks a lot for the advice. =) Here's a bit more of the story that I just wrote...both this morning and last night...

Katai entered the lounge and sat down on one of the soft couches. He waited patiently for Asha to be fully ready.

Whilst waiting for Asha to be fully ready, Katai watched a little bit of TV. He looked around her lounge which was decorated nice and modern. He smiled to himself. A few minutes later, Asha came back downstairs.

?All ready?? she smiled to him picking her red handbag up, ??shall we head off now??

?Yeah, sure.? Katai smiled to her walking out of the lounge before walking out of the house with Asha.

?Oh, wait?? Asha walked back over to the front door, ??I forgot to lock the door?? she took her keys out of her handbag and locked her house up so it was safe and secure.

?Don?t want to keep it open now do we?? Katai laughed a little to Asha.

?No, we most certainly don?t.? Asha laughed a little too continuing to follow Katai over to his car.

Katai took his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the doors. He opened the passenger seat door for Asha. He then smiled at her.

Asha smiled to Katai, ?Thank you.? She politely sat in the passenger seat of his car. She thought Katai?s car was nice but she wasn?t used to such surroundings.

Katai walked round to the drivers side, opened the door and climbed in, ?Ready?? he smiled to Asha inserting the key into the ignition.

Asha smiled to him, ?Sure am?? Asha continued to look at the surroundings around her, ??wow, this car must?ve cost you.?

Katai turned the key in the ignition and put his seatbelt on, ?Sure did?? he looked at Asha, checking to see if she had her seatbelt on. He put his paws on the steering wheel and looked back through the windscreen. He looked through his mirrors for any on-coming traffic and flashed his indicators as he turned out into the road. He kept to a steady speed of 30Mph as he approached the junction to the main road. He looked both ways and saw it was clear. He crossed the two lanes and turned right. Katai put his foot down on the accelerator and travelled at a speed of 60Mph just after he left the built-up area. He then looked at Asha before keeping an eye on the road in front, ?Would you like me to put some music on?? he offered politely.

?Sure?? Asha smiled to Katai.

Katai approached some traffic lights and stopped. Whilst the lights were on red, he opened his dropdown and took a CD out. He inserted it into the CD player and smiled to Asha before looking back towards the lights and putting both paws on the steering wheel. The lights changed to green and Katai put his foot down on the accelerator again. He looked in his mirrors occasionally at the car behind which seemed to be keeping breaking distance. Katai kept to the speed limit, ?I had a look today whilst I was at work. I?ve seen this restaurant advertised quite a lot on TV?I think it?s called ?The New Ellesmere? or something like that...? He kept his eyes on the road ahead, ??what do you think Asha??

?Sure?sounds good.? Asha smiled to Katai, ?Where exactly is it??

?It?s in Swinton in Greater Manchester?? Katai looked at Asha for a second before looking back to the road in front of him, ??don?t worry, I know where I?m going.?

?Well, if you know where you?re going that?s good. Don?t want us to get lost.? Asha giggled to Katai purring a little, ??you seem to know where you?re going so it doesn?t bother me.?

After travelling for about 45 minutes or so, Katai took a turning towards Swinton. He touched his breaks after hitting a little bit of traffic. He then kept an eye on the car behind through his mirrors which seemed to be tail-gating him a little, Katai sighed, ?Can this car behind get any closer??

Asha looked back to the car behind, ?He does seem to be tail-gating you a little. He?s not even keeping his breaking distance.?

Katai kept looking in his mirrors, ?I really can?t go any faster unless I start to touch bumpers with the car in front?? he touched his breaks again, ?Some drivers don?t seem to realise??

The car behind started to hold back a little and give a little more breaking distance, ?He seems to be holding back a little now...? Asha smiled to Katai, ??he must?ve heard you.? She laughed a little.

Lucy Lioness
June 10th, 2005, 11:55 AM
That's great KS! Asha is a bit of a flirt! Lol. :D

June 10th, 2005, 12:53 PM
very good, and i agree with you Lucy, she is a flirt! :p :cheese:

King Simba
June 10th, 2005, 07:15 PM
Thanks mates. :cheese: Here's a couple of pics relating to the story, I've just finished the second pic... =)


Btw, I'll start to write a bit more of the story later. :bleen:

Lucy Lioness
June 10th, 2005, 07:19 PM
Those are great! I especially love the one of Twilight - so sexy! :rawr:

Lion King Stu
June 10th, 2005, 09:50 PM
Originally posted by Lucy Lioness
Those are great! I especially love the one of Twilight - so sexy! :rawr:

woot!!! Twilight fans :cheese: and thnx :rawr:

King Simba
June 11th, 2005, 06:35 PM
Here's some more of the story. I'll be continuing to write a bit more tonight... =)

?Yeah, that sometimes works?when it does, they do seem to hold back.? Katai laughed a little before entering a built-up area, decreasing his speed, ?Asha, would you do me a favour and look around for a restaurant called ?The New Ellesmere?? I think it?s a hotel too so it shouldn?t be too easy to miss.?

?Sure?? Asha smiled to Katai. She looked around for a restaurant called ?The New Ellesmere? whilst Katai kept his eye on the road. Asha kept looking around at the surroundings. She spotted a large ?Travel Inn? sign further on down the road, ?Um, I think we?re coming up to it now Katai??

?Is the sign a ?Travel Inn? sign?? Katai asked Asha continuing to travel at a steady speed down the road.

?It looks like it.? Asha smiled to Katai.

As they approached the hotel, Katai began to notice the ?Travel Inn? sign, ?Yeah, I think this is where we turn in?? Katai turned his indicators on and turned into the fairly large car park.

He looked around for a place to park, so did Asha, ?There are some spaces down there?? Asha told Katai since she had seen a couple of spaces further down towards the restaurant. ??turn round here.? She directed Katai round a corner towards the available spaces.

?Ah, I see now.? Katai smiled to Asha driving into one of the available spaces. He parked next to a burgundy Ford Mondeo and started to straighten up. ?Is there enough space for you to get out that side?? Katai asked Asha looking across at her.

Asha looked at the amount of space there was between Katai?s car and the next car, ?Loads of room?can?t complain.? She giggled a little.

?Let?s go then?? Katai smiled a little to Asha holding her paw for a second before looking away blushing a little, ??ahem?shall we then?? he looked back at Asha.

Asha blushed also when Katai held her paw but then giggled; ?Okay?? she turned round, opened the passenger door and climbed out before closing the door and waiting for Katai. She put her handbag over her shoulder.

Katai took the keys out of the ignition before doing the same. He closed the door and locked his car up so it was safe and secure. He then walked around to the back of the car, ?Alright, let?s see what there is to eat then.? He smiled to Asha.

?Hopefully something nice?? she giggled again, ??as long as chips or potatoes are on the menu I?ll be fine.?

Katai laughed a little also before walking towards the entrance. Asha began to follow. Despite wearing high heels, she seemed to keep up with Katai.

As Katai approached the entrance with Asha, Katai stepped towards the side, ?Ladies first.? He grinned and opened the door for her, holding out his paw.

Asha blushed and giggled shyly, ?Oh, you?re such a sweetheart.? She held his paw for a second before entering the restaurant and waiting for Katai. Katai closed the door behind him, ?Any ideas on where to go now?? Asha asked Katai curiously.

Katai noticed a sign saying ?Please wait here to be seated?, ?This way I guess. We obviously want to go into the restaurant, not the pub area.? Katai approached the sign. Asha followed and stood and waited at the sign with Katai, ?I guess all we can do is just wait now.? Katai laughed a little to Asha.

Lion King Stu
June 11th, 2005, 08:09 PM
Lol wonder wat will happen here then ^^ :cheese: its kool

Wonder whats gonna happen with Twilight :lol: :p

King Simba
June 11th, 2005, 08:11 PM
:lol: I'll make him have an appearance in the next part, don't you worry. ;)

King Simba
June 11th, 2005, 08:50 PM
Katai and Asha stood and waited for about a minute or so until a waitress came. The waitress wore a navy t-shirt with the restaurants name on the front with also the ?Travel Inn? logo. ?Can I help you?? the waitress smiled at Katai.
?Yes. Can we have a table for 2 please?? Katai asked the waitress politely.

?Sure, would you like to follow me?? the waitress picked up two menus and lead Katai and Asha to their table. The waitress placed the menus down on a table opposite a window, ?Will this do fine?? she smiled to them both.

?Yes, thank you.? Katai smiled to the waitress before sitting down on his chair, Asha smiled and did the same.

?Just give me a call when you want to order your drinks and meals.? The waitress smiled politely to them both before heading back towards the area they just came from.

Katai looked around at the surroundings before looking back down across the table. He stared at the burning candle that was burning on their table and stared at Asha, looking into her eyes, ?Will this do fine for you??

?It?s perfect Katai. You?ve chosen a great place.? She smiled over to Katai staring into his eyes for a moment before picking her menu up, ?Let?s see what there is to eat then??

?Yeah, we?d better get looking?? Katai opened his menu and started to look at the available meals, after a minute or so he made his final decision, ??I think I?ll try the sirloin steak. I?ve heard it?s quite good here? one of my friends suggested it to me.? He put his menu back down on the table before looking over to Asha, ?Have you made a decision yet??

?Hmm?? Asha thought to herself, ??I think I?ll have the chicken with garlic sauce. All the meals are served with chips anyway.? She smiled over to Katai before putting her menu on top of his.

Katai looked around and called for the waitress. The waitress came over to take their order, ?So what will you be ordering??

?Can we have one sirloin steak and one chicken with garlic sauce please?? Katai asked the waitress politely picking the two menus up.

After the waitress had noted the meals down she took the menus from Katai, ?What would you like to drink?? she asked politely.

?I?ll have a glass of coke please?? he then looked over to Asha, ??anything you?d like??

??Ah, can I have a bottle of J20 please?? Asha smiled politely to the waitress.

After the waitress had noted the drinks down, she smiled again to Asha and Katai. ?Thank you.? She then walked off towards the bar area.

Katai sighed and yawned a little, ?I wonder if Twilight?s here tonight?I saw him travelling in this direction on the way to your house??

?Hey Katai?? a voice came from one of the tables nearby. It was Twilight who had come on a night out with Nura, the 17 year old employee from Katai?s business.

Katai?s ears twitched, he then looked across to the nearby table, ?Oh, hey Twilight. I thought I saw you heading in this direction earlier?? he then noticed Nura, ??so you brought Nura with you?? he looked back across to Twilight before looking back across to Asha; ??it?s my night out with a new friend of mine. Meet Asha?? he smiled over to Twilight and Nura.

Lion King Stu
June 11th, 2005, 08:53 PM
yay!!! Twilights gotta a date....i measn friend ^^ :lol:

great part there KS me loves :cheese:

Lucy Lioness
June 11th, 2005, 08:59 PM
Yeah! :D And Asha chose the chicken with the garlic sauce - good choice but could be not so good if any kissin happens. ;)

King Simba
June 12th, 2005, 08:35 PM
Next part's finished. You should be starting to get the idea now. ;)

Twilight and Nura looked across to Asha, ?Hey there.? Nura smiled to her.

Asha smiled at Nura, ?Hiya.? She then looked across at Twilight, ??you must be Twilight.? She smiled to him.

?Yep. Me and Katai have been friends for a while now?? he smiled to her, ??wait, I saw you in KFC. I thought I saw you before.? Twilight laughed a little holding a pint of beer in his paws before taking a drink.

?So, I?m guessing you?re not driving tonight then?? Katai looked at Twilight as he took a drink out of his beer.

??Of course I?m driving. I?m alright having one pint?shouldn?t do too much harm.? Twilight put his pint down on the table, ?I?m assuming you drove here too??

?Yeah?just ordered a coke myself. No point in drinking if I have to drive back is there?? Katai laughed a little, ?Just waiting for the drinks to come.? He then sat back in his chair.

A few moments later, the waitress came with Katai and Asha?s drinks, ?Coke?? she looked at them both.

?Coke will be mine, thanks.? Katai looked up at the waitress putting a mat down for his drink to be placed on. The waitress gently placed Katai?s drink down on the mat.

?The J20 will be mine thanks.? Asha smiled up to the waitress politely. The waitress then placed Asha?s drink down on the mat.

?Your meals will be coming in about 10 minutes or so. If you want to order something else, give me a shout.? She smiled to Katai and Asha before heading back towards the bar area.

Katai looked back across at Asha, ?Well, what you think of the staff here?? he smiled to her.

?I think the staff are very helpful and polite. They really can?t do much more for you?? she held Katai?s paw before thinking deeply to herself about Katai. She stared into his brown eyes for a moment or two before reciprocating, ?Well, what do you think?? she purred and blushed a little.

Katai stared at Asha also for a few moments, ??I?I have exactly the same thoughts as you.? He rubbed his paw against hers before thinking deeply to himself too. Did he love this lioness or not? What were her feelings towards him? Would the night be a success? He then gave a long sigh and looked at the surroundings, ??you hungry?? he asked politely.

?I sure am?? she giggled a little, ??are you keeping something from me?? she leaned in closer across the table.

Katai blushed a little, ?I?, please excuse me.? He left his seat and headed off towards the toilets.

Twilight and Nura watched him walk off. They both looked at Asha, ?I think he really does have something to tell you.? Twilight looked back towards the toilets again.

Asha looked down and thought deeply to herself, ?Hmm??

Lion King Stu
June 12th, 2005, 08:41 PM
:lol: poor Katai

Lucy Lioness
June 12th, 2005, 08:59 PM
What does he have to tell her????? Hehe. I have to know! :D

King Simba
June 13th, 2005, 11:13 AM
You'll find out, don't worry. ;)

After a few moments Twilight looked over to Asha, ?Just a moment, I?ll see what?s wrong with him?? Twilight headed off towards the toilets to look for Katai leaving Nura and Asha alone.

Twilight entered the male toilets, ?Katai?? he looked around to see if he could see Katai. In the end, he spotted Katai stood in one of the cubicles. Twilight could tell that Katai was deep in thought, ?Um, Katai?what are you doing??

Katai looked up to Twilight, ?I?ve just gotta?tell her.?

?Tell her what?? Twilight looked at Katai knowing that he had been keeping something to himself.

It took Katai a few moments to respond, ??tell her that I love her.? He looked up to Twilight, ?I love her Twilight.?

Twilight looked at Katai with a shocked expression on his face, ??well?? he paused, ??all your choice I guess. Would you like to come back into the restaurant now??

Katai sighed and walked out of the cubicle, ?I guess so.? He headed towards the door, his heart rate beating faster than usual. He just had to tell Asha. If he did tell her, all of this will be off his mind?the thing was, he was embarrassed and scared on how it would turn out. He slowed down and looked back at Twilight, ??you coming??

Twilight followed Katai out of the toilets, ?Sure I?m coming.? He smiled a little to Katai closing the door behind him, ?Let?s see what the ladies have been talking about?? Twilight laughed a little heading back over towards where Nura and Asha were.

Asha and Nura had been chatting to each other whilst Katai and Twilight had been away and Asha immediately stopped speaking at the sight of Katai. She noticed how he was moving; so slow. She noticed him blushing, ?Katai?? she stared into his eyes at the moment he reached the table, ??do you have something to tell me? Don?t be shy, it?s alright. No need to keep it from me?? she smiled a little to him looking across at him after he sat down on the chair opposite, ??I?d like to hear it Katai.?

Katai looked down to his knees, it took him a few moments to even answer her, ??Asha, I?ve been keeping this from you all night now and I?d like to tell you that?? he paused and turned his head away.

??tell me what?? Asha walked around to the other side of the table and rubbed her paw down the side of his face.

Katai felt Asha?s paw touch his face, ??I?? he noticed the waitress coming with their meals, ??I?ll tell you later.?

Lion King Stu
June 13th, 2005, 11:24 AM
haha quit stalling and say it :lol:

good part KS ;)

Lucy Lioness
June 13th, 2005, 11:37 AM
Gah! Darn your cliffhangers!!! :lol:

Yay! He loves her! So sweet! :love:

King Simba
June 14th, 2005, 07:42 PM
Everything was so hard for Katai at this point in time. The moment the waitress brought the meals his legs were shaking, hardly noticeable since they were under the table. He had to tell her sooner or later? if he didn?t, he knew he?d get nowhere and he knew that it?d be harder for their relationship to carry on the way it currently was. He sat up straight and looked down at his food; he then looked over to Asha?s food. He gave her a weak smile; however his legs were still shaking underneath the table, ??looks nice.? He picked his steak knife up from the side of his plate and began to eat a small piece of his steak, slowly and nervously.

Asha looked over to Katai?s food too before looking back down at her own, ?Sure does.? She smiled to him before starting to eat some of her chicken and garlic sauce. She then began to notice the way he was acting and how he was nervously eating his food. She saw his face going bright red and his cheeks blushing. She immediately stopped eating and put her knife and fork down on her plate. She stared into his deep, brown eyes and thought deeply to herself before saying something, ?Katai, you?ve been keeping something from me haven?t you? Just say it. It?s not like I?m gonna bite your head off or anything now is it? I?d never do such a thing.? She laughed a little before drinking a little more of her drink. She kept looking into Katai?s eyes.

Katai continued to eat a little more of his food for a moment before putting his knife and fork down and looking straight down to his knees. He stayed silent for a few seconds and without saying a word, he stood up and walked round to the right-hand side to where Asha was sitting and put his paw on top of hers, ??the truth is Asha?I??

??you what?? she smiled a little to Katai waiting for him to finish his sentence.

??well, the truth is Asha, I?love you.? He spat the last two words out and immediately took his paw off the top of hers turning away, looking in the opposite direction. He was completely embarrassed and wasn?t sure on how Asha would respond. He continued to look in the opposite direction and looked out the window; he waited for her response not knowing what she would say.

Asha?s face changed into a more shocked expression, she then stood up herself and walked over to Katai, ??the truth is?? she wrapped both of her harms around his neck, ??the truth is Katai, I love you too.? She leaned in closer.

?You do?? Katai looked down at her surprised at her response. He slowly put his paws on her waist and looked deeply into her beautiful green eyes. He gave her a loving smile.

??yes Katai. I really do. I?ve been keeping a close eye on you since the first time I ever saw you?? she purred very loudly, ??kiss me.? She whispered into his ear, resting her head beneath his chin and rubbing against him. She waited for his response.

Katai lifted his head up and looked down at her, purring himself, ??alright.? He whispered into her ear and slowly began to push his muzzle closer to hers, until their lips finally touched. Katai?s thoughts at this moment we?re shocking but memorable thoughts. He couldn?t stop thinking of Asha the moment they both kissed, after a few moments he moved his muzzle away from hers before rubbing his paw against her face, ??my love.?

Twilight and Nura kept watch in the background and both smiled to each other before looking back over at the new couple, ?Congratulations.? Twilight smiled over to Katai.

Lion King Stu
June 14th, 2005, 07:45 PM
:lol: congratulations.....well I guess I could say that

Great new part very nice ^^ :cheese:

King Simba
June 15th, 2005, 06:58 AM
Thanks. :lol: :cheese:
I'll write the next part later. =)

Lucy Lioness
June 15th, 2005, 07:03 AM
Yay! He told her!!! =D :D Great part KS! =D

King Simba
June 15th, 2005, 10:18 PM
More of the story...sorry, not much tonight. I was doing other things. =)

Katai continued to offer Asha his loving embrace that he could offer her. Asha also hugged him and kept him close before looking into his eyes, ??back to the food now.? She giggled and whispered to him before taking her harms from around his neck. She purred lovingly to him.

Katai looked down deeply into her eyes; he then took both of his paws off her waist. He then stood beside Asha and cuddled her, ??we don?t want it to be cold now do we?? he smiled to her and gave her another quick kiss on the lips. He then stood aside to let Asha walk in front. Asha began to walk back to their table, Katai followed.

Asha sat down at their table again, so did Katai. They both picked their knife and fork up and began to tuck into their food. About 15 minutes later, they had both finished their meal. Katai looked across to his girlfriend, hopefully soon to be his wife, ?I don?t really think we?re bothered in dessert now are we??

Asha looked over at her boyfriend, ??nah, I?m all full up now anyways.? She smiled over to him before grabbing hold of her handbag again.

?You ready to go now then?? Katai laughed a little at Asha, ?I?d better say goodbye to Twilight and Nura first?? Katai turned around to Twilight and Nura, ??well, we?re off?? he grabbed hold of his jacket and put it on over his Man Utd shirt, ??pretty cool out there tonight. Later?? he smiled to them both. He then turned back to Asha, ?Let?s go love.? He started to walk slowly towards the entrance; he turned and waited for Asha. Asha caught up with him at the entrance and put her right harm through his left harm, just like all the other couples that were at the restaurant on that night. She leaned closer against Katai, purring happily, ??I love you so much Katai.?

?Later Katai and congratulations!? Twilight called after Katai before turning back to Nura. He smiled to her and had a drink of his pint of beer.

Katai put his paw on top of hers and held her paw, gripping it tightly. He carried on walking out into the car park with his new girlfriend. He was so happy this very night and didn?t want anything else to spoil his and Asha?s relationship which would hopefully turn out to be a successful one.

Lion King Stu
June 15th, 2005, 10:25 PM
lol make Twilight shout congratz in the restaurant :lol:

great part KS ;) as always

June 15th, 2005, 10:27 PM
Short and sweet...

Lucy Lioness
June 15th, 2005, 10:52 PM
Hehe, Great part KS!! Me likey! =D

King Simba
June 16th, 2005, 10:19 PM
Here's more of the story. LKS requested that he and Nura should be mentioned more. :lol: ;)

Meanwhile back inside the restaurant Twilight put his pint of beer down on the table after he had drank the last bit. He then looked over to Nura, ?So?? he paused and stood up, ??time to go now then love?? he looked around at the other couples who were still staring at him after he called after Katai. He went red in the face.

Nura giggled a bit at Twilight blushing, ??Twilight, why are you blushing?? she smiled to him and stood up herself.

Twilight continued to look at the others before looking back over at Nura, ??it?s nothing. Come on, let?s go now anyway.? He picked his car keys up that he left on the table and walked towards the entrance. Nura followed and quietly walked up behind Twilight before wrapping her harms around his neck to surprise him, ?Surprise!? she laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

?Nura?you sneaky, little?? Twilight laughed also before kissing her back and holding her paw. He noticed Katai and Asha over near the other side of the car park near where Katai?s car was. Twilight couldn?t help but speak, ?Hey again you happy couple.? He grinned over to them, ?Good timing huh? Just finished straight after you.? He walked over to them with Nura. Nura was a little shy but followed Twilight anyway.

The new couple were kissing until Twilight spoke. He immediately disturbed them so Katai moved his muzzle away from Asha?s and looked at Twilight. He smiled to him and put his harm around Asha, keeping her close, ?Hey again Twilight. Didn?t think I?d see you again tonight. We were just about to go ourselves?? he laughed a little at Nura blushing, ?Oh Nura, don?t be shy. I?m only your boss at work.? He kept his harm around Asha and kept holding her close before looking back to Twilight, ?New girlfriend??

?Yeah?we?ve been going out for a few weeks now. We haven?t seen each other for about a week or so, so we decided to do the same as what you and Asha did. She?s just a little shy that?s all?? Twilight put his harm around Nura, cuddling her and looking down to her, ?Don?t be shy?? he laughed a little and kissed her on the cheek.

Nura continued to blush but actually said something, ?Don?t worry Twilight?I?m not that shy.? She kissed him back, cuddling into him also.

After a few moments of silence, Katai looked up to the sky which was clear, he then looked back over to Twilight, ??got the time??

Twilight smirked at his friend; ?Katai, you?re not short of a few bob so why don?t you have your own watch?? he laughed jokingly and rolled his sleeve up on his long sweater to check the time, ??the time now is 10:35pm according to my watch. Time for home now I think?that?s where you?re heading now right??

?No, I?ll be dropping Asha off back at her house before going back home myself. Asha?s tired?I can tell.? Katai looked down to Asha who looked back up to him.
?Don?t be silly?? she stepped away laughing a little before opening the door to Katai?s car and stepping into the passenger seat. She closed the door after her.

Katai rolled his eyes and chuckled a little, ??she?s so eager to take a ride in my baby?? he smirked to Twilight, referring to his car.

?Yep?? Twilight grinned, ?Nura seems eager too.? He looked over to Nura who had already taken the keys from Twilight and had already unlocked the car herself. She was now sat in the passenger seat. Katai and Twilight were now alone outside in the car park.

Lucy Lioness
June 16th, 2005, 11:13 PM
Yay! More Twilight!! :D

Lion King Stu
June 17th, 2005, 11:34 AM
yesh me likes ^^ :cheese: keep it coming...and do what Lucy says :lol: :p only joking u do wat u wish ^^

King Simba
June 17th, 2005, 12:00 PM
Since the story isn't based on Twilight, no, but I'll keep Twilight in the story for most of the scenes. ;)

June 17th, 2005, 05:20 PM
LKS, you are SO spoiled!

KS, this is a great story.

King Simba
June 17th, 2005, 11:07 PM
Thanks, :cheese: and yeah, Twilight wants a lot. :lol: jk
So, I'm currently on my 21st page of the story at the moment. Here's the next part...

After a few moments of saying nothing, Katai held his car keys in his grip and looked at Twilight, ?So?? he paused looking over to his car again, ??you planning on going out anywhere else sometime this week or next week??

Twilight immediately replied, ?Not really?why? Planning on arranging something??

Katai shook his head, ?No, I was just wandering. We could meet up or something on Sunday night. That?s when I?m having a special works party. Don?t worry, it?s really just for employees but since you?re my friend and Nura?s partner I?ll make an exception.? Katai smiled to Twilight, before yawning himself, ??better get going now anyway. It?s late and I?ll be too tired to drive at this rate.? He looked back over to his car before looking back over to Twilight, ?Later?for the second time.? He laughed a little and opened the door to his car and climbed in.

?Later!? Twilight smiled to Katai before walking over to his car also.

Meanwhile, Katai shut the door behind him and inserted the keys into the ignition. He then turned on the engine before looking over to Asha, ?You look tired love. I?ll get going now?? he put the car into reverse and reversed out of the car parking bay.

Asha looked across to Katai before yawning herself, ?I am actually dear?no need to rush though. I?ll be fine.?

Katai looked across at Asha; ?Whatever you say?? he smiled to her and turned the radio on since there were no CDs inserted. He then drove out of the car park at a slow and steady pace.

On the journey home, Asha fell asleep in the passenger seat and Katai was getting tired also. He turned the music up a little to try and keep him awake; it obviously worked. All of a sudden, the purple Rover belonging to Kingy cut Katai up which caused Katai to touch his breaks hard and suddenly. Katai immediately belted his paw on the horn, ?What the hell does he think he?s playing at?!!? he then noticed the registration plate number again, ?K1 NGY?? he said to himself, ??that?s that idiot who nearly caused me to have an accident the other day??

Kingy didn?t seem to be getting a move on since there was an HGV in front. Katai had to keep touching his breaks because Kingy had been tail-gating the HGV in front. Katai sighed and rolled his eyes, he looked across at Asha who was peacefully sleeping.

King Simba
June 18th, 2005, 11:13 PM
Hmm, no more comments. :hmm: Well, here's some more of the story anyways. Twice the amount to read now. ;)

Katai continued to touch his breaks, he thought out loud to himself, ?I?ll overtake them both in a minute.? He pulled out slightly into the middle of the road and looked beyond the HGV, he saw it was clear and began to overtake both Kingy and the HGV.

Kingy looked out of the windscreen as Katai overtook. He smirked to himself before pulling out into the road also and following Katai past the HGV.

Katai put his foot down on the long stretch of road that headed straight towards the motorway. He began to travel a little over the speed limit because of his tired-ness, ?I really shouldn?t be driving?? he yawned and looked back into his mirrors. He saw Kingy shooting up behind, ??and god knows what speed he?s travelling at?? Katai?s reactions were slower than usual, ??SLOW DOWN!? he shouted and touched his breaks hard before looking through his mirrors again. Kingy nearly hit Katai?s bumper.

Asha quickly opened her eyes and woke up, ?What happened?? she asked Katai before looking through the wing mirror on the left hand side, she sighed and rolled her eyes, ??I hate it when they tail-gate like that.?

?Tell me about it. That guy just nearly caused me to have an accident. It doesn?t really help since I?m tired and it?s late?? Katai rolled his eyes also before yawning again, ??I?m sorry Asha but I?ll have to drop you straight off at your house. Time for a bit of sleep when I get back I think.? Katai looked into his mirrors again and Kingy seemed to be keeping a little more breaking distance than before. He then looked out straight at the road in front of him which was dark and was only lit up by Katai?s headlights and the cat-eyes in the centre of the road, ??I?m not too keen on these country roads as it is.?

Asha looked across to Katai, ?That?s fine. I?m tired myself anyway.? She yawned, ?Will you be paying a visit tomorrow?? she smiled to him.

?Sure, I will be. Tomorrow?s my day off so I will be paying a visit.? Katai smiled to Asha before looking back and keeping an eye on the road ahead.

Asha smiled and sat back in the soft, leather passenger seat. She relaxed and left the driving to Katai who seemed to know where he was going. She closed her eyes slightly.

Katai took the turning towards the motorway and Kingy was still following. He made an indication and turned onto the slip road which led straight down to the motorway. He looked in his mirrors to check to see if it was clear. He then turned onto the inside lane before switching to the outside lane.

However, Kingy was still on the inside lane and put his foot down until he was travelling at a faster speed than Katai. He began to overtake on the inside.

?Now, look. He?s now trying to overtake on the inside lane?? Katai dropped his speed so Kingy could overtake. Kingy then pulled out into the outside lane, leaving Katai behind, ??and there he goes. Travelling at 100MPH perhaps?? Katai began to put his foot down again and travelled at 80MPH. It was now near on 11:15pm and Katai was tired. He was hoping to return home soon and could tell Asha was tired also.

Lucy Lioness
June 19th, 2005, 02:02 PM
Hehe, sorry I was away so I couldn't comment on your last entry. Its still going great! :D

June 19th, 2005, 02:22 PM

Yep I'm enjoying it too.

King Simba
June 19th, 2005, 04:31 PM
Thanks guys. :hugs:
I'll be writing more of the story later. After I've completed the next part, I'll post it here like always. =)

June 19th, 2005, 06:04 PM
i'm liking the story KS!

but being the Disaster Film fanatic I am, i see a disaster coming soon...

but that's just my mind.

Can't wait for the next park KS!

King Simba
June 19th, 2005, 08:36 PM
Alright, next part's finished. =)

After driving along the motorway for around another 20 minutes or so, Katai tried his best to keep his eyes fully open. He caught a glimpse of the signpost for the exit. He turned into the inside lane and joined the slip road to exit the motorway. He decreased his speed a little as he reached a roundabout. Katai took a quick look and glance towards the right and shot straight out. All of a sudden, the purple Rover shot round the roundabout just as Katai accelerated. Katai saw the purple car in the corner of his tired eye but it was too late. A big thud and crunch was all Katai heard this very moment. Kingy?s car had knocked Katai?s car to the other side of the road with great force and Katai got thrown back into his seat. He then flung forward and hit his head on the steering wheel.

Asha however, woke up the very moment Kingy?s car collided with Katai?s. She ended up knocking her head on the dashboard with the force of the collision. She was now unconscious.

Kingy got out of his car and looked across to the damaged car before looking back at his own. All of the side of Katai?s car had been bashed in and he could easily notice the damage which was done to his. Kingy decided to help by taking his mobile phone out of his pocket and calling the emergency services. There was no answer.

Kingy then put his phone back in his pocket and ran across to the other damaged car. He looked down at the ground before looking up again. He then looked across at his car again.

Katai slowly opened his eyes before looking around and his breathing rate had increased since the collision. He then looked across at Asha who was knocked unconscious. Blood was pouring down her face and some blood slid down Katai?s face too. He looked down to see his t-shirt and jacket stained with blood. He wasn?t sure on what to do at this moment. He put his hand down into his pocket and took his phone out. He turned the phone on and scrolled down the phone book list. He decided to phone Twilight to see if he could do anything.

Twilight had just dropped Nura off at her house when his phone rang. He switched his indicators on and pulled over before answering Katai?s call, ?Hello??

Katai took deep breaths between each of the words spoke, ?It?s me?Twilight, Kat-ai.?

Twilight noticed how Katai was breathing and the way he was talking, ?Katai is there something wrong? What?s happened??

Katai looked across to Asha before answering Twilight?s question, ??we need help?we?ve just been involved in a collision. Any chance?in coming ov-ver here??

?Yes Katai. Where are you now?? Twilight asked concerned about his friend.

?Just off at junction 10 - off the M60.? Katai?s breathing was still heavy. He found it quite difficult to speak.

?I?ll be right there, just hang on in there.? Twilight put his phone into his pocket and put his foot on the accelerator. He headed towards the M60.

Katai put his phone down also and looked across at Asha, ?Don?t worry my love, we?ll be alright? I promise....? He felt a tear slide down his face as he rubbed his paw against her face, wiping the blood away, ??I?ll never let anything bad happen to you, never.?

June 19th, 2005, 08:45 PM
aww, the disater happened :(

or is there worse to come?

King Simba
June 19th, 2005, 08:47 PM
There may be worse to come...:( Just depends. You'll see later on in the story.

Lucy Lioness
June 19th, 2005, 08:49 PM
:alone: Oh no!!! Poor Katai and Asha!!!!!!!!!! :tears: I hope they will be okay. :emo:

Lion King Stu
June 19th, 2005, 11:12 PM
When ever theres trouble don't phone 999 phone Twilight :cheese: :lol:

Call today :D

Great Prt KS some real drama I see coming along here ^^

June 20th, 2005, 02:43 AM
great job KS ;) the couples seem to be movin along pretty fast :gasp: jus playin

King Simba
June 20th, 2005, 11:12 AM
Here's some more of the story. Twilight to the rescue. :idiot: :lol:

Meanwhile, Twilight turned onto the M60 motorway and drove along as fast as he could to be there for Katai and Asha. He knew what kind of difficulty they were in due to hearing the state of Katai?s voice, ?His breathing was so heavy?? Twilight said to himself putting his foot on the accelerator a little more and increasing his speed. Since there wasn?t much traffic on the roads that night, it was easy for Twilight to get to the injured couple faster. After about 10 minutes or so, Twilight took the turning off at junction 10. He decreased his speed as he approached the roundabout. He immediately stopped at the sight of the collision. He pulled up close to the two wrecked cars and Kingy was no longer in sight. He turned his engine off and looked across to the wrecked Rover before looking over to Katai?s wrecked Mercedes. He quickly climbed out of his car and ran over to the wrecked Mercedes. He looked down through the window and saw Katai trapped in between his seat and the steering wheel. He looked across to see Asha lay there, unconscious, ?Katai?I?m here.? Twilight slowly opened the door which had been battered and crushed.

Katai looked up to Twilight still breathing at the heavy pace he was doing about 15 minutes ago, ?Twilight?would you mind giving us?an hand?? he looked back across to Asha who was moving a little, ??looks as though Asha?s coming round??

Twilight looked down to Katai before looking across to Asha, ??sure, that?s why I came.? He held his paw out to help the couple, ?Give me your paw Katai. I?ll help you.?

Katai gave Twilight a weak smile, ?Thanks Twilight. You?re more than a good friend.? He grabbed hold of Twilight?s paw before squeezing out from between the seat and steering wheel. He got out safely although he was badly injured, especially around his head which had been badly cut and bruised.

Asha slowly opened her eyes and had woken up, ?W-what happened?? she looked around at her surroundings.

Twilight held his paw out to Asha also, ?Let me give you an hand.? He smiled a little to Asha.

Asha gave Twilight a week smile herself before gripping hold of Twilight?s paw and pulling herself out also. At the sight of her boyfriend, Asha?s face lit up in a weak smile. She rushed over to him and hugged him lovingly, ?Katai, thank goodness you?re alright.? She kissed him a couple of times herself although she had bad injuries around her head and neck area which were mainly cuts and bruises.

Katai held Asha close and rubbed his paw against her face, ?I was so worried about you. I thought I almost lost you.? He looked over to his car and noticed the damage which had been caused by the collision. He then looked across to the purple Rover. Kingy hadn?t been in sight for the last 30 minutes or so. He had left the scene.

Lion King Stu
June 20th, 2005, 11:50 AM
Super Twilight...he has to fly off now to save the world from a asteroid :lol:

Good as always KS ;) :cheese:

June 20th, 2005, 07:13 PM
great job KS ;)

King Simba
June 21st, 2005, 09:52 PM
Thanks. :cheese: Here's some more of the story. Not much though cos' I've been busy doing art homework.

After staring over at the other wrecked car for a few seconds, Katai once again offered Asha his loving embrace. Asha did the same and looked up to Katai, ?What happened anyway??

Katai took his harms from around her waist and looked over to the two wrecked cars; He sighed and looked at Asha, ?We had a collision with the other car. I didn?t even see him coming. That was probably due to the high speed he was travelling at anyway.? He then walked over to Twilight, ?Thanks for helping my friend.? He shook his best friend?s paw.

Twilight smiled to Katai, ?No problem. That?s what friends are for?? he paused and took a closer look at Katai and Asha?s injuries, ?Are you going to get something done about those injuries? Or isn?t it that major??? his smile gradually turned into a more curious and concerned expression.

?We?ll probably head off to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow. Nothing that major at the moment though?we?re both lucky I guess.? Katai sighed and looked at his car, ??should we phone someone up to take them away??

?Your choice?you might wanna call a low loader or something before you go anywhere. I?ll call one of you want?I know a company who takes wrecked cars away.? Twilight suggested and offered to Katai.

?Go ahead.? Katai smiled a little to Twilight.

Twilight took his phone from out of his pocket and scrolled down to the company?s phone number, he pressed the call button to begin the phone call.

Lion King Stu
June 21st, 2005, 09:56 PM
good mini part KS doesn't matter if its short its all good ^^ :cheese:

King Simba
June 22nd, 2005, 10:56 PM
Sorry guys, nothing new tonight story-wise. :(
But, I drew a new pic relating to the story...;)


I posted the pic in the 'post your art here' thread but just decided to post it here again.

June 22nd, 2005, 10:58 PM
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i don't like him. He made Katai crash the car. :grrr:

good pic KS!

Lucy Lioness
June 22nd, 2005, 11:06 PM
That's ok KS. :D Great pic by the way! =D He looks so cool.

June 23rd, 2005, 10:40 AM
Originally posted by IchLiebeNALA
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i don't like him. He made Katai crash the car. :grrr:
If you actually knew the highway code, you would know that at a roundabout, right of way goes to traffic from the right, so technically, Kingy had right of way, the crash was Katai's fault.

BTW, awesomeness pic KS! *saves*

Lucy Lioness
June 23rd, 2005, 10:43 AM
Originally posted by Iestyn
If you actually knew the highway code, you would know that at a roundabout, right of way goes to traffic from the right, so technically, Kingy had right of way, the crash was Katai's fault.

BTW, awesomeness pic KS! *saves*

So Katai is really the one we should be booing? :browlift: Lol.

June 23rd, 2005, 10:46 AM
Yes, nobody should booo my tiger x( *hugs Kingy*

Lucy Lioness
June 23rd, 2005, 10:57 AM
Yeah, it's that Katai who is the bad driver! Lol. ;) :p Kingy is misunderstood - he looks very cool in KS's piccy.

June 23rd, 2005, 10:59 AM
sorry, i take it back then!

King Simba
June 23rd, 2005, 11:59 AM
Actually, you guys will find out what happens in the story later on. Kingy wouldn't just run away like that and yes, it was technically Katai's fault. Kingy had right away. ;)

And no probs mate. :cheese:

King Simba
June 23rd, 2005, 10:24 PM
Here's some more of the story.. I finally got chance to write some more... =)

After a few seconds of the phone ringing continuously, Twilight put the phone down, ?No answer there either.? He looked at Katai and Asha.

All Katai and Asha did was look at each other, ?Well, what?s gonna happen tonight then?? Katai looked back towards Twilight.

Before Twilight could answer, some headlights began to become visible in the distance. Katai and Asha just watched still holding each other close. Twilight saw them both staring, ?What is it?? he looked towards the direction they were looking in. He also noticed the headlights in the distance.

From first sight, Katai thought it was a bus or a HGV but as it approached, he started to figure out what it was; it was a low loader, something to transport Kingy?s and Katai?s wrecked cars home. The low loader pulled up alongside the two wrecked cars. An oldish looking lion stepped out the drivers? side, Kingy stepping out the passenger side.

?Good evening.? The lion smiled at Katai, Asha and Twilight, ?May I ask who was involved in the collision??

Katai stood s few steps forward along with Asha, ?It was us. The Mercedes convertible is my car?do you know whether it?s repairable or not??

The lion walked across to Katai?s convertible and analysed it, ?Well, the axel hasn?t been damaged by the looks of things. I think all you may need is a new wing and a new door on the drivers? side.?

?So, it?s repairable? If that?s the case, then that?s great.? Katai smiled to the lion, ?Who arranged for you to come anyway??

The lion looked across to Kingy, ?This tiger stood aside here. He said he was involved in the collision too, am I right?? he asked Kingy.

?Yeah. The purple Rover?s my car?would you be able to tell me if that?s repairable too?? Kingy asked the low loader driver curiously.

?Let?s see?? he walked across to Kingy?s car and analysed his car also, ?The only thing new that would need to be fitted is a new wing and bonnet. If anything?s been damaged in and around the engine, then that would need to be repaired too.?

Kingy nodded and looked across to Katai, ?Sorry about the collision.? He stepped back a little unsure of Katai?s reactions.

?That?s alright. I realised I should?ve actually gave way at the roundabout so really, it?s my fault. I should be the one saying sorry?? Katai?s ears drooped and he turned away for a few moments before looking back at Kingy.

Lion King Stu
June 23rd, 2005, 10:26 PM
ah well Kingy ain't all evil at least :lol:

good part KS :cheese: well writen ^^

Lucy Lioness
June 23rd, 2005, 10:32 PM
Indeed, it's very good! =D How close are we to the end?

King Simba
June 23rd, 2005, 10:33 PM
Hmm, no idea on that one yet. ;) I'll keep you updated on that one. =)
Thanks for reading anyways. :cheese:

June 25th, 2005, 12:43 AM
Sorry for missing so much, KS. This is some really good stuff. That accident was really somthing.

King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 08:36 PM
No problem mate. =) Glad you're all enjoying the story so far. :cheese:

Kingy didn?t say anything. He just gave Katai a slight nod and then turned back to the low loader driver.

?Alright?would you like to check to see if the vehicle?s work first? We might be able to get somewhere without using the low loader?? the lion looked at both Katai and Kingy.

?I?ll check?very much doubt it though.? Katai climbed into his wrecked convertible and turned the key which was still in the ignition. Much to Katai?s surprise, the engine started the first time, ??wow, I wasn?t expecting that.?

The lion smiled, ?No need to use the low loader for your car then. Does the gears and steering still work fine? You?d better test them out first.?

Katai nodded and put the car into the reverse gear. He tested the gears out by testing each and every one of them. All seemed to work fine and the steering was just as good as it was before the accident. All that seemed to have been damaged on Katai?s vehicle was the wing on the right-hand side, which had been dinted in at the door and part of the wing itself. The damage was obviously visible, but at least Katai could drive the car home himself without having to use the low loader, ?All is fine!? he called out to the driver.

?Very good.? The lion smiled to Katai before walking over across to Kingy and the other wrecked car, ?Any chance in you doing the same??

?Oh, sure.? Kingy climbed into his vehicle and turned the key in the ignition. Since all the front of the car was dinted in and smashed to pieces, there was no way in this car working again. He kept turning the key but after 3 attempts, he gave up. ?No luck here. Didn?t think there?d be any luck anyway.?

?Right, looks as though I was wrong?? The driver walked across to the purple Rover, ??the only thing we can do now is push the car up onto the low loader so it can be transported back.?

Kingy nodded and began to push the back of the car as well as the low loader driver, Twilight decided to help too and the wrecked car was soon on the low loader ready to be transported back to Kingy?s house.

?If you need any more assistance, here?s my phone number. I?ll be happy to help out anytime.? The lion gave Katai his phone number on a piece of paper, ??have a safe journey home.? He climbed into the low loader and turned on the engine, Kingy climbed into the passenger side closing the door behind him.

?Thanks. Your help is very much appreciated!? Katai called as the low loader, which was transporting Kingy?s car back to his house set off down the country road.

Katai looked over to Twilight and Asha. He was still sat in the drivers seat with the battered door open, ?Twilight, will you be able to follow us to make sure nothing major goes wrong whilst getting back home? I don?t want anything to happen?the car?s in enough state as it is ? as am I and Asha.? He asked politely smiling a little. He then looked over to Asha, ?Asha, come on, everything will be alright now.?

Asha smiled a little, walked over to the passenger side and climbed in. The passenger side wasn?t damaged in any way so it was easier and safer for Asha to enter the vehicle.

June 25th, 2005, 08:51 PM
i'm really liking the story KS. I'm waiting for the next part now!

just a question, is the whole thing gonna be released as a document or is this the whole story?

King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 08:52 PM
Originally posted by IchLiebeNALA
just a question, is the whole thing gonna be released as a document or is this the whole story?
I'm posting the story in sections. This is the story up to now. =) Once it's finished, all the sections of the story will be posted in this thread. ;)

Lion King Stu
June 25th, 2005, 08:55 PM
aye that is some good stuff KS ^^ :cheese:

Lucy Lioness
June 25th, 2005, 09:03 PM
Great part KS! :D Yay - they are ok! But shouldn't Katai take Asha to the hospital as she hit her head and all?

King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by Lucy Lioness
Great part KS! :D Yay - they are ok! But shouldn't Katai take Asha to the hospital as she hit her head and all?
As quoted earlier on in the story:

?We?ll probably head off to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow. Nothing that major at the moment though?we?re both lucky I guess.?

Tomorrow. Their injuries turned out not to be as serious. ;)

Lucy Lioness
June 25th, 2005, 09:11 PM
Yeah but these kind of injuries can be more serious than they appear. There can be internal bleeding and stuff.

Anyway, I'll stop now. :D Lol. As long as they r ok. =D

June 25th, 2005, 09:16 PM
I have a question! *Waves paw*

I think you may have confused some car slang. Maybe it's different in Europe, but in America, a "low-rider" is a small, compact, sport car with devices in the wheels that make the shell look like it's bouncing. They are usually elaboratly decorated and painted. There are driven by street guys, basley for showing off and impressing girls.

Is a European "low-rider" some sort of tow-truck?

King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 09:22 PM
Originally posted by Lucy Lioness
Yeah but these kind of injuries can be more serious than they appear. There can be internal bleeding and stuff.
Well like I said, it didn't turn out to be as serious as they both thought it would. Katai knows... ;)

Originally posted by Roquivo
Is a European "low-rider" some sort of tow-truck?
Yeah. It's a vehicle used to transport damaged vehicles from one place to another. =)

Lucy Lioness
June 25th, 2005, 09:28 PM
Originally posted by King Simba
Well like I said, it didn't turn out to be as serious as they both thought it would. Katai knows... ;)

Yay!!! It's so sweet how Katai is so concerned about Asha! :love: I have been in minor car accidents, and it is not nice. :(

King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 09:31 PM
OFF TOPIC: Well I must consider myself as lucky then. I haven't been involved in any car accidents up to now. My dad was involved in a real bad one once which caused the car which he crashed to be written off and took to the scrapyard. Apparently, it was caused by drink driving so due to this, my dad had his license took off of him for about a year or so.

ON TOPIC: Well, Katai is obviously a loving and caring lion. :cheese: Btw, seeing as Katai did hit his head on the steering wheel, he obviously has minor head injuries too.

Lucy Lioness
June 25th, 2005, 09:40 PM
The incident I was involved in wasn't serious. My parents, my brothers and I were in the car on a country road and we sort of just went off the road into a small ditch and a hedge, The car was a write off. But luckily no one was hurt, except my brother who hit his face, his cheek blew up like a balloon, we had to go to casualty and everything. And we were on holiday at the time, in Cumbria. So we had to rent a car for the rest of the holiday. I was scared of going in the car for some time afterwards.


King Simba
June 25th, 2005, 09:49 PM
Well, seeing as we're on the topic of car accidents I'll tell you about another one which my dad was involved in a year last April.

My dad was just driving along a road in his home village. Apparently, this car which was also involved in the accident shot out at a junction at around 50MPH whilst my dad was driving by. The good thing is - it hit on the passenger side and the axel was damaged (the strongest part of the car). However, if the other car crashed into the doors or somewhere along the lines of around that area - chances are, my dad would've been seriously injured, even worse, killed. The car was a write off so we had to hire a car until we bought another one.

I do have some pictures but I don't really want to show them out here seeing as I don't feel it's appropriate.


King Simba
June 26th, 2005, 09:01 PM
Here's some more of the story, it isn't much though but anyway...

Twilight nodded to Katai, ?Sure thing mate.? He smiled politely; ?I?ll be right behind you?? he walked across to his car which was parked at the side of the roundabout and climbed in, closing the door behind him. He waited patiently for Katai to drive ahead.

Meanwhile, Katai closed the damaged door and turned his indicators on which were still working. The engine was already on so there was no need for Katai to turn to key in the ignition. He put his foot on the accelerator and drove off down the country road travelling at a slower speed than usual obviously due to the earlier collision. Twilight slowly followed behind and kept his distance. Both vehicles were travelling at a steady speed of 40MPH.

Asha looked across at Katai who had pretty serious head injuries like she had. She could tell that he was focusing hard on the road and was trying to avoid having another accident. She hesitated to speak at first, ??Katai, will you??

Katai didn?t look at her as he replied, ?Will I do what?? he asked waiting for her to finish asking her question.

Asha sighed and looked across at Katai, ??well, would you be able to drop me off back at my house??

Katai continued to keep his eyes focused on the road ahead, ??but Asha, it?s late and we both have to head off to the hospital tomorrow. It?s best we got checked over??

?I know but wouldn?t you be able to come for me in the morning? Or aren?t you able to since what happened tonight?? Asha?s ears drooped at the thought of the accident.

?Well, I?ll also be taking the car in to get repaired tomorrow. If you want, you can come round to pick me up. We?ll both go to the hospital together after I?ve taken the car in to get repaired?what do you say?? Katai suggested.

?Well, sure then.? Asha smiled to Katai and leaned back in the seat. She began to suffer with a nasty headache from the earlier accident so she started to rest her eyes and relax whilst Katai kept focus on the road ahead.

Katai looked into his mirrors and saw Twilight still following behind. He trusted his friend and wanted to do something to thank him for all the help that he offered both him and Asha but he just couldn?t think of anything right at that moment. He gave a weak smile and approached another roundabout. He decreased his speed and looked in both directions for on-coming traffic. He didn?t want another repeat of what happened at the last roundabout and always tried to avoid having accidents. He carried on and drove straight ahead towards the motorway. Twilight was still following behind.

Lion King Stu
June 26th, 2005, 09:06 PM
kool part KS ;) :cheese: keep em coming ^^

June 26th, 2005, 09:08 PM
Somthing is up with Asha. I think her head is hurt worse then she let on.

June 27th, 2005, 12:14 AM
very good KS ;) :D can't wait to read more!

June 27th, 2005, 10:58 AM
hehe, good part KS


i think your right, but she doesn't want to worry Katai.

King Simba
June 27th, 2005, 11:58 AM
Well, you'll all see later. I've already started writing the next part. However, I'll have to finish the rest later on after school. :grrr:

June 27th, 2005, 12:39 PM
I shall look forward to it KS!

King Simba
June 27th, 2005, 08:58 PM
Here's the next part all finished... =)

After taking the turning towards the motorway, Katai switched his indicators on. He took the slip road to enter the motorway and pulled out into the inside lane before switching to the outside lane. Twilight did the same and was there to make sure nothing major went wrong on their journey home. He headed straight towards Bury to drop Asha back off at her house.

After travelling along the motorway for a good 10 minutes or so, Katai switched to the inside lane. He travelled at a slower speed obviously due to the damage done to his vehicle. He saw the exit coming up and switched his indicators on. He took the slip road off the motorway and carried on down the road. Twilight was still following.

The time was now 12:10am and their journey home had obviously been delayed because of the earlier accident. Katai was concerned for Asha and wanted to get her home as soon as possible so that she could rest. He also wanted to get home himself so that he could relax too. They began to approach Bury and Katai kept a close eye out for ?Rosebank Drive?. The headlights from his car shone on the street sign and Katai quickly turned the indicators on, turning into Asha?s street. He looked across at Asha who was still resting her eyes. He pulled up outside her house and gave her a quick and gentle nudge, ?You?re home love.?

Asha slowly opened her eyes and looked around, ?Are we? Already?? she looked across to Katai, ?So, I am home?? She smiled a little and gripped Katai?s paw tightly, ??but please Katai, take care of yourself on the way home. I don?t want to lose you because I love you?? she wrapped her harms around his neck and leaned over to Katai who was still sat in the driver?s seat. She kissed him a couple of times before taking her harms from around his neck, ??I?ll be there to pick you up tomorrow. I promise?? she grabbed hold of her handbag and exited the vehicle.

Katai looked up to her, ?Don?t worry Asha?I?ll be fine. Twilight will be guiding me all the way back home anyway. You just get some rest?? he smiled to her sweetly.

?Don?t worry Katai, I will.? She smiled back and closed the door before taking the house keys from out of her handbag.

Katai remained stationary outside her house for a minute until she closed the door behind her. He made sure she was safe. He then looked into his mirrors at Twilight behind and put his hand up to let him know that he was continuing on with his journey. He switched his indicators on and Twilight nodded. Katai pulled out into the road again as well as Twilight and they both continued their journey back to Katai?s house.

June 27th, 2005, 09:17 PM
nice part KS

but i fear the worst is yet to come

Lion King Stu
June 27th, 2005, 09:47 PM
awesome part KS ^^ :cheese: Twilight is not injured for once mwahaa :lol:

June 27th, 2005, 11:12 PM
awesome job KS ;)

King Simba
June 28th, 2005, 09:29 PM
Thanks. :cheese: Here's some more that I've just written...

Katai continued to keep an eye on Twilight behind by looking through his mirrors. After travelling down a long stretch of road for about 30 minutes or so, Katai could see the gates to his house. They had both taken a different route instead of going via the motorway. He pulled up outside his gates and grabbed hold of the remote control so that the electric gates could be opened. Twilight waited patiently behind and waited for Katai to actually park up. Katai drove into the driveway, further on towards the garage and parked up outside. He switched the engine off and climbed out of the vehicle. He waved his paw in the air to tell Twilight that it was alright to leave. Twilight nodded and put his car into reverse before driving out of the long driveway.

Katai was now alone. Everything was so quiet except from the noise of the wind howling. Katai didn?t like to be alone too much, especially if it was nigh time and no-one else was around. He quickly took the house keys from out of his jacket pocket and inserted the key into the door. All of a sudden, he heard noises from inside the bushes and trees around him, ?Who?s there?? he turned round quickly and began to look around. There was no answer.

Katai was beginning to get a nasty headache himself. He started to rub his forehead with his paw. He then heard the noise again, ??show yourself!? he called out continuing to look around. At this moment in time, Katai didn?t even dare to turn around just in case he got attacked. He began to tremble in fear as the noises began to get louder and more frequent. He heard his name being called out in the bushes nearby. The noise was only faint but it was loud enough for Katai to hear.

After rubbing his head a little more until the pain subsided again, Katai walked down the steps from his door and slowly walked towards where the noises were coming from. He felt something touch him from behind but didn?t quite make out who or what it was. After a few seconds, Katai couldn?t hear or see a thing. He had been beaten and assaulted. He was left unconscious.

About a couple of hours later, Katai slowly opened his eyes and began to rub his forehead once again. He looked around and saw nothing, just the patio lights, his garage, the trees, plants and his damaged car. He stood up and ran quickly over to his front door. He opened it as fast as he could and locked it securely after he had entered the hallway. He was worn out and decided to fall asleep on the couch in the living room. He had no idea what had happened before, it all remained a mystery to Katai for now.

Lucy Lioness
June 28th, 2005, 09:33 PM
:gasp: Oh no! Poor Katai! :badnews: :tears:

King Simba
June 28th, 2005, 09:34 PM
That's all he needs on top of the earlier events. :worried:

Lucy Lioness
June 28th, 2005, 09:39 PM
I know, I'm like 'cut the guy a break!' Lol.


June 28th, 2005, 09:46 PM
Katai has a stalker...:p great job KS ;)

King Simba
July 1st, 2005, 08:28 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates on the story. Anyways, I finally got round to writing some more. Can't say it's much but enjoy...=)

Time passed so slowly that night but Katai thankfully had a good nights sleep despite the events that had happened the night before. Katai?s eyes slowly opened. He looked around curiously and saw the sunlight filtering through the blinds and curtains. He decided to actually get up and actually change his clothes which had been stained by blood. He headed upstairs to his bedroom.

After entering his bedroom, Katai looked deeply at himself in the mirror. The cuts and bruises were now easily visible but the pain was subsiding a bit. He then opened his wardrobe and took a clean T-shirt out as well as a clean pair of jeans. Katai took his Man U shirt off which had been stained by blood. He then took his blood stained jeans off before pulling the clean T-shirt over his head, putting his harms through. He then sat down on his bed and pulled his jeans up so they reached the top of his legs around his waist He then headed off towards the bathroom for a quick wash. After that, he walked down the long staircase and entered the modern kitchen. He opened the fridge to get something quick to eat for breakfast since he couldn?t be bothered to cook anything. He grabbed hold of some scotch eggs which he had recently bought and began to eat them one by one. After he had finished and had enough to eat, he exited the kitchen and picked his mobile phone up from the counter. He scrolled down to Twilight?s phone number and rang him up just as he was about to exit the house. He locked the door behind him and waited patiently for his friend to answer.

After another 10 seconds or so, there was finally an answer. It was Twilight, ?Hello? Twilight? is that you? Oh right, well listen, I?m just about to take my car to the dealers to get fixed. I was just ringing to ask if you?d like to come and pick me up and take me round to Asha?s house afterwards.? After receiving a positive answer from Twilight Katai smiled, ?Thanks mate. Be there in about 20 minutes ok? I?ll have to sort a few things out before though. See ya later.? He hung up and took the car keys out from his pocket and opened the doors. Since it was daytime and it was light, Katai could see the damage in more detail, ??this is gonna cost more than I thought it would.? Katai?s ears drooped a little. He opened the driver?s side door carefully and climbed in. He then inserted the key into the ignition before putting his car into reverse and driving out of his long driveway.

EDIT: Spelling mistake. :woeisme:

Lion King Stu
July 1st, 2005, 09:53 PM
making Twilight a taxi service now :lol:

good part there KS...darn wanna

July 1st, 2005, 09:57 PM
great job KS ;)

Lucy Lioness
July 1st, 2005, 10:34 PM
Great part KS - erm.....I hope you don't mind me mentioning this but there is a little typo in there. Instead of arms you put harms.

I'm confused about what happened to Katai the night before. He was attacked? Why hasn't he been robbed or anything? I would have presumed that the attackers would have taken his keys and robbed the house. Or taken the car or whatever. Or was he not attacked and it was in his mind? I'm confused. Lol.

King Simba
July 1st, 2005, 10:54 PM
First off, forgive the typos. I have a bad habit of spelling those words wrong.

Secondly, the attackers supposed to have left the scene on the night Katai was attacked although he did get knocked unconscious; it could also be in his mind like some sort of a dream or something.

Sorry to confuse you. :cringe:

Lucy Lioness
July 1st, 2005, 11:02 PM
Its ok - I just thought that they wouldn't have just beaten him up when there is a swanky house behind him, Lol. But never mind me! I will stop spoiling the story. :D

Twilight Taxis :D

King Simba
July 1st, 2005, 11:04 PM
Originally posted by Lucy Lioness
Its ok - I just thought that they wouldn't have just beaten him up when there is a swanky house behind him, Lol. But never mind me! I will stop spoiling the story. :D

Twilight Taxis :D
Make that a swanky mansion worth half a million pounds. :cheese:
Twilight is the new taxi service it seems. :evilgrin:

Lucy Lioness
July 1st, 2005, 11:05 PM
Originally posted by King Simba
Make that a swanky mansion worth half a million pounds. :cheese:
Twilight is the new taxi service it seems. :evilgrin:

Mmm...the smexiest cab driver in all of town. :D

July 1st, 2005, 11:35 PM
Lucy, if someone gets assaulted, and there is no robery, it is usually personal. Whomever it was, they wanted Katai. His biggest mistakes were to not call the police, and to not check on Asha. The attack on Katai may have simply been used to get him out of the way. However, the hole attack and subsequent passing out could have been a delusion from the earlier accident. It is extremely possible that Katai is unknowingly suffering from a concussion, which can cause halucinations and blackouts.

I would also have to say that Twighling has prooven to be Katai's guardian angel.

King Simba
July 3rd, 2005, 01:06 PM
Well, since yesterday the things I've been doing the most is drawing pics relating to the story and nothing else. :idiot: I know 3 pics are the same but anyway...


July 4th, 2005, 03:33 AM
very nice KS ;)

King Simba
July 4th, 2005, 07:52 PM
Thanks. :)
I'm gonna have to start getting cracking with this story again. Good thing I have a day off tomorrow.


July 4th, 2005, 09:13 PM
look forward to reading it KS!

keep up the good work

Lucy Lioness
July 4th, 2005, 09:47 PM
Originally posted by IchLiebeNALA
look forward to reading it KS!

keep up the good work

Me too!!! :D But we need good news, Hehe. :D

Lion King Stu
July 5th, 2005, 12:46 AM
good news...Twilight stuff no doubt then :lol: j/k

can't wait any longer :p

Fear The Paw
July 5th, 2005, 02:43 AM
All Hail King Simba

King Simba
July 5th, 2005, 07:54 AM
Originally posted by Lion King Stu
good news...Twilight stuff no doubt then :lol: j/k

can't wait any longer :p
Hmm, well, you'll have to. It's a little too early to be writing stuff now. :lol: :p

King Simba
July 5th, 2005, 03:51 PM
Sorry about the double post but anyway, here's something I completed the other day relating to the FNO story. Link is only active for 7 days.

Buck Rogers - Friday Night Out (http://s31.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2YQ2O71HHBX8L04NLMELFNIIRC ).

July 5th, 2005, 04:07 PM
very good indeed KS, but i can seem to hear any music...

ah well. good idea nonetheless

King Simba
July 5th, 2005, 04:09 PM
Hmm, well, it's done the exact same thing with a few others too and that was with different videos. Maybe try playing it again later? :hmm:

Anyways, thanks for the comment. =)

July 5th, 2005, 04:17 PM
okees. will do KS!

King Simba
July 6th, 2005, 09:34 PM
Well finally I got round to writing a little more of the story. Sorry, it's not much but it's better than nothing at all.

Katai thought deep to himself at this very moment and decided to go and call round at Asha?s house to see if she was in good shape especially after the night before. After driving along the country roads for some time instead of the motorway, Bury finally approached and Katai decreased his speed. He turned his indicators on yet again after approaching Rosebank Drive. He took a left turn and turned into the street before driving along at a steady pace. He pulled up outside Asha?s house and got out of the drivers side, still taking care of opening and closing the doors due to the previous accident. He began to rub his head again and could tell the cuts had scabbed over. After the pain subsided, he walked down Asha?s drive before knocking on her door hoping that she was awake and hoping that he wouldn?t disturb her.

?Who?s there?? Asha?s voice could be heard in the hallway.
?Asha, it?s me.? Katai answered back and waited patiently for Asha to open the door.

After a few more moments, Asha opened the door and smiled at the sight of Katai. Her injuries looked as though they had dried out and scabbed over too so it was less painful for the both of them, however, they still knew best, ?You?re off to the garage to get your car repaired aren?t you?? Asha asked curiously, ?Would you like me to follow and give you a lift back??

?No, no, no? I?ve arranged for Twilight to give me a lift back here. After that, we can both go to the hospital. It?s best we get these injuries checked over.? Katai sighed before looking back up to Asha, ?Are you feeling alright now? That?s what I?m worried about?your safety and of course you? Asha.?

Asha blinked a couple of times, ?Don?t worry about me Katai? I?m feeling alright now. A good night?s sleep did it good but I do agree? it?s best we get checked over at the hospital anyway.?

Lucy Lioness
July 6th, 2005, 09:39 PM
Yay!!!! Great part KS - its all good! :browlift:

July 6th, 2005, 09:44 PM
another good part KS

keep it up ;)

Fear The Paw
July 6th, 2005, 10:06 PM
Awww even in pain he looks after her.

July 7th, 2005, 01:25 AM
very nice KS ;)

King Simba
July 11th, 2005, 09:44 PM
Here's some more of the story. Again, I'm sorry for the lack of story updates but anyway...

After a few moments of saying nothing, Katai reciprocated, ?I?ll come back to your house straight after. I?m sure you wouldn?t mind driving us there? if you don?t want to, that?s alright.?

?No, no? I?ll be able to drive us there and back. Don?t worry?? Asha kissed him on the cheek, ??just take care of yourself on the way there? don?t get hurt.?

Katai smiled to Asha and hugged her lovingly, ?Don?t worry love, I?ll be alright.? He then took his arms from around her waist and smiled to her once again before stepping down from the doorstep.

Asha smiled back as Katai began to walk down the drive back to where his car was, ?I?ll take this to get repaired now I think.? Katai smirked before climbing into the drivers? seat and closing the door behind him.

After setting the car up ready to continue on with his journey, Katai pulled out into the road and tooted his horn as he left to say goodbye to Asha. He drove off down the road.

Asha sighed to herself and continued to stand at the door for a few moments after Katai had left. She looked down at her fingers and thought deeply to herself. The only jewellery she wore on her fingers was a plain signet ring. She closed her eyes for a few moments and Katai was all that was on her mind at this time. After that, she closed the door behind her as she entered her house again.

Meanwhile, all that was on Katai?s mind at this very moment was Asha. He couldn?t stop thinking about her although he knew he had to focus on his driving. He continued his journey to the car dealer and followed the signposts towards the Manchester area.

Enjoy even though it isn't much. ;)

Lucy Lioness
July 11th, 2005, 09:46 PM
Yay! More story!! It's still great! It's so sweet how much they love each other! :love:

Lion King Stu
July 11th, 2005, 09:56 PM
can you feel the love tonight ^^ :cheese: :lol:

July 11th, 2005, 10:00 PM
Don't rush it, KS. Real art and talent takes time.:cheese: It is coming along great.

King Simba
July 16th, 2005, 08:02 PM
Here's some more of the story finished.

About 25 minutes later, Katai approached the outskirts of Manchester. He turned right towards an industrial area where there were a load of car sales places. At this time, he drove at a slow and steady pace just so he could find the Pride Lands Car Sales. He saw a sign in the distance which looked familiar. After approaching the sign closer, he realised that he had arrived at the Pride Lands Car Sales. He turned into the car park and looked for a decent car parking space. He parked next to a silver Lexus and turned the engine off. After sitting in the car for a few minutes sorting out some things like documents and money in the drop down, he opened the door and climbed out closing the door behind him.

He pressed the ?lock? button on his keys and began to slowly walk across to the entrance of the ?accident repair centre?. After entering, he looked around for the front desk. After spotting it he quickly walked across and stood at the desk. A young-ish lion, around Katai?s age turned around, ?Can I help you??
?Yes, actually. I?m Mr. Kagunda; I recently bought a car from you.? Katai answered the car salesman.
?Right?? the salesman nodded, ?Let me just put it up on the computer??
Katai nodded and waited patiently for the salesman?s response.

After loading it up on the computer, the salesman responded, ?Ah? you bought a Mercedes CLK Convertible on the 15th May for ?35,000. Is that right??

Katai nodded, ?Yeah, that?s it. I?ve actually came to get it fixed. I was involved in an accident last night ? the vehicle itself is still driveable. I think it just needs a new door and possibly a new wing fitted.?

?Right, well I shall get one of the repair men to come and have a look at it. By any luck, if the damage is exactly like you described then it should be finished either by the end of today or early tomorrow.? The salesman smiled to Katai.

?Right well you have my phone number so when it?s all repaired, just give me a ring. I?m pretty sure I?ll be able to get either my girlfriend or my best mate to give me a lift.? Katai began to walked out the exit and waited patiently outside for his best friend, Twilight to arrive.

Lion King Stu
July 16th, 2005, 08:09 PM
good part KS glad you got some more done ^^

King Simba
July 17th, 2005, 03:03 PM
Thanks LKS. It shouldn't be that much of a problem over the next few weeks in getting new parts finished so hopefully, I'll be able to write a lot more than usual. ;)

King Simba
July 23rd, 2005, 08:51 PM
Well seeing as I'm off school for Summer now, I've wrote a bit more of the story. Hopefully I'll be able to update the story more over the next 6 weeks or so... However, on the 23rd August, I'll be going on holiday so no updates on the story for two weeks. Sorry...

After a few minutes or so, the sound of a car was heard by Katai. His ears twitched and Twilight?s car began to be visible in the distance. Katai moved further out to the edge of the kerb so that Twilight could see him. Twilight turned his indicators on and pulled into the side to pick his friend up, ?Haven?t been waiting long then?? Twilight asked curiously as Katai climbed into the passenger seat.

?Nope, just had a talk with the car salesman and he says that it might be done either today or tomorrow. Off to Asha?s house now?? Katai looked at Twilight and answered his question, ??you do know about the work party tomorrow night don?t you? Did I tell you about it??

Twilight didn?t look at Katai and kept focused on the road ahead, ?Yeah, you told me about it the other night. What kind of party is it if may I ask??

?It?s a special works party. It?s usually a great night out but the only catch is; you have to dress formal. It?s just the way it works. Nura will be going too.? Katai answered Twilight?s question, ?You don?t have to dress too formal, like in a tux or anything like that.? He chucked a little.

?Ah, well I?m quite sure I can find something out of the wardrobe which is formal enough.? Twilight smirked, still keeping focused on his driving, ?Where does Asha live again??

?Forgot already?? Katai smirked, ?Well, she lives on Rosebank Drive in Bury? it?s a street full of new, detached houses. Quite a nice area actually.? Katai wasn?t a snobby lion despite his large fortune and he always acted like a normal lion would, whether he was rich or not. He didn?t care.

A few moments later, Twilight turned into Rosebank Drive, ?What number is it?? he asked Katai curiously.

?Number 145. It?s pretty easy to find, just look for the red Clio.? Katai smirked, ?That?s what I always do.?

July 23rd, 2005, 09:18 PM
good, good, KS. keep writing! ^__^

July 23rd, 2005, 10:27 PM
very nice KS ;)

Kovu The Lion
July 23rd, 2005, 11:19 PM
KS...AMAZING. I felt like i was reading a book from one of my favourite authors, You made that Story like an author would have ~~Meaning its really good~~~ but anyways, Can't wait to see more of it, Liked the pic btw nice car ;) Took me a while to read it all hehe
~Kovu The Lion~

King Simba
August 15th, 2005, 06:45 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates on the story all. I shall get round to doing that in the next few days, don't you worry. ;)

August 15th, 2005, 07:05 PM
oooooh YAY! *dances*

"previously on Friday Night Out" :p

King Simba
August 20th, 2005, 07:28 PM
So 5 days later, I update the story. Enjoy! ;)

Twilight nodded to Katai?s suggestion and kept his eyes on the road as well as looking for the red Clio in the drive. He spotted it a few houses away, ?Ah, I see what you mean now Katai.? He smirked and patted him on the shoulder.

Katai smiled to Twilight as he patted him on the shoulder, ?Thanks for the lift buddy. You?re a really good friend.?

Twilight slowed down as he pulled up in front of Asha?s house before turning to Katai, ?It?s no problem.? He smiled and patted him on the shoulder again, ?Your girl is waiting.? He caught sight of Asha at the door waiting for Katai, ?I?ll give you both a lift to the hospital if you want.? He turned back to Katai and smiled at him.

?Thanks Twi. I?m guessing Asha doesn?t want to drive today anyway with what went on last night and all.? His ears drooped down for a second or two before perking up at the sight of Asha. He quickly opened the door and climbed out of Twilight?s car. He ran up the path to her house and hugged her tight, ?I?m back Asha.? He kissed her a couple of times before looking back over to Twilight who had just got out of the car.

?Twilight will be giving us a lift to the hospital.? Katai smiled to her, ?I?m assuming you and Twilight have met?? He looked at her with a curious expression.

Asha looked at Twilight for a moment or two and recognised him from the night before, ?Oh yes, I remember.? She smiled to him, ?Thanks for everything. You?re so helpful.?

Twilight smiled to Asha, ?It?s no problem. Katai?s a great friend of mine and I?d always be delighted to do favours for you and him once in a while. Afterall, that?s what friends are for.?

Katai laughed a little to what Twilight had said, ?Been friends for a long time now haven?t we Twi?? He gave him a friendly hug, ?Hey, at least you?re not the one with the wrecked car now are you?? He smirked to him as he turned back to Asha.

?We should get to the hospital and get it over with.? He rubbed his paw down the side of her face once more before looking back at Twilight, ?Ready to take us Twi??

?Sure.? Twilight smiled to them both as he put his paw in his pocket and took his car keys out, ?Anything for friends.?

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August 20th, 2005, 07:32 PM
ooooooo looking nice ;) Your writing keeps me on the page :lol: takes alot too since I have a hard time paying attention. Great writing so far KS! :hugs:
I'm a fan :ayecapn:

Lion King Stu
August 20th, 2005, 08:51 PM
yay new part of da story :cheese: good job good to see ya writing again :D.

King Simba
August 20th, 2005, 10:29 PM
Glad you're enjoying it guys. ^^

LKS, I'll try and write some more before I go away and I shall include the "17 year old hottie" as you call her too. :lol: ;)

August 21st, 2005, 11:48 AM
Well, isn't that convienent! You take a break from writing, at the same time I take personal leave!

As good as always. Oh, and this reminds me that I have to update my website! lol, thanks!

King Simba
August 21st, 2005, 03:32 PM
Got chance to right a bit more. Once again, enjoy. ^^

Katai nodded to Twilight. Twilight began to head to where his car was parked. He pressed one of the buttons on his keys to unlock the vehicle again. He smiled to them both as they both got in on opposite sides.

Twilight climbed in at the drivers? side and inserted the keys in the ignition, ?So are you two ready? All fastened in?? He smirked as he looked back at them both who were sat in the two back seats.

?Sure we are.? Katai winked to Twilight and faced to look out the window.

Twilight looked at Katai before smiling and facing at Asha. He then turned around and put the key in the ignition. He put his foot on the gas and pulled out into the road, ?So, tell me Asha, what you do for a living?? He spoke to her as he kept focused on the road ahead.

?Well I work as a secretary at some offices in the city. I?ve been working there for a couple of years or so now. I decided to take that job after I finished University.? Asha replied to Twilight?s question as she looked out the window herself.

?Ah, I see. So you?re not really doing something as complicated as Kat?s job then.? Twilight laughed as he said this. He slowed down as he approached some traffic lights.
?Well would you even call it complicated Katai?? He smirked as he turned round to Katai since they were in a stationary position.

?Not exactly. Most of the day I?m just sat in an office which is right on the top floor.? Katai laughed a little, ?Maybe tomorrow night I?d enjoy myself more with the workers.? He smirked to him.

?So it?s tomorrow night then huh?? Twilight smiled to Katai as he kept his eyes on the traffic lights which were changing to green. He put his foot on the accelerator again.

?Yeah, tomorrow night. I?ll tell you later Twi.? Katai smirked and looked out the window again. He sighed as he looked at the British countryside.

Lucy Lioness
August 21st, 2005, 04:00 PM
Yay! More story! Hehe. :D It's still great KS!

August 21st, 2005, 11:14 PM
great job KS ;) keep it comin!

King Simba
September 28th, 2005, 11:08 PM
Sorry for the large gap guys. Been busy with loads and loads of other stuff. Either way, hope you guys enjoy the next part.

Twilight nodded at Katai?s response as he continued to keep his foot on the accelerator. He also kept his eyes on the road as he continued to cruise along at a steady speed. He saw the sign posts for the hospital and decided to follow them hoping that he wouldn?t get caught in a traffic jam. He looked back at Katai and Asha as he stopped at some traffic lights and smirked at them both. Katai continued to look at the area surrounding them. He then looked back at Twilight, ?What? Something fascinating you about me or something?? He smirked to him as he playfully ruffled up his quiff on the top of his head.

?No, no? just wondering why you?re not saying much. That?s all.? Twilight smirked to Katai, ?And Kat, stop that.? He prodded him playfully before sitting back down in the drivers? seat and continuing to focus on his driving.

?The hospital is only over there so is it alright if I just drop you two off? See, I need to go round to Nura?s house and see her. Need to tell her about tomorrow night.? Twilight looked back at both Katai and Asha as he pulled up near to the hospital?s main entrance, ?I?ll be back to pick you both up, alright??

Katai looked towards Asha and nodded his head slightly before looking back at Twilight, ?Yeah, sure? that?s fine by us. I shall call you on your mobile when we come out.? He smiled to him as he climbed out of one side of Twilight?s car. He then waited for his girlfriend to climb out the other side.

Asha smiled and did the same, ?Thanks Twilight.? She smiled to him politely before stepping up onto the kerb along with Katai.

?I?ll see you guys later then.? Twilight smiled to them both as he winded his window back up again. He then put his shades back on and put his foot on the accelerator. Within a few minutes, he had disappeared down the road.

September 29th, 2005, 02:06 AM
Originally posted by King Simba
kerb .


great job KS! :D :cheese:

King Simba
September 29th, 2005, 04:34 AM
Here's some more I decided to write for part of last night and part of this morning.

All that was on Twilight?s mind at this point was Nura. He really couldn?t stop thinking about her. He decided to do a ?U-turn? in the road after remembering where she lived. From what he could remember, she didn?t live in a very rich area. However, her family only had limited amounts of money and that?s why she had to get out to work earlier than usual. Twilight was planning to go further into his relationship with her but since he was 19 at this point and she was only 17, his decision was made to be a tough one. He just shook his head slightly at this point as he continued to concentrate on his driving. He recognised the name of the residential area where Nura lived on a nearby signpost, ?Cheetham.? He said to himself as he quickly glanced at the signpost. He decided to take a turn at this point and head in that direction.

Within a few more minutes, Twilight caught sight of some small houses nearby. These houses looked pretty old and run down. However, it?s what the residents here could afford. He remembered Nura?s address from the day he and Nura met. He smiled as the thought of the number ?12? came into his head from previous moments. He then dropped his speed to look out for the correct address. Most of the houses along this area weren?t very maintained and needed a lot of work doing to them. The window frames were rotten and the doors weren?t very good. He started to drive past the numbers which started at number 5. On this particular side of the road, the numbers went up in twos. He accidentally drove past number 7 and pulled up outside number 11, ?Ah shoot.? He sighed as he looked back. He had to walk back a couple of houses.

Once he reached number 7, he looked up and around. This house wasn?t exactly the best; the garden was overgrown, one of the front windows were bordered up and the panel on the back door had been kicked in. Twilight held his car keys firmly in his grip at this point since he had no intentions of staying in that area too long. He dodged some nettles which were in the garden before reaching the front door. He looked inside and saw a light on. He wasn?t sure at this point whether the light was from Nura or her parents. He quickly put his keys in his pocket before knocking on the door hoping for Nura to answer.

King Simba
September 29th, 2005, 03:58 PM
And yet, here's some more of the story. Yesh, I seem to be on the roll lately with this story. LKS wanted me to post this bit so here ya go. ^^

Within a few more minutes, a moving figure was visible inside. It did look sort of like Nura?s figure which made Twilight relax a bit, ?Who?s there??

Twilight stood closer to the door as she said this, ?It?s me ? Twilight.? He spoke in hesitation not knowing who would answer the door to him. He stepped back a little as he noticed the door starting to open.

The door opened fully and to Twilight?s surprise, it was Nura who answered the door. His face lit up in a smile, ?Nura.? He smiled to her.

Nura?s face lit up in a smile too, especially at the sight of Twilight, ?Twilight? w-what are you doing here?? She asked still smiling to him.

?I just decided to come round after taking my friend and his girlfriend to the hospital. They were involved in a bad crash last night.? Twilight sighed at the thought before looking back up at Nura, ?I couldn?t live a day without seeing you.? He rubbed his paw down the side of her face, ?You?re too beautiful for me to miss.? He laughed softly.

Nura blushed and giggled at Twilight?s remark, ?Oh Twilight, you?re so kind.? She softly kissed him on the cheek and wrapped her arms around his neck as she cuddled into him, ?I?m glad you came. I was actually getting lonely here myself.? She softly whispered into his ear as she ran her paw through his mane, ?I love you.?

Twilight stepped back a few steps before Nura cuddled him and kissed his cheek. He smiled as she kissed him and cuddled into him, ?I wouldn?t ever dream of leaving without saying that I didn?t love you.? He turned his muzzle slightly towards hers and looked into her beautiful eyes, ?Kiss me.? He moved his muzzle closer to hers.

Nura turned her muzzle towards Twilight?s too and also looked into his eyes. The words sort of startled her for a moment so she just pulled back and moved slightly away from Twilight.

?Nura, what?s the matter?? Twilight asked looking slightly concerned for her. He moved slightly closer to her.

Nura looked towards the side for a moment and stood in the doorway, ?Twilight, come in.? She smiled to him slightly as she held the door open for him.
Twilight looked at her for a few moments before stepping into the house. Nura closed the door behind him and turned the key to lock it for safety which she always did whenever she was in the house alone, ?Don?t worry, my parents aren?t back yet.? She looked at Twilight as she walked into the lounge, ??They sort of left it a mess as you can see.? She blushed a little in embarrassment, ?If I knew you were coming, I would?ve at least attempted to clear it up a little.? Her ears drooped slightly and she looked down as she sat down on the old, springy sofa, ?I?m sorry Twilight.?

?You don?t have to be sorry about anything Nura. It?s not your fault.? Twilight smiled to her slightly as he sat down next to her on the sofa. He sat back and relaxed before looking at Nura once more and putting his arm around her just like any couple would.

Twilight?s loving comfort cheered Nura up a little, ?Thanks Twilight.? She smiled to him as she leaned into him a little closer and rested her head on his chest. She closed her eyes slightly as she relaxed in the arms of her lover.

Twilight smiled to her as she rested on his chest, ?No worries. Anyway, I came to actually tell you about something as well as give you some loving company.? He stroked the top of her head softly.

Nura looked up at Twilight before moving her head away from his chest, ?And what might that be?? She smirked to him as she sat up.

King Simba
September 29th, 2005, 08:37 PM
Triple post, I know but since I haven't had much to do, I decided to write and update the story more regularly. It's been dead for far too long I think.

Nura looked at Twilight as she remained to stay sat up, ?Oh really?? She laughed a little, ?Guess I?ll be coming with you then.? She started to playfully play with Twilight?s mane as he stopped stroking the top of her head, ?And as far as I know, I?m not doing anything.? She smiled to him.

?Right.? Twilight nodded his head slightly, ?Just decided to check seeing as I?ve gotta go to the hospital and pick them both up when I get a phone call.? Twilight smirked to her, ?That won?t be for a while yet though? you know what the hospitals are like.? He laughed softly before sitting up and taking his arms from around his girlfriend, he then yawned slightly, ?I?m still a little tired though. Never got much sleep last night though. Had to go on a wild goose chase to be quite honest with the accidents and all.? He closed his eyes slightly before opening them again and looking at Nura, ?You got the time?? He looked around and saw no clock anywhere.

?Hmm, just let me check.? Nura stood up and walked into the kitchen where her parents stored a kitchen timer, ?Well according to this it?s 1:10pm.? She double checked, ?Yeah, it?s only that time.? She looked back at Twilight from the other room.

?Well I only dropped them off about 12:30pm so they?ve only been gone 40 minutes which makes me only been gone for that amount of time too.? Twilight looked over at her. He stared at her non stop for a few moments before shaking his head and sighing happily. Never in his life had he seen such a pretty lioness. He relaxed back down on the sofa again and continued to smile over to her.

Nura smirked as she noticed that Twilight was deep in thought. She laughed a little before standing in the doorway looking at him, ?I?m gonna go and have a shower. I?ll be about 10-15 minutes.? She smiled to him as she grabbed hold of her towel and walked upstairs leaving Twilight alone in the room.

Twilight looked around at his surroundings and grimaced as he looked up at the ceiling which appeared to be stained. Paint was flaking off and the plaster was all cracked. He knew Nura deserved better than this but since this was all her parents could afford, he knew she had to make do; at least until she left home anyway. He sighed and dipped his head for a second ? his thoughts were deep about Nura at this moment and he smiled at some of the happy thoughts that came to mind.

Lion King Stu
September 29th, 2005, 10:34 PM
Yay Twi and Nura :cheese: can you feel the love :p.
Awesome parts KS keep it up t'is freeking awesome :lol: ^^.

King Simba
September 29th, 2005, 10:46 PM
Thanks a lot, LKS. ^^ :hugs:
Here's some more of the story completed. Whoa, I've done about 5 new parts today in total. O_o

Time seemed to pass so slowly at this point and Twilight looked around at his surroundings once more. He heard movement upstairs and sat up a little more. He decided to go upstairs and check out what it was, ?Nura, is everything alright up there?? He slowly climbed the stairs one by one. He didn?t really feel very safe on these stairs since they didn?t feel very stable to him. When he reached the top of the stairs, he awaited an answer from Nura.

A few moments later, Nura finally answered Twilight, ?Yeah, I?m fine. Just coming out of the shower now.?

Twilight smirked as he stood at the bathroom door, ?Good to hear. Just hurry up out there will ya? Cheers love.? He sat down on the stairs outside near the doorway.

?Come in if you want. I?m pretty much dressed.? Nura called from the bathroom. Her voice was slightly muffled to Twilight but she was loud enough for him to understand her.

?Um, are you sure?? Twilight asked as he stood right in front of the door.

?Sure, you can come in if you want.? She opened the door slightly and looked at Twilight. A slight smile came to her face, ?Come on in.?

?Hehe, alright then.? Twilight?s cheeks blushed slightly. However, he did give her a slight smile back before stepping into the bathroom.

Nura put both of her arms around Twilight?s shoulders and pinned him down onto the floor, ?Now, where were we?? She giggled to him slightly as he lay on the floor underneath her.

Lucy Lioness
September 29th, 2005, 10:59 PM
:gasp: Nura tricked Twilight into the bathroom!! Hehe. :D Clever lioness. :browlift:

September 29th, 2005, 11:10 PM
Sly Nura...........:p very nice KS ;)

King Simba
September 30th, 2005, 05:17 AM
Thanks for the comments people. ^^ Yesh, Nura is a sneaky lioness. :p LKS wanted me to write some more before he went to college so here it is. ;)

Twilight looked up at her before smirking slightly up to her, ?I don?t know but I do remember that I wanted to kiss you.? He remained to stay firmly pinned underneath her weight.

?You want something from me huh?? Nura smirked down to Twilight as she kept both of her arms around his shoulders, ?You want a lot from me don?t you, Twi?? She giggled down to him before looking up to see if the bathroom window was shut. She then turned and looked back down to him, ?Aww, you?re so sweet.? She blushed slightly as she kissed Twilight on the cheek a couple of times before moving towards his muzzle.

?Hehe, you want to kiss me now then huh?? Twilight grinned up to her as she kissed his cheek a couple of times before moving his muzzle closer to hers.

This wasn?t Twilight or Nura?s first kiss ? however, it still felt good to them both even if they had done it already. Twilight wrapped his arms around over Nura?s furry back before moving his muzzle away from hers, ?Hehe that ? felt good. Haven?t really done that in a while.? He licked her on the muzzle softly.

unregistered user
September 30th, 2005, 05:33 AM
great.. soo err where's my part :lol:
jk :p
Lovely KS :p
i guess i need to change the title parental guide:p

King Simba
September 30th, 2005, 11:05 PM
Here's some more of the story. Just decided to write a little more since I've been drawing most of the night. ^^

?I liked it actually.? Nura smirked down to Twilight as she rubbed her paws on his shoulders once more.

Meanwhile, Twilight?s ears twitched as he heard the noise of a bleeping sound downstairs. He just ignored it for now and looked back up to Nura and laughed softly, ?I heard some bleeping just then. Imagine if we were being watched.? He looked around at their surroundings.

?I don?t think anyone will be watching us here Twi.? Nura smiled down to Twilight, ?The sound came from downstairs, it-??Before she could finish, Twilight interrupted her.
?Oh shoot. I left my mobile phone down there along with my car keys.? He slapped his paw against his forehead, ?I knew I should?ve brought it up here.? He sighed before looking up at his girlfriend, ?Nura, would you please let me up for a sec? Just gonna see who actually did call me. It couldn?t have been Kat. He hasn?t been in long enough.?

Nura nodded slightly at Twilight?s reaction and she slowly rolled off the top of him to let Twilight up. He then quickly ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the lounge where he had left his car keys and mobile.

He picked his phone up off the coffee table and looked at the screen to see it say ?1 missed call.? He sighed and rolled his eyes, ?Ah crap, bet it was Kat.? He scrolled down to Kat?s name and pressed the call button to call him. However, he received the message that his phone was switched off at the time.

?Stupid Kat. I told him to keep his phone on.? Twilight cursed to himself as he held his phone in his grip.

Nura entered the lounge through the doorway, ?What?s happened now?? She asked curiously sitting on the sofa beside Twilight.

Twilight turned his head slightly towards Nura as she sat down beside him, ?Kat?s called me, that?s what. Now, the silly fool has his mobile turned off.? He laughed a little before sighing once more.

?Oh?? Nura frowned and looked towards the side, ?So are you gonna go and find them or what? I?ll come with you if you want.?

?Yeah. I guess that?s the only thing I can do to be quite honest. Feel free to come with me Nura. I won?t stop my own girlfriend coming with me.? He leaned over towards her and kissed her on the cheek softly before putting his arms around her and holding her close.

King Simba
October 1st, 2005, 10:18 PM
Here's some more of the story which I wrote out earlier on today. Sorta just things between Twilight and Nura here. Figured I needed to bring them into the story some more, plus LKS wanted some more. ;) ^^

Nura smiled as Twilight offered her his loving embrace, ?You know I can keep you company, Twilight.? She leaned over and whispered into his ear, ?I?ll always be there with you.?

Twilight remained to hold her close, ?I?m glad to hear that, Nura. I?ll always be with you too.? He whispered into her ear too before taking his arms from around her and sitting up, ?I think we?d better be off now just in case it was Kat.? He stood up and looked at Nura.

Nura nodded to Twilight?s response and stood up herself, ?I?d better take the house keys then in that case. My parents probably won?t be back anyway.? She picked up the house keys from the nearby cabinet before smiling to Twilight as she stood by the front door.

Twilight smirked over to her, ?What do your parents know? Do they even know you?re even going out with me?? He laughed a little before heading towards the front door to where she was standing.

Nura smirked back at him, ?To be honest, no. They?d be pretty furious if they found out I was going out with someone anyway so that?s why I haven?t told them.? She sighed slightly as she continued to hold the house keys in her grip.

?Meh, don?t worry about them anyway. Just think about you and me for now.? Twilight smiled to her before walking past Nura and out the front door. He waited patiently for Nura to lock the door behind them.

To avoid triple posting, I just decided to edit this reply. :p

Nura stepped out of the front door and slammed it shut. This was due to the reason that the door was an old, council door and needed various repairs, ?We haven?t bought the house yet so we can?t get a decent door fitted.? Nura sighed as she looked at Twilight, ?I wish my parents could afford more.? She shook her head slightly as she slipped the keys down into her pocket and followed Twilight down the garden path to his car.

Twilight pressed one of the buttons on his set of keys to automatically unlock the doors. He looked over at Nura who was just about to shut the gate behind her. He remained to stay stood on the road just outside the vehicle. Nura smiled slightly to Twilight as she approached the passenger side door. She opened it and climbed in before closing it behind her and making sure her seatbelt was fastened and secure.

Twilight remained to stay stood outside for a few moments. He sighed and leaned against the vehicle slightly; the moon and star transfers slightly glowing as his dark red shirt covered them slightly. He looked up to the sky before sighing once more and opening the door to climb into the drivers? side. It was pretty obvious he was deep in thought; he wasn?t exactly sure what though. It was just something that struck his mind at that particular time. He quickly climbed in and shut the door after him. He quickly turned the key in the ignition before putting his foot on the accelerator and setting off down the road. He didn?t say anything to Nura at this time though and just kept focused on his driving.

He continued to follow the signs for the hospital but didn?t say much to Nura at this time. However, he did ask her if she wanted some of his chewing gum which he had in his pocket just after he pulled up at some traffic lights, ?Want any gum?? he asked her politely.

?Um, sure.? Nura smiled and approved Twilight?s offer. She carefully took the sachet of gum out of Twilight?s paw as he held it out to her, ?Thanks.? She winked to him as she put it in her mouth.

Twilight smiled at her reaction, ?No problem.? He made sure he stored the rest in his pocket just in case she wanted any later. As soon as the traffic lights changed to green, he soon set off again to leave the cars which were behind him, behind.

Now, comments people. Comments. ^^

October 1st, 2005, 10:25 PM
Nura is a bad daughter xD :p not telling her parents.........

good job KS ;)

King Simba
October 2nd, 2005, 08:33 AM
:lol: Maybe cos' her parents are just tight and don't want her to have a boyfriend.

Anyways, here's some more of the story.

He reduced his speed just after he saw the speed limit cameras ?Don?t wanna get caught by those.? He immediately put his foot on the brakes and his speed decreased. He was now travelling at 30Mph, the correct speed limit for built up areas.

Nura remained to stay quiet and just let Twilight continue concentrating on his driving. She slowly chewed the spearmint flavoured gum and continued to look out the passenger side window at the scenery of the urban areas of Manchester.

Meanwhile, an old Volvo Estate cut out in front of Twilight which caused him to break really hard causing Nura and of course himself to jolt forward, ?Sorry Nura.? Twilight looked at Nura, ?It was him in front that cut me up. Had to break too soon.?

?It?s alright.? Nura gave Twilight a slight smile before getting into the position she previously was in.

Twilight looked towards her once more before looking out onto the road ahead again. The Volvo was travelling slower than usual which made Twilight tail-gate it. He sighed and rolled his eyes, ?Can you go any slower??

The hospital was now visible in the distance. Twilight switched his indicators on and decided to over-take the Volvo, ?I?ve had enough of you.? He cursed to himself as he pulled back into the left hand lane. He increased his speed to a little faster than usual but was aware of the speed cameras nearby.

He indicated to say he was pulling into the hospital and turned in, ?Can?t afford to have any hold-ups after all.? He smirked to Nura as he pulled up in the pick-up bays in front of the hospital. These were used for Taxi?s as Taxi ranks but Twilight didn?t care. He stepped out of the car and looked around for Katai and Asha. Still, he saw them nowhere in sight.

He sighed and sat back in the drivers? seat again, ?Nura, would you like to stop over at my house tonight?? He smiled to her politely, ?I?m pretty sure you?d enjoy it more than staying over at your house.? He winked to her.

?I?d like to but I don?t know what my parent?s would think.? Nura sighed, ?But I?d love to come.? She smiled to him as she raised her head slightly.

King Simba
October 2nd, 2005, 09:57 PM
Here's some more of the story. Good thing I've got into the writing mood again. This sort of went dead for a while. :lol:

?Just sort of figured you?d like to come and spend the night. Then tomorrow, you could stay at my house to get ready and all.? Twilight?s face lit up with a larger smile than before.

Nura looked to the side and thought for a moment before looking back towards Twilight and smiled at him, ?I?d love that.? She held his paw slightly as she looked into his dark blue eyes which were as dark as the night itself. She slightly leaned forward, Twilight did this too but they were both interrupted by Katai who stood outside the vehicle on the drivers? side. They both quickly turned around.

?And what?s going off here?? He smirked to both of them who looked slightly startled, ?Sharing a bit of love huh?? He laughed softly.

?Uh, why? yes actually.? Twilight said still slightly startled at the sight of Katai, ?I just came from Nura?s house to come and pick you up. I tried to ring you but you had turned your phone off.?

?Yeah well I needed to keep it off inside the hospital. I just sort of called you to say that me and Asha were nearly ready to be picked up but you never answered your phone at that time.? Katai replied to Twilight?s response, ?Anyway Twi, forget about this for now.? He smiled to him as he accessed the vehicle and climbed into the right hand side whilst Asha climbed into the left hand side.

Twilight closed his door before turning the key in the ignition, ?Yeah well sorry about that, Kat. Me and Nura were kinda doing stuff in the backyard. I was sorta helping her out with? the gardening.? Twilight blushed slightly as he waited at the junction to turn out onto the main road. It was petty much obvious he was lying in some sort of way but he tried his best not to show it.

?Ah right.? Katai nodded his head slightly not noticing Twilight blushing, ?Either way, can you head back towards the car sales place? I received a call on my mobile whilst I was waiting. It?s ready for collection now.?

Twilight switched his indicators on as he made a U-turn in the road, ?Yeah, sure. Man that was fast wasn?t it? You only sent your car in this morning.? Twilight laughed slightly as he continued to focus on his driving.

?Aye, I know.? Katai smirked at Twilight?s response, ?But don?t forget, those guys at that place are professionals. Guess I wouldn?t need to be chauffeured around by you anymore, Twi.? He laughed a little as he looked out the window once more, ?Guess me and Asha can travel to the party ?in style??? He smirked as he looked across at Asha.

?Yeah well no more petrol wasting either. Did you notice the gas prices are going up and up? They?re not getting any lower, Kat. I went to fill up the other day and the price a litre as risen to nearly ?1. Best put in more hours in at work in that case.? Twilight sighed slightly as he told Katai after listening to his response.

?Heh, yeah. I kinda noticed when I drove past there before I had my accident.? Katai frowned a little as the thought of the previous accident came to mind yet again, ?Anyway, on the topic of jobs and stuff, what do you work as now then Twi? Last time I heard you worked in a supermarket.?

Twilight tried his best to stay focused on his driving whilst answering and responding to Katai?s questions, ?Yeah well I sorta figured I needed to move on from the supermarket stuff and decided to get a job on an industrial estate outside the city. I work in some of the offices there. Guess it?s a pretty well paid job but obviously not as well paid as yours.?

?Well my job requires some serious work, Twi. It?s not all that easy, I can assure you.? Katai winked to Twilight, ?I have to attend various meetings and stuff at different places around the country. Last meeting I had to attend was in London, one was right down in Dorset. I have to travel around a hell of a lot. Then again, your family comes from Dorset so I guess you know what it?s like there.?

King Simba
October 3rd, 2005, 09:59 PM
Triple post but hey, no comments. Here's some more of the story. Just managed to get some done after working on a pic related to the story. :bleen:

?Yeah, well I used to live down in Gillingham before moving up here. Figured I could get a better job and stuff.? Twilight looked back at Katai slightly before changing the subject, ?So where ya wanna be? The car sales place right??

Katai nodded slightly at Twilight?s response, ?Yeah? there always seems to be better work in a city like this.? He then answered Twilight?s question, ?Yeah, yeah. Just turn here and go straight down the road until you see a sign saying ?Prideland Car Sales.? He motioned his paw to tell Twilight to turn left.

Twilight took notice to Katai?s directions and took a left turn which headed into an industrial area. There were several car sales places here as well as a few factories and office places. Twilight did recognise this place so he did know where he was heading.

Within a few more yards down the road, the sign became visible and Twilight pulled across the other lane and pulled in outside the car sales place which was obviously on the right hand side, ?There ya go, Kat. If you need me for anything else, I?ll see what I can do.? Twilight smiled at him politely as Katai and Asha both exited the vehicle.

?Thanks, Twi. If you ever want anything from me, I?ll be there.? He gave Twilight a pat on the shoulder before closing the door and stepping up on the curb.

Twilight gave him another smirk before putting his foot down on the accelerator and increased his speed as he travelled down the road, ?So, you wanna head back to my house now then?? He politely offered Nura as he turned his head slightly smiling at her.

Nura smiled to him from the passenger side, ?I?d love to. Maybe we?ll actually have some privacy whilst we?re there.? She smirked, ?No prying eyes, no nothing.? She giggled a little.

?Yeah, that?s right. Besides, I have my own house so I don?t live with my parents anymore. I sorta left just after I qualified for a good job, that?s how I bought my baby.? He referred to his car, ?I love the little transfers. Sorta adds a bit of Twilight-ness to it.? He laughed softly as he continued to focus on his driving.

Nura looked away a little with a shy expression on her face before looking back towards her boyfriend, ?So where abouts do you live?? She asked him curiously, her cheeks still blushing a faint pink.

?You mean now? um, somewhere a little further away to where you live. You?ll see when we get there.? He took one of his paws off the steering wheel and stroked Nura?s knee slightly before smiling at her lovingly.

Lion King Stu
October 3rd, 2005, 10:02 PM
yay for Nura mrawr :p :cheese: keep em coming KS t'is awesome ^^

October 3rd, 2005, 10:13 PM
great job KS ;)

King Simba
October 3rd, 2005, 10:21 PM
Thanks guys. :hugs: And yesh LKS, yay for Nura. :p :lol:
And here's a bit more of the story...

Nura nodded and smiled at Twilight?s response before closing her eyes slightly and laying back in the soft, passenger seat. Twilight slowly took his paw off her knee and put it back on the steering wheel again. Within a few more minutes, a new housing estate was visible on both sides.

Nura opened her eyes again and looked around, ?Wow, these houses look new.? She smiled at the sight of them before thinking about her own. She then sighed, ?I wish I lived in a house like these.?

?Well Nura, you know? um, if things work out and stuff? you could move in with me sometime.? Twilight politely offered, ?After all, my house does have 4 bedrooms. I don?t really need a house that big to be quite honest.? He laughed softly before pulling up in front of a fairly large and new house.

This house had a double garage and a fairly large front garden. Twilight had his house the way he wanted it and luckily, he got on with all of his neighbours. He got to know some young, adolescents which lived next door to him and occasionally went to play football with them on one of the nearby fields.

Nura smiled at the sight of his house, ?Wow, I bet you?ve got all that house all comfortable inside.? She grinned.

?Yeah, comfortable for me and you.? He smiled to her lovingly before opening the door and climbing out. He stepped up on the curb and waited for Nura to make her appearance.

King Simba
October 4th, 2005, 09:40 PM
Just finished another part of the story. This is actually my 45th page so far on the story altogether. O_o

Nura opened the passenger side door after waiting for a car to travel past. She stepped out of the vehicle and closed the door after her before stepping up on the curb and standing by Twilight.

Twilight pressed down on one of the buttons on the set of keys to lock the doors automatically before looking and smirking at Nura, ?Let?s get inside anyways, looks like we?re gonna have a storm.? He looked up to the sky all of a sudden as it went rather dark. The sky was grey and the wind began to pick up.

Nura also looked up to the sky, ?Yeah, you?re right.? She looked at Twilight before heading towards the gate as she felt a drop of rain slide down her cheeks. She knew she couldn?t get in the house without Twilight but luckily for her, there was a horning over the doorway. She sheltered underneath that for now as the rain began to get heavier.

Twilight quickly closed the gate behind him as he began to speed up to get out of the rain and under the shelter. The rain was so heavy which caused the visibility to get poorer and poorer. Within a few more seconds, he reached the front door porch way, ?I was right.? Twilight laughed a little as he watched a drop of water drip from his quiff on his mane. He quickly put his paw in his pocket and took out a small key made out of copper. He inserted it into the lock on the PVC door and turned it clock-wise. He pushed down on the handle slightly and opened the door. He stepped back a little to let Nura in first, ?As always, the female gets to go in first.? He smirked to her as he continued to hold the house keys firmly in his grip.

?Aww, seriously Twi, I can?t get over how sweet you are.? She walked past him before tickling him on his muzzle with her tail tuft. As she entered the house, she felt the warmth of the central heating system hit her. She then turned towards Twilight before doing any further actions.

Twilight scrunched his nose up slightly as Nura tickled him with her tail tuft, ?Haha, Nura...? He laughed slightly before closing the door after them and taking his hoodie off which he always hung on a coat hanger which was situated in a small room beside the door. He then decided to switch the light on in the hallway, ?Feeling all warm now?? He smiled to her, ?Make yourself comfortable in the lounge. I?ll bring you a drink and then if you want, we can watch some TV together.?

Nura smiled at Twilight?s offer, ?That?ll be great. Do you have any bottles of lager? I?d like one of those if possible.?

Twilight smirked and laughed at Nura?s question, ?Why, of course I do love. A football match is too empty without a bottle of Skol.? He winked to her, ?And wait, you?re not 18 yet but who really gives a damn about the laws.? He sighed slightly and rolled his eyes, ?Sure, I?ll get one of those for ya.?

October 4th, 2005, 09:44 PM
tut tut KS, promoting underage drinking :p

King Simba
October 5th, 2005, 07:02 PM
Well the age limits suck. :p Look what Nura says in the next part. :lol:

Nura gave Twilight a rebellious smirk, ?Oh, c?mon? really, I don?t give a damn about the laws. They all suck.? She playfully nudged him as she giggled slightly.

?Yeah, got that right. I never used to take notice in the laws myself either.? Twilight rolls his eyes, ?Anyway, you make yourself comfortable in the lounge like I just said. I?ll be with you in a minute.? He smiled to her as he headed off down the hallway towards the kitchen where he stored all of his drinks.

Nura slowly opened the door to the lounge. As soon as she set foot into the other room, she felt the softness of the carpet below her feet. She smiled happily as she flopped down onto the soft, leather sofa. She looked around at her surroundings which were modern and very up to date. She always wished she had a house as nice as Twilight?s, but her parents were in a very tight situation money-wise. In fact, she actually had the best job out of the whole family. She sighed as she began to settle further down and waited for Twilight.

Within a few more minutes, Twilight made an appearance. He held a box of Skol and some popcorn for them both to share, ?Hehe, I kinda got stocked up last night.? He gave her a seductive grin as he flopped down onto the sofa beside her, ?The popcorn is for if we watch a movie together.? He opened the box to take a bottle of Skol out. He brought a bottle opener in with him so he could open it. After that, he took a slight drink before putting it down on the side, ?Oh, you said you wanted one.? He smiled to her, ?Let me get that for you now.? He bent down to get Nura a bottle out. He opened it for her to save her a job before handing it over to her.

Nura smiled to him as she watched Twilight flop down beside her, ?Ooh, I like popcorn.? She grinned to him. She then took the bottle from Twilight?s paws and took a sip out of it. She then realised she took the wrong one and so therefore, she was embarrassed. ?Oops.? She blushed; her cheeks turned a pale pink, ?Sorry? Twi.? She giggled a little but wasn?t sure on Twilight?s reaction.

Twilight looked slightly startled for a moment before changing his expression and looking at Nura smirking, ?Oh Nura, what are you like?? He laughed a little before moving closer to her, ?Now, c?mon? cuddle into me.? He put his arm around her and held her close. He kissed her on the forehead slightly.

Nura smiled at Twilight?s reaction and cuddled into him too. She rested her head against his chest once more as she looked up at him, ?I love you, Twi.? She smiled up to him as she too kissed him on the cheek, ?I?d do anything to stay with you forever and always.?

Twilight softly began to stroke Nura?s legs and thighs, ?I love you too, Nura. I don?t care what anyone thinks? you know we can be together. No-one?s gonna stop us; even if we do decide to do anything.? He winked to her smiling slightly.

October 6th, 2005, 12:47 AM
rebels aren't they...........:haha: :p very nice KS ;)

King Simba
October 6th, 2005, 03:57 PM
:lol: Yesh, very rebellious. :bleen:
Here's some more of the story. ^^

Nura looked up to Twilight with a slight smirk, ?You?ve got something planned haven?t you?? She lifted her head up slightly from Twilight?s chest.

Twilight gave her a smirk back, ?The night would be empty without what I?ve planned to do with you ? that?s if you want to do it of course.? He gave her a slight wink before taking his arm from around her and leaning over to the table beside him to have another drink. After he took a couple of sips out of it, he relaxed back on the sofa again and smiled to Nura. Then he grabbed hold of the remote control for the TV and switched it on. Sky Sports One automatically turned on, ?Meh, boring footy match between the Scottish teams?? He switched it over onto DVD mode, ??So, you wanna watch a little bit of a movie together?? He politely offered as he sat up off the sofa and got onto his knees on the floor. He shuffled across over to his DVD collection and looked through them. After a few more moments, he took his Lion King DVD out which he stored along with his trilogy collection, ?Hey, why don?t we watch TLK together?? He grinned to her as he held it up.

Nura smirked at Twilight, ?Oooh, TLK? I haven?t seen that movie in ages! Sure, I?d love to watch it.? She smiled to him as she sat up on the sofa.

King Simba
October 6th, 2005, 10:19 PM
Double post but here's some more story. Considering I've been working on an animation for the better part of the night, there's quite a lot here.

Twilight turned and looked at Nura with a grin on his face, ?Well, you?re gonna see it again now ? with me.? He winked to her and smiled slightly as he inserted the disc into the DVD player. He sat on the floor for a few short moments before getting up and jumping down on the sofa again next to Nura. He held the remote control in his grip as he scrolled through the adverts. Once he reached the main menu, a 3d Zazu was visible on the screen, ?Ah, Zazu? shut up will ya.? He laughed slightly as he quickly selected the movie to play. He then moved a little closer to Nura and put his arm around her once more. He kissed her on the cheek a couple of times before kissing her slightly on her muzzle. He then began to stroke her leg as the movie began to start.

Nura closed her eyes a little as Twilight stroked her leg. She leaned in closer to him too and kissed him on his muzzle in return, ?Care to switch the lights out?? She smiles to him as she rests her head on his shoulder.

?Oh, sure.? Twilight smiles to Nura as he leans over and turns the lamp which was beside the sofa, out. He then smirked as he looked towards the screen along with Nura. He remained to keep his arm around her and cuddled into her as they both watched the first scene in the movie; the ?Circle of Life? scene.

As the movie went on, Twilight reached over for the bag of popcorn; he put it on his knee for both him and Nura to share. Nura smiled up to him as she began to eat a few pieces of popcorn out of the bag. Twilight smiled down to her back as they continued to watch the movie.

The time was now 7:15pm and it was almost dark outside. Twilight didn?t care though; he wanted Nura to stay the night if possible. He kept watching the movie contentedly with Nura. However, he was deep in thought at this point so he never said much. He just decided to have another drink out of his bottle of Skol. Twilight liked watching TLK although he did begin to find it pretty boring after watching it through so many times. He gave out a slight yawn and looked over towards the digital clock on the midi hi-fi. They had been watching the movie for at least 50 minutes now and it was getting pretty boring ? well, for Twilight anyway. He closed his eyes slightly as Nura continued to watch the movie.

And here's the next part. Yesh, I edited it to avoid triple posting. :woeisme:

Twilight?s ears twitched after hearing the introduction to the CYFTLT song. He opened his eyes immediately and looked at Nura. It took him quite some time to say something, ?Uh, Nura?? He paused the movie and took his arm from around her before shuffling away from her slightly, ?How about we?? His cheeks turned a slight pink as he paused his sentence.

Twilight had captured Nura?s attention fully at this very moment. She gave Twilight a slight smirk as she saw his cheeks turn a slight pink, ?I knew you were planning something.? She moved closer to him, ?Now, what are you planning on doing to me??

Twilight looked towards the side before looking back towards her, ?Um, well? how about me and you have some ? y?know? fun. Especially during this point.? He winked to her as he looked towards the TV screen once again.

?Ooh, fun? I think? I get what you mean, Twi.? She gave him a seductive grin, ?I?d love to.? She whispered into his ear as she got up off the sofa and stood by the door and waited for Twilight.

Twilight was actually quite surprised at Nura?s reaction. His embarrassment began to fade in his cheeks and so he got up off the sofa himself and began to follow Nura up the stairs towards his bedroom. He wasn?t exactly sure what they were going to do up there; however, he had a few things in mind.

As they reached the top landing, Twilight opened one of the doors slowly; ?This is my bedroom.? He smiled to her as he switched the light on. He moved aside to let Nura in first.

Nura looked around at the new surroundings. She jumped suddenly as Twilight closed the door, ?Whoa! Oh, it?s just you Twi.? She giggled a little, ?Don?t ever do that again, alright babe?? She smirked to him as she sat down on his bed.

?Oh, I?m terribly sorry Nura.? Twilight laughed softly as he too sat down on the bed. He looked into Nura?s blue eyes as he lay on his side; He slowly began to take his trousers off as well as his T-shirt. To Twilight?s surprise, Nura did exactly the same. He was very surprised at this moment and looked away for a moment or two before looking back towards her.

They both moved further towards each other at this point and it was easily visible that both Twilight and Nura enjoyed it.

Lucy Lioness
October 6th, 2005, 11:07 PM
That 3D Zazu gets on my nerves too. :D

:gasp: Twilight striptease!

King Simba
October 7th, 2005, 05:20 AM
:lol: Here's the next part. I know it's not much, but it's enough for how early it is now. ;)

And yesh, 3D Zazu is annoying. xD

Twilight slowly began to roll on top of Nura; It was pretty obvious she didn?t mind. She put both of her arms around him since he was now on top of her. Nura was beginning to like this very much. However, she was hoping Twilight was using some sort of protection. She just continued to kiss and nuzzle away at this point.

Twilight?s birth marking began to glow and it was easily visible to them both that he was definitely enjoying it. His birth marking only glowed when he was in situations like this and when he was with the ones he had feelings for and the ones he loved. He did the same as Nura except he began to offer her a little more which most obviously tired Nura out at this point. In the end, he began to pant softly and remained to stay on top of her. Nura closed her eyes at this point too since Twilight had obviously gone a bit too the edge. She never said anything herself at this point and she just quietly went off to sleep.

Twilight didn?t say anything to her at this point but he was actually quite proud of his work. He slowly rolled off the top of her and just lay there for a moment or two as his girlfriend continued to sleep peacefully next to him.

King Simba
October 7th, 2005, 09:29 PM
Here's the next part. Another day, another scene.

Twilight was now exhausted from what they just did so he climbed into bed as well as gently pulling Nura into bed with him. He covered her up as best as he could with the duvet. He laid back himself and switched the bedside light off. He then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep himself. He snuggled up to Nura and smiled in his sleep. It was obvious he was having a good dream about someone or something.

The hours continued to pass by and both Twilight and Nura were both asleep. They were probably going to regain their energy until the next morning perhaps; especially to be prepared for the party the following night. Twilight began to toss and turn. He blinked a couple of times before opening his eyes and realising that it was morning. He turned slightly towards Nura for a second before sitting up in his bed and rubbing his eyes. He looked down at Nura and realised that she was still sleeping peacefully. He tried not to disturb her as he climbed out of bed and headed straight for the shower room where he got washed every morning. Twilight grabbed hold of his tooth brush and began to clean his teeth one by one making sure they were all clean. He then washed his face a few times using soap and water. After that, he dried his face using a towel before walking back into the bedroom. To Twilight?s surprise, Nura was awake and sat up in his bed.

?Hehe, hey.? She giggled over to him as she rubbed her eyes a little and yawned. She then put her top back on as well as her trousers, ?Perhaps you should do the same.? She winked over to him.

Twilight jumped at the sight of Nura, ?Whoa, hey. You were asleep not long back. Don?t ya wake up fast huh?? He laughed a little as he yawned himself once more. He then made his way over to his wardrobe where he stored all of his hoodies, t-shirts, jeans etc. He looked through his clothes and took a pair of jeans out as well as a white t-shirt and grey hoodie. He quickly put his t-shirt over his head as well as pull his trousers up as he sat on one of the nearby chairs. It was pretty much obvious that he was planning something else yet Nura didn?t seem to notice at that point.

?I think I?ll have to go home and get a change of clothing ? especially for tonight.? Nura looked up at Twilight as she brushed her hair through slightly, ?You?ve gotta admit though, last night was pretty damn fun.?

?Yeah well I?ll be more than happy to take you back home to get those things.? Twilight smiled to her politely as he too brushed his quiff away from his face, ?Last night was awesome, no questions asked.? He smirked over to her, ?It was some fun alright.?

October 7th, 2005, 09:52 PM
dirty KS....:lol:

King Simba
October 7th, 2005, 10:22 PM
:lol: It's suitable at the least. :idiot: Hehe. xD

?Pretty darn tiring though.? Nura laughed a little as she stood up and headed for the doorway to the landing. She turned and waited for Twilight.

Twilight looked in the mirror once more before heading out onto the landing along with Nura, ?Might as well get some breakfast before we go anywhere. Can?t live on an empty stomach after all.? He winked to her as he made his way quickly downstairs. It was obvious he was in a rush for something and it was pretty easy for Nura to tell.

?You seem in a rush.? She smirked to him as she made her way down the stairs too. She stayed stood in the hallway as she watched Twilight rush around the kitchen.

?Well, I?m hungry. I?m pretty sure you are too.? Twilight looked at her as he held a box of cereal up to her, ?Wow, that?s typical. I seem to stock up on all my beer and now, I only have a small box of Shreddies and that?s for us both to share.? Twilight sighed and slapped his paw on his forehead, ?Really, I should?ve thought on actually stocking up on the cereal. Especially since I was at the supermarket last night.? He shook his head slightly, ?Ah well, not to worry.? He took two cereal bowls out of the nearby cupboard and opened the small box of Shreddies. He put equal amounts of the cereal in each of their bowls so it was actually fair on them both. He took some milk out of the fridge and poured a little on each of their bowls. He then handed the bowl over to Nura along with a spoon, ?Sorry for the small amount.? He laughed a bit as he held it in his paws.

King Simba
October 9th, 2005, 06:09 PM
Here's some more of the story. Sorry for not updating it yesterday... I was sorta busy with other stuff.

?Aww, that?s ok.? Nura gave Twilight a sweet smile as she took the bowl out of Twilight?s paws. She sat down on a nearby stool and began to eat the small amount of cereal she had in her cereal bowl.

Twilight sat down beside her on the other nearby stool. It took him just a matter of moments to empty his cereal bowl. After that, he walked over to the sink and put both his bowl and his spoon into the wash bowl to be washed later. He then stood around and waited for Nura to finish eating hers before putting her spoon and bowl into the sink afterwards.

?Wanna head back to your house now then? I mean to get your stuff and all.? Twilight smiled to Nura as he headed towards the front door. He picked his car keys up on the way past and unlocked the front door.

Nura followed Twilight out of the front door, ?Yeah well I don?t know what my parents are gonna think? I mean, with what happened last night and stuff. They strictly forbid me to go around to other houses especially when it?s a guy?s house.? She sighed slightly as she frowned and looked up at Twilight.

?Nura, just forget about them for now. Just say you went around to a friend?s house to stop for the night? oh wait, that?s just sorta gonna mix the situation up even more.? Twilight sighed and looked to the side for a moment, ?I?ll be there right with you. Just tell them the truth. It?s the only way it?s gonna actually solve things.? He gave her a slight stroke on the cheek before stepping outside and locking the door behind them.

?I know, I know but I?ll probably get punished in some sort of way for actually disobeying their rules.? She looks down sadly for a moment, ?And they?ll probably stop me from being with you.? She looked up at Twilight once more, tears streaming down her cheeks.

?Aww, now come on Nura? don?t make yourself upset about it.? Twilight put his arm around her to comfort her, ?We?ve both got so far in this relationship and no-one?s gonna get in the way of it, alright?? He held her closer as he said this.

Nura looked up at him slightly as she wiped away some of her tears, ?I guess you?re right? they can?t get in the way of our relationship and love life.? She said this in quite an angry tone of voice but didn?t direct her anger towards Twilight.

Once again, I've edited my post since I wanna avoid triple posting. :bleen:

?Damn right. Not in a million years can your parents get in the way with your relationship and our love life. Just look towards the bright side, Nura.? Twilight kissed her softly as they headed down the drive towards Twilight?s car which was parked at the end of the drive.

Twilight pressed one of the buttons on his set of keys to unlock the doors. Nura walked round to the other side and climbed into the vehicle. She didn?t say much at this point so it began to come to Twilight?s concern.

Twilight climbed into the vehicle at the other side and looked across at Nura after closing his door. He thought to himself for a moment or two before turning the key in the ignition and putting his foot on the accelerator. Nura didn?t say much the whole journey which of course made Twilight even more concerned than before.

Twilight finally said something which actually did come to Nura?s attention in the end, ?Nura, stop thinking about them ok?? He looked towards her; the look of worry visible in his eyes.

It took Nura a few moments to actually say something but in the end she responded, ?Yeah well, who?s gonna get their head bit off when I get back?? She looked at Twilight with an angry look on her face, ?As always, it?s gonna be me.? She folded her arms as she looked down sadly.

Twilight just simply sighed at this time and continued to look ahead and concentrate on his driving. His thoughts at this time were occupied about Nura.

After a few more minutes, they made an arrival at Nura?s house. Nura just quickly opened the door and climbed out of the vehicle as fast as she could. She headed towards the front door without Twilight. She turned around, ?Twi, go?? she whispered to him, ??wait round the corner. I?ll see you in a bit.? She motioned for him to drive off down the road.

Twilight nodded to Nura?s reactions and drove off down the road. He waited around the corner for about 10 minutes until Nura made an appearance.

King Simba
October 10th, 2005, 08:37 PM
Despite the 3rd post in a row, here's the next part. On the 52nd page so far, btw. ;)


Around 10 minutes later, Nura did make an appearance but wasn?t slightly happy of what had gone off round at her house between her and her parents. The look was visible in her eyes and face so Twilight didn?t really say much to her at this time.

Nura climbed into the passenger side with a bag full of clothes for the night. She sighed and shook her head. A few moments later she looked towards Twilight, ?Let?s go.? She sat back in the seat and then looked out the window.

Twilight just looked at her at this time and put his foot on the accelerator. He knew about what had possibly gone off round the corner but he knew that Nura wouldn?t have told the truth to her parents since he trusted her.

He was meaning to head home now. However, he decided to go out for a drive and possibly visit Katai whilst he was on his travels. He didn?t think Nura would mind so he just kept to his driving. He decided to switch some music on since he thought it was a bit quiet. Twilight didn?t really like to listen to the radio so he decided to put one of his CDs on instead.

Nura was alright listening to the type of music Twilight listened to so she just tapped her paw slightly to the beat of the music. Twilight smirked at her doing this and turned the radio up slightly; he then began to sing along to the music which was obviously some of his favourite tunes. He could tell that the music was cheering Nura up so he finally said something to her, ?Would ya like to pay a visit to my mate Kat? Or in other words, your boss.? He laughed softly as he smirked at her.

Nura continued to slightly tap her paw to the beat of the music before turning to Twilight, ?Yeah, sure.? She smiled slightly to him obviously having cheered up now.

Twilight laughed softly again as he watched Nura?s paw move to the beat of the music, ?You like my music then, huh?? He smirked to her, ?Glad you do? well that?s if you do like it.? He winks to her slightly.

?Yeah, I like it? hey; I?m not just a lioness who listens to pop music all the time like Britney Spears.? She smirked and rolled her eyes, ?All my old school mates used to listen to that crap. I was like; oh c?mon, listen to something else!? She laughed herself as she looked out the window once more.

?Yeah, yeah? damn right. I don?t like her music either. I?m like ?omg? to that type of music too.? He rolls his eyes as he turns onto a country road which headed out of the housing estate.

Nura smirked and gave him a cheeky grin as she listened to his response, ?Twi, what are you like?? She laughed softly once more before sitting back and relaxing.

Twilight didn?t say anything but just gave Nura a slight grin back. He put his foot down as he overtook an old, battered Mini. A rather attractive lioness was driving it which came to Twilight?s attention. However, he had to turn around quick to concentrate on his driving.

October 10th, 2005, 08:53 PM
Pictures a young Nala pinning down Simba thinking "Oops I did it again!"

Friends don't let friends listen to Britney Spears.

(There ya go KS, no need to quadruple post now)

King Simba
October 21st, 2005, 08:41 PM
Sorry for the large gap everyone. I should be back to writing now though seeing as I'm off all next week. ^^

?Twi, you?ve really gotta watch it on these roads!? She shouted out as she buried her head in her paws gasping once more.

Twilight dipped his head slightly due to embarrassment, ?I?m sorry, Nura. You?re right? after all; I?m not exactly the best driver.? He shook his head slightly as he sighed once more. ?Best keep concentrated and focused now, huh?? He looked at her slightly with a slight smirk on his face.

After calming down a bit, Nura responded to Twilight, ?Yeah well, just keep focused. Don?t wanna get us killed now, especially at this stage.? She smiled and winked at him.

?Well, sure we don?t. Who knows what will happen at the later stages in our relationship...? Twilight turned to her slightly but still continued to keep focused on his driving, ??.we already love each other an hell of a lot and that?s never going to change ? I tell ya.? He put his paw on her knee slightly stroking it before putting it on the steering wheel once more smiling at the thoughts which ran through his mind at the time.

Nura just simply smiled at Twilight?s response and reaction. She sat back in the passenger seat once more and purred slightly in relaxation as Twilight stroked her knee. She began to close her eyes and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

Twilight?s ears twitched slightly as he listened to Nura momentarily purring in her sleep. He shifted his eyes towards her and smiled at the sight of his sleeping girlfriend, ?She?s so beautiful? and she?s smexy.? He said this quietly to himself trying to avoid waking her up. He looked at her lovingly before focusing on the road ahead again.

Twilight knew that he was pretty close to Katai?s house now but he wasn?t quite sure where his house was exactly. Katai lived in the countryside ? a rural area on the outskirts of Manchester. He lived close to some woodland and this was what Twilight was actually on the look-out for. It had been a pretty long time since Twilight had visted Katai?s house which didn?t help much. He knew he was on the right road but he wasn?t quite sure on which turning to take. He just decided to take some random turning and see where that led to.

King Simba
October 21st, 2005, 10:21 PM
Double post but new part finished. ^^ I know it's short, but it sorta explains a lot. :p ;)

Minutes seemed to pass so quickly and Twilight was beginning to get the feeling that he had taken a wrong turning somewhere. Either that or he had missed the turning. He shook his head slightly as he decreased his speed. Further down the road, a green signpost was visible. He couldn?t quite make out what he said at this time because he was some distance away. However, once he got closer he could make out what it said. He knew this junction was pretty familiar so he decided to take it. He did recognise some of the trees which were on the corner of the junction so he didn?t mind ? Nura was still sleeping. His mind though was still occupied about the lioness he saw earlier. He didn?t really know what he liked so much about her though ? maybe it was her looks? Maybe she looked familiar? He wasn?t quite sure. He smiled dreamily as the thought of the mysterious lioness came to mind once again.

After travelling down the road some more, Twilight sighed happily as he looked over at his sleeping girlfriend once again. He loved this lioness more than anyone else and he didn?t want to let go of the love he shared with her. He knew he was attracted to this other lioness in some sort of way but he didn?t really think she?d like him. Either way, he was hoping to spot the lioness at that party that night.

October 21st, 2005, 10:41 PM
oo.....scandalous oh so scandalous........:Ooo: :uhno:

King Simba
October 22nd, 2005, 09:53 AM
Next part's finished. Sorry it's not much but I'm doing it in scenes and such. ;)

A few minutes later, Twilight saw the gates to Katai?s mansion. He actually did recognise this from when he last visited his house. Nura was still sleeping so he knew he had to wake her up afterwards. He took the turning into the drive and now knew for definite that this was Katai?s mansion. He drove round to where the garages were and parked his car up outside. After turning the engine off, he gently nudged Nura to wake her up.

Nura stirred slightly and blinked a couple of times before waking up fully. She yawned tiredly before looking at Twilight, ?Uh- what?? she asked as she rubbed her eyes.

?Well after travelling for a hell of a long time, we?re finally here.? Twilight smirked to Nura as he looked across to where Katai?s car was parked, ?Looks like Kat got his car fixed after all.? He smiled as he looked at Nura once more.

After a few more moments, Twilight opened his door to climb out the vehicle. Nura did the same and closed the door afterwards.

?Might as well see if the guy is actually in ? his car is here so he should be.? He smiled to Nura as he headed towards the front door. He knocked on it a couple of times before realising that there was a door bell, ?Ah shoot. That?s always a thing with me.? He laughed a little as he pressed the door bell. He and Nura waited for an answer.

King Simba
October 23rd, 2005, 10:22 PM
Movement was now visible inside and since it was pretty dark and dull that day, a light was switched on in the hallway. Twilight stood back slightly, Nura did too.

Katai stood behind the door and unlocked it. To his surprise, he stepped back slightly at the sight of Twilight and Nura, ?Hey? didn?t expect to see you two here.?

?Just decided to come over?? Twilight smirked at Katai, ?See you?ve got all your car sorted and stuff.? He glanced over at Katai?s car before looking back towards him. He took a slight peak behind Katai?s back into his hallway. He noticed the modern furnishings ? this was something to his taste. He then smirked and shook his head slightly, ?Mind if we come in anyway?? He asked him as the thoughts of the mysterious lioness rushed through his mind once again.

Nura just simply smirked and laughed at Twilight?s reaction, ?Is there something on your mind right now, huh?? She grinned to him as she stood beside him in the doorway.

?Nura, a lot is on my mind.? Twilight smirked at her before looking back at Katai and waiting for his response.

It took Katai a few moments to respond, ?Well, uh? I?m sorta getting stuff together for tonight and stuff.?

Twilight rolled his eyes slightly and laughed, ?Kat is Asha in there by any chance?? He started to tease him with a teasing tone to his voice. Katai obviously didn?t like it.

?Look, I haven?t got the patience today alright? I?ve been sat in the car dealers most of today ? that didn?t help. I?ve gotta phone around to various places around the country about the party tonight. I don?t really need visitors around right now.? He sighed and turned his back to Twilight before closing the door.

Twilight looked more a less shocked after Katai closed the door, ?Uh, well?? He sighed and turned his back before looking at Nura, ?C?mon Nura? well let?s hope he?s in at least a better mood tonight.? He shrugged his shoulders slightly before heading back over to where his car was parked.

King Simba
October 24th, 2005, 10:05 PM
Triple post but yes, guess what? I did more of the story!

Nura shook her head slightly before catching up to Twilight, ?What was with him? He seemed to be kinda grouchy. You sure he?s not jealous?? She smirked at him slightly.

Twilight quickly turned round to look at Nura, ?Jealous? Nura, ya gotta be joking.? He laughed before holding her paw slightly in his grip, ?That guy won?t be jealous in a million years ? he?s one of the richest guys in the city. He now has a girlfriend and their relationship already seems to be stronger than ours. I?m not saying our relationship is weak either.? He kissed her paw softly. His ears suddenly twitched before looking at her once more, ?Anyways Nura, you shouldn?t worry about him. I?ve got a funny feeling Kat will be all alright tonight ? especially when he?s with Asha.?

Nura glanced to the side and thought for a moment, ?Hmm, I guess you?re right. I?m still happy I?m in a relationship with you though.? She grinned to him before giggling a little as he kissed her paw. She kissed his cheek back in return before climbing into the passenger seat of his car, ?Ooh, cushy.? She admired the softness of the seats before sitting back once more, ?My lion can do all the driving...? She grinned, ??show your lioness what you?re made of.? A slight purr emitted from her throat.

?Nura, I?ll show you what I?m made of soon enough. Not just through driving but ? y?know?? Twilight paused for a few moments before winking to her, ?Cushy huh? Yeah, I always thought the seats in this car were soft.? He laughed softly before looking back at her again for a few moments. He began to continue admiring her.

Nura just simply closed her eyes to rest them. She didn?t really hear what Twilight just said properly so she just sighed and made a quick response, ?Yuh-uh.?

Twilight just sighed and shook his head before smiling and turning the key in the ignition. He put the vehicle into reverse and slowly drove out of the driveway before turning out onto the straight, country road. He was meaning to head back towards the motorway so he took a left turn. Again, it was in the exact same spot where Katai had to tell a bunch of rowdy, adolescents off for crossing in front of traffic. This time, a gang of rowdy, male adolescents threw some conkers at Twilight?s vehicle slightly chipping the paintwork. Twilight quickly put his foot down on the break to come to a complete stop. He opened his door and climbed out of the vehicle. He wasn?t at all slightly amused, especially after seeing the slight damage for himself.

?Uh, hey!? He shouted after spotting the adolescents run over an embankment which led to a wooded area. They were just laughing which of course made Twilight slightly ticked off. He took a look at the damage once more before touching it slightly with his paw. The damage didn?t seem that bad so he just left it for now.

Lucy Lioness
October 24th, 2005, 10:17 PM
Geez, these guys do not have much luck with their cars. :D

Need more Katai's POV chapters...and maybe Asha and Nura too. Hehe. Not that Twi is not sextacular, of course. :browlift:

It's going pretty groovy, still, though. The line 'Twi was proud of his work' made me laugh a lot. :D And who knew that when reaching the big O his birthmark glows? Haha.

King Simba
October 28th, 2005, 10:46 PM
Well, I finally got round to actually writing some more story - 'specially after animating for three days in a row. O_o

Twilight shook his head slightly and cursed to himself as he closed the door behind him and turned his key in the ignition, ?Adolescents? they never learn do they?? He sighed softly before putting his foot on the gas once more.

?So where we off to now then, Nura?? Twilight took a slight glance at her before concentrating on his driving once again, ?I?d like to know cos? it?s getting on for 3 o?clock now and we?ve got that party tonight? I?m starting to have second thoughts about going now though...?

Nura quickly stopped Twilight from saying no more, ?But I work there and the boss has been counting on me for going? I can?t at least go there and not turn up ? it won?t be fair on him. Besides, I want you to come so I have a partner to hook onto.? She reassured him, ?Come with me Twi. I want to make this night worthwhile?? she winked her left eye at him before sitting back in her seat once more.

?Okay, sure? I?ll go. Just sorta felt a little more insecure about going after what had just happened. Anyway, no harm done. So you wanna go home now to get ready? Think that?s actually best.? He smiled a bit to her as he kept his full concentration on the road ahead of them.

?Yeah? nothing much we can do really at this time is there?? Nura smirked and looked at Twilight for a second, ?But I have ideas.? She grinned and winked at him at the same time.

Twilight smirked and turned his head towards hers as they stopped at some traffic lights, ?Excuse me?? He laughed softly and looked at her with a seductive grin on his face, ?You have ideas, huh? Well, err? pretty ?koolsem.? He smirked at her as he watched the lights change to green once more.

King Simba
October 29th, 2005, 11:46 PM
?Yeah, I got some pretty crafty ideas? well, not exactly crafty but ? oh Twi, you know what I?m on about.? Nura blushed; her cheeks turned a slight pale pink.

?What are you so embarrassed about?? Twilight smirked to her as he laughed softly, ?I?m not embarrassed ? this type of stuff pleases me greatly.?

Nura didn?t say anything for now so she just simply sat back in her seat once more and looked out the passenger side window at the passing scenery. Her cheeks were still a slight shade of pink since she was still embarrassed. It was pretty obvious she was laughing under her breath.

Twilight looked up for a moment and rolled his eyes before shaking his head slightly and smirking, ?Lionesses?? he laughed softly before increasing his speed as they reached an area where the ?National Speed Limit? applied.

He put his foot on the accelerator slightly more to increase his speed to 70Mph since there weren?t much traffic on the roads at this time.

Once again, the thought of the lioness he saw earlier was stuck in his mind; stuck like a piece of paper firmly glued to a wall. He couldn?t forget about her immense beauty; her eyes, her smile ? he just couldn?t stop thinking about her. At this very moment, he felt like he was in heaven; in heaven with an angel ? the lioness he saw. He knew he had Nura though and he didn?t want to change that. There was just something about this lioness Nura didn?t have but he wasn?t quite sure himself.

October 30th, 2005, 04:16 AM
scandal! (i think i said that before but i will reiterate..)

King Simba
October 30th, 2005, 10:33 PM
He just carried on with his driving. He was meaning to head back home to his house, however, he wasn?t sure whether he should or should not head back to her house first. He didn?t turn his head towards Nura yet he did say something after moments of thinking.

?You wanna get your stuff from your house then? You can get changed over at my place if ya want.? Twilight smiled to her slightly. His smile soon faded though as the thought of the mysterious lioness entered his mind once more.

Nura turned her head quickly in reaction to Twilight?s question, ?Yeah, sure? well obviously cos? I did happen to leave my stuff over at my house y?know.? She gave him a sly smirk before winking an eye at him once more.

Twilight just simply nodded his head and let out a slight sigh before making a turn into a housing estate towards Nura?s house. He made a turning onto her street before looking at Nura, ?Okay then Nura, point out your house ? I?m not at all familiar with this area yet.? He laughed softly before looking at her once more. He admired her body for a second before concentrating on the road ahead once more.

Nura cocked her head slightly as she looked ahead at the row of houses on the right hand side of the road. She spotted a house with an old sofa in the front garden. She could easily tell this was her house, ?Right here.? She motioned her paw in the direction of the house to signal Twilight to stop.

Twilight pulled into the side just outside her gate, ?I?ll be just a moment.? She quickly climbed out the passenger side and ran through the back gates into her house. Twilight?s ears soon twitched as he listened into an argument between Nura and her father. He could make out bits of what they were saying and some of it he didn?t like.

Nura picked her bag up from the kitchen before looking back at her father, ?Look dad, you don?t know him. What do you know about him? He?s a sweet, kind and wonderful guy. He wouldn?t harm anyone!? She waited for his response.

?You don?t want a guy like him, Nura. Guys who are like that are just trouble. To me, he sounds like a worthless nobody? what?s his name? Moonlight or what?!?

?Twilight and no dad, you?re wrong. You haven?t even given him a chance! I?m going now so goodbye!? Nura looked at her father angrily before shedding a few tears and slamming the back door behind her.

?You?re not to see that guy again, understand Nura?!? Her father called out after her. However, Nura ignored him and wiped away a few of her tears.

King Simba
November 5th, 2005, 10:28 AM
Found some time last night to actually write some more. Anyways, here it is.

Twilight looked pretty much shocked and astounded after listening into Nura and her father?s argument. He looked down for a moment and sighed slightly ? perhaps it was a good thing he saw that lioness before.

Nura looked down in disgust as she walked through the gate. She sighed and shut the car door behind her, ?You heard all that didn?t you? I can?t tell my dad anything.?

Twilight didn?t know what to say. All he thought about doing at that moment was driving on. Thoughts continued to flow through his mind at this time and after a few moments of hesitation, he responded, ?Yeah? what?s the matter with your dad anyway??

?I?m not quite sure myself actually ? sometimes, he?s alright? other times, he isn?t. My parents don?t really like the idea of me having a boyfriend.? Nura sighed.

?That?s pretty tight ? is your dad alright up in the head or something? He shouldn?t act like that.? Twilight rolled his eyes slightly as he reduced his speed since they were now entering another built up area ? a newly built housing estate. Twilight knew his house was close so he sped up a little.

Nura didn?t say much except she let out a slight murmur, ?I know.?

Nothing was really said for the next few moments until Twilight pulled up in front of his house. He exited the vehicle the same time Nura did and headed down the drive towards his front door.

Nura quickly caught up with him after she had grabbed her bag of belongings. She waited patiently for Twilight to open the door.

Twilight dipped his paw in his pocket to try and find his house keys. He usually kept the house and the car keys stored in the same pocket which made it slightly harder for him to find the right set of keys, ?Where did I put those keys now?? He asked himself before digging down deeper. He felt something so he decided to take it out. It felt very much like his keys so he took them out, ?Ah, they?re here!? He laughed slightly before inserting the key into the lock and turning it clock-wise to unlock it.

King Simba
November 9th, 2005, 07:31 PM
The atmosphere inside Twilight?s house was extremely different to the atmosphere outside; Nura felt the warmth against her as she stepped through the door.

Twilight looked at Nura for a second before picking his clothes up from the side, ?C?mon? take your stuff upstairs and we?ll get changed now, huh? It is 4pm as it is and that party starts at what? 6?? He gave her a slight smirk before beginning to climb upstairs.

Nura nodded and followed Twilight upstairs. She held her bag of belongings and clothes in one hand and responded to him, ?Yeah, I think it?s 6. I remember the boss saying it was that anyway. You should know, you?re his best friend.? She laughed a little and tapped Twilight on his back slightly before playfully wrapping her harms around his neck jumping onto his back slightly and whispering into his ear, ?I love you.?

Twilight was in for quite of a shock when Nura jumped onto his back. With little difficulty, he gave Nura a response, ?Nura, you know how many times I?ve told you this for as long as we?ve been together? and you know I love you too.?

Nura remained on his back before releasing herself as they reached the top of the stairs, ?Ah great, you made me carry you up huh?? Twilight smirked and prodded her gently and playfully.

Nura chuckled along with Twilight, ?Well, aren?t you guys meant to give us lionesses a little help?? She moved closer to him and tapped him on the nose. She pulled on his collar on his t-shirt and kissed him before giving him a sly grin and entering the bedroom before him.

Twilight looked dumb struck for a moment or two before shaking his head slightly and following Nura into his room.

King Simba
November 11th, 2005, 11:56 PM
Nura looked at him for a brief moment before flopping down onto his bed for a moment and letting out a slight sigh. She didn?t say anything for now and just sat back up. She opened her bag of belongings and took her silky blue casual dress out to wear at the party.

Twilight smirked and stared at Nura for a moment, ?Is that what you?re gonna wear?? He asked her curiously, ?It looks rather nice but hell; I bet it looks even better on you.?

?Yeah, I bought it the other day whilst I was in town. Good thing my dad was working on the market?? Nura rolled her eyes and chuckled a little, ?If there?s anywhere I can go to get changed I?ll be grateful.? She smiled to him.

Something else captured Twilight?s attention at this moment but after hearing Nura speak, he raised his head quickly to look at her again. ?Oh sure, use the bathroom. I?m quite happy to get changed here.? He gave her a slight smile before picking his clothes out from the wardrobe.

Nura just simply gave him a slight grin before heading out the bedroom and in towards the bathroom.

After Nura had left, Twilight closed the door. He grabbed hold of his clothes in his right paw and put them down on his bed. He took his t-shirt off and threw it down on the chair beside him. He looked at the choice of clothes he picked out from his wardrobe and tried to make a decision. ?Smart or casual?? he repeated to himself in his head as he thought deeply.

He then thought out aloud, ?Well for Kat?s party I should think I?d go casual? he?s not that much of a lord-like lion.? He smirked and laughed to himself before putting his blue and white t-shirt on and spraying himself with some right guard deodorant. He walked across to the mirror and admired himself before sitting down on the bed and slipping his jeans on. He then thought there was something missing so he went across to his chest of drawers and opened the top drawer where he stored all of his valuables. Inside, he saw a gold chain which he bought recently but hadn?t worn much. He carefully took it out of its box and put it on around his neck. He thought to himself that he looked complete and all he had to do now was wait to see how beautiful Nura looked when she finally made an appearance.

Twilight tapped his foot on the floor for a few moments as he waited patiently. He looked up to the clock on the wall and sighed for a moment; the time now was 6pm. He was pretty aware that they needed to be there for 7 on the spot and he didn?t want to make Katai angry since he knew he had advantages. He lay back on his bed for a moment and started upwards to the ceiling.

A few moments later his ears twitched has he heard the door open. Completely in alarm and surprise, he raised his head and sat up. Nura had made an appearance and Twilight was shocked. ?Wow? whoa, ah?? he was completely speechless only to let out a few simple words at the end, ?You look ? beautifully beautiful.? He stared at Nura as she stood in the doorway.

Nura wore a casual, blue long dress which were both suitable for a formal and casual party. It had a touch of elegance to it which added to the beauty which lay before Twilight?s eyes. She had her hair tied up on top of her head which slightly curled round and down her back. Nura just simply smiled at Twilight, ?Thanks. You look rather ?rawr? yourself too, Twi.? She winked to him.

King Simba
November 14th, 2005, 11:10 PM
?Whoa, well I didn?t think you?d get all dressed up for it.? Twilight?s jaw dropped in shock for a few moments. He picked his hoodie up from his bed and put it on over his shoulders. He took one last glance at Nura before heading past her and out through the doorway.

He quickly headed down the stairs and picked his wallet and car keys up quickly before opening the front door. He smiled and waited for Nura to arrive.

Nura quickly made her way down the stairs too. She held her flowing dress up in her grip at one side so she didn?t fall or trip. However, all of a sudden as she reached the bottom of the stairs she tripped and lost her footing. She gasped but Twilight moved forward a little and caught her in his harms.

?Careful.? Twilight told her has he remained to keep her in his harms for a second. He then smiled to her softly, ?That dress sure is beautiful ? ya just gotta be cautious that you don?t have any accidents or anything like that.?

Nura looked up into his eyes before laughing softly, ?Just let go of my dress, that?s all.? She freed herself from his harms before passing by him and walking outside.

Twilight shook her head slightly and let out a quiet snigger. He closed the door behind them after making one last check inside. After he locked the door he turned to Nura and smiled, ?Come my lioness, let?s get to that party.? He offered his harm out to her just in case she needed a hand with walking, especially with that long dress.

Nura chuckled slightly and grabbed hold of Twilight?s harm slightly, her right harm through his left harm, ?Helping me walk now huh? You?re so sweet and charming.? Her cheeks turned a slight pink and she blinked a couple of times to get some mascara out of her eye.

?Well anything to help a lioness. Don?t want ya getting hurt after all.? Twilight smiled to her before getting his car keys out of his pocket and with his free hand, he unlocked the vehicle, ?Climb in.? He opened the door for her and waited patiently for her to get settled.

Nura smiled to him before letting go of his harm and pulling herself into the passenger seat. She made sure all of her dress was inside before closing the door behind her. She watched Twilight walk round to the other side.

King Simba
November 15th, 2005, 11:03 PM
Nura took a look at the time herself, ?Whoa, I think we should get a move on.? She looked at Twilight. She then looked into her mirror she kept in her handbag and touched up her eye shadow and make-up.

Twilight gave her a slight nod before putting his foot on the gas and setting off. The time now was 5:40pm and he knew about the traffic and such. He remained quiet for 5 minutes or so before turning to Nura, ?Nura, do you know where this party his being held??

Nura thought for a few moments, ?Hmm, well I remember him saying that it was near the offices ? at an old building nearby? something ballroom or something.?

The word Ballroom came to Twilight?s attention straight away, ?Ballroom? Well doesn?t that mean you have to dress formal for places like that??

?Well that?s why I sorta brought this dress to wear cos? I wasn?t exactly sure myself. You look fine though, Twi.? She placed her paw on his knee as she rubbed it slightly to stop him from panic.

?I don?t really have any good clothes for occasions like that. I?m not the type of guy to go to old fashioned ballrooms or whatever. I?m sure Kat won?t mind anyway? he?s a good lion.? He sighed before smiling slightly as Nura touched him with her paw.

As they got closer, Nura spotted a sign post which looked familiar. ?Grand Olde Ballroom? she asked herself before remembering the name of the place where the party was going to be held, ?Turn here.? She automatically responded. She motioned her paw for him to turn right.

Twilight smirked to her, ?Ya gotta be quick with things like this, Nura.? He took a right turn spotting the old, posh building in the distance. The smile automatically transformed into a frown. He obviously wasn?t so fussed up about going here but he didn?t want to let Nura down.

He let out a slight sigh as they approached the building ? the headlights on his car shone onto the road and buildings ahead, ?Well here you go, Twi? give it your best shot.? He thought to himself in his head. Moments later, he found himself parked up in a parking bay.

Nura didn?t really mind what type of party it was. However, she was particularly bothered about her boyfriend?s reputation and she didn?t want him to get embarrassed. She opened the door slowly and made sure she didn?t knock it against the nearby cars that were parked. She grabbed hold of one side of her dress once more and made sure all of it was out and that none was stuck in the door. She then closed the door and looked across at Twilight.

Twilight looked ahead towards the entrance. He saw some couples walking in wearing formal clothes such as suits and dresses. He shook his head slightly before feeling Nura grab hold of him. He gasped.

?Come on, Twi. Don?t be like that. You and Kat are good friends? I?m sure that everything will be okay.? She smiled to him to try and put him at ease.

?Yeah, yeah? I know. Just gonna look kinda like a fool going in here looking like I?m going to some nightclub.? He dropped his head slightly and sighed once more. He remained in Nura?s grip.

Nura let out a slight sigh herself, ?Well I?m pretty sure a few others came dressed like you. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it.?

Twilight looked away for a few moments before turning back to Nura, ?I guess you?re right. We?ll see how it turns out? hopefully good.? He shrugged his shoulders slightly as they reached the entrance. His ears suddenly twitched ? he heard a voice behind.

?Hey Twi!? It was Katai who had just gone to greet some other guests. He caught Twilight?s attention.

Twilight turned around to see Katai dressed up like everyone else there. He quickly turned his head away and gritted his teeth before putting his paw on his forehead and shaking his head.

Katai reached Twilight?s side and examined him. A slight smirk came to his face, ?And just where do you think you?re going, Twi? To the nightclub in the city centre?? He laughed softly.

Twilight didn?t respond.

Katai let out a slight sigh before looking out onto the car park and over at Asha, ?Looks as though Asha?s chatting to the others as usual.? He laughed a little before looking at Nura, ?Nura, you?ve come this time huh? Nice dress. Very pretty.? He smiled to her as he looked at Nura?s long flowing dress. He then looked back towards Twilight, ?Well Twi, you?re not dressed as you should be but you still look pretty fine I guess. Really, I should?ve put it down ? that?s me.?

King Simba
November 15th, 2005, 11:39 PM
?Yeah well, I?m probably gonna look like the biggest fool ever to walk in there now.? Twilight sighed sadly, his ears flopping down to the side of his head.

?Heh, don?t worry about it. I?m basically the one who should be at fault anyway.? Katai sighed a little before looking away for a few moments and looking back towards Twilight again, ?Well, I?d better be off inside. See you through there.? He made his way through the double glass doors into the building.

Twilight looked at Nura but at that very moment something else caught his eye. It was a lioness. He noticed her from somewhere but didn?t quite remember where. However, the thought soon struck his mind ? it was the lioness from the other day. He gazed at her as she walked along without a partner, just by herself. Her long, gold dress flowed behind her like a flyer on an aeroplane. He felt his heart beat faster and blinked a couple of times. He let go of Nura?s paw and slowly walked towards her.

?Twi, where are you going?? Nura asked him curiously, however Twilight didn?t answer or respond.

The lioness continued to walk towards the entrance but was automatically stopped by Twilight.

The lioness just simply raised her eyebrows and tried to walk around him. Twilight yet again blocked her way, ?Uh, what are you doing?? She asked him, ?I?m off to the party too you know.?

Twilight?s heart beat had increased a lot since a few minutes ago. It took him quite a while to say something since he wasn?t exactly sure on what to say. The only words that could come from him in that time was ?You?re beautiful.?

The lioness just stood back and smirked, ?Okay, look. I don?t know you, I don?t know what your name is and we?ve like just met and you?re telling me that I?m beautiful? Well, uh? thanks.?

November 16th, 2005, 12:19 AM
intrigue! :gasp:

i think i've said that like 5 times :p

King Simba
November 16th, 2005, 07:35 PM
Twilight remained to look into her eyes admiring her looks and beauty. The lioness simply put her paw on her waist and simply stare at him, ?Oh boy.? She rolled her eyes a little before sighing softly, ?Well it was nice of you to give me the compliment.?

Twilight?s heart beat rate increased entirely now. ?What?s your name?? He asked before feeling Nura grab onto him.

?Nala! The name?s Nala.? She called after him as Nura pulled him away and inside through the double glass doors.

?Twilight.? Nura looked at him with stern look on her face, ?No time for fun and games I don?t think.?

Twilight shook his head and blinked a couple of times, ?Oh! Well, I guess so.?

Nura looked at him once more, ?C?mon anyway.? She walked ahead of him for now since Twilight seemed to be taking his time.

Twilight just simply looked around at his surroundings. He repeated the lionesses name in his head, ?Nala? Nala?? His ears then twitched and the thoughts of the lioness began to fade. It was the sound of classical music that travelled down the corridor from the ballroom at the end. Twilight came to conclusion that this party was going to be one of those ?waltzing? parties. He knew he didn?t fit in but knew Nura wanted him to go. As they reached the end of the long corridor, another lion opened the double doors and Nura stepped inside. She waited for Twilight and looked at him before looking into the ballroom.

Twilight stepped in and the lion at the door was just about to say ?Evening sir.? The lion just looked at him gone out as he passed by. He was the only one dressed like that out of the entire 2000 employees that were there. He felt a fool and his cheeks turned a bright red as they walked further in.

All the employees gathered down a long table for what looked like a big, formal dinner party. This wasn?t Twilight?s idea of fun which was pretty obvious anyway.

King Simba
November 16th, 2005, 11:21 PM
Twilight turned his head away, every thought rushing through his head ? worry, pressure, embarrassment. You name it. He remained in Nura?s grip as she pulled him along. He sat down in one of the chairs down the side of the table and looked down. Everything went quiet ? quiet enough to even hear a pin drop.

He looked up after hesitation. Everyone was staring at him like he was an intruder or stranger. He knew he had to say something since he didn?t like others just staring and looking at him. ?What? What?s so special about me? Ya never saw a lion with a crescent moon birth marking before??

There was no answer. Everyone just turned away and continued with their conversations like nothing had happened. The lioness from earlier on looked across at Twilight. She felt quite sorry for him and understood why he came dressed like that. She knew it was the boss?s fault so she slowly got up and walked across to him.

?Hey.? She gave him a slight smile before sitting down next to him, ?What?s your name? Best get to know each other first, huh??

Automatically, her voice captured his attention, ?Oh, hi!? His face lit up in a smile. He watched his girlfriend talk to some of her work mates before looking back at the lioness, ?I?m Twilight. Feel free to call me Twi if ya want.? He smiled slightly before putting a paw on his chest to feel his heart beat. It had increased.

?Well, you got my name earlier right? The name?s Nala.? She gave him a slight wink, ?Want to hang out with me for a while? Well before the boss makes his?? she paused and coughed for a moment, ??announcement.? She rolled her eyes as she said this.

?Oh, hey Nala. Nice to meet you and sure, that?d be great.? Twilight smiled to her before taking his paw off his chest.

She let out a slight chuckle before standing up and looking across at a room in the back for a moment. She then looked back to Twilight, ?Well Twi, wanna check that room out? Who knows, it could be haunted.? She grinned.

?Ah sure. My girlfriend is off chatting to her work mates at the moment so it wouldn?t hurt.? Twilight gave her a slight wink back before laughing at her remark, ?Well with how old this place is and how it looks I wouldn?t be surprised? your dress his very beautiful by the way. So are you.? He looked at her seductively for a second before blinking a couple of times.

?Hehe, you?re right there. Let?s go for it.? Nala gave Twilight another wink before smiling at Twilight?s compliments, ?Aww, thanks. It?s always nice to hear a compliment.? She smiled at him sweetly, ?Even though you?re incorrectly dressed you still look like an awesome guy to me.? She began to walk ahead of him but still keeping and drawing her attention towards him. She obviously liked him.

Twilight raised one of his eyebrows before following her, ?I don?t wanna disappoint Nura either...? he spoke to himself quietly under his breath, making sure Nala didn?t hear.

Once Nala had reached the back room she looked around for a second and looked upon Twilight. No-one was looking, ?Okay, great chance.? She opened the door quickly before motioning her head for Twilight to enter.

Twilight looked around at his surroundings before following her into the deserted room.

Inside, it was dark, cold, damp and smelly. Twilight didn?t like this feeling at all but as a regular visitor, Nala knew exactly what to do. She leaned over slightly and reached for a box of matches that she had left previously. She then lit the match and walked across to one of the candles. She used her match to light it.

?There. Well, it?s not exactly perfect but it?ll do I guess.? Nala shrugged her shoulders slightly before looking at Twilight once more, ?You?re quite a looker aren?t ya? No wonder you have a girlfriend.? She smiled to him slightly but the smile soon faded as the thought of him already in a relationship came to mind.

?Purr-fect.? He repeated purring slightly, ?Really though, can?t complain.? He looked around at their surroundings before looking back towards Nala, ?Thanks Nala. Never really heard that before.? He laughed softly before shuffling a little closer to her. He took his hoodie off and placed it on a nearby table, ?So where ya from originally then??

?Who, me?? Nala asked as she looked at Twilight once more, ?I was born around here so I?m pretty much local. What about you??

?I originally come from down south in Dorset. I actually prefer it down here to up here actually. Had loads of old friends down there? I miss them now.? His ears drooped as he said this.

King Simba
November 17th, 2005, 09:13 PM
?Aww? well, don?t worry about it. Surely you have loads of friends up here.? Nala gave Twilight a comforting smile a slightly touching him on his knee.

Twilight knew there was something actually here. Was it some sort of spark between them both or what? He wasn?t sure. He leaned forward slightly as to kiss her and to his surprise; she seemed to lean forward too. However, he was forced to turn away from her after he heard the door open. It was Nura.

?Oh, hey Nura.? He said this quite nervously, ?This is Nala. She shown me to this place.? He gave her a slight flicker of a smile.

Nura nodded, ?I see, well, something seems to actually be getting underway outside. Maybe you?d like to come.?

Twilight looked at Nala for a second and waited for Nala to decide.

?Oh, sure? the boss?s ?announcements? again. Oh brother.? She rolled her eyes slightly before getting up and waiting for Twilight.

Nura stepped out the room before they even thought about stepping out. In the end, Twilight was the first one to enter the large ballroom. He waited for Nala and motioned his head for Nura to go ahead and get them a seat.

Nala closed the door behind them before smiling at Twilight; her long, golden dress still trailing along the floor. ?You?d really like to know how much this dress really was wouldn?t you, huh??

Twilight laughed softly at Nala?s words, ?Well, sure. It sure is beautiful though ? a beautiful, smexy lioness in a beautiful, elegant dress. The purr-fect combination.? He chuckled softly rubbing a paw over Nala?s chest. He pressed his head against it for a few moments and smiled as he listened to her heart beat, ?You?re heart is beating and it?s beating fast.? He purred.

November 17th, 2005, 10:55 PM
my god....if I was Nura i would be fuming....i would dump him right then and there, and make a huge scene out of it so as to embarass him more. Not to mention slapping Twi across the face. :p

King Simba
November 18th, 2005, 11:52 PM
Twilight felt Nala push him; this made him walk slightly faster than before. After reaching the table, he sat down beside Nura and smiled at her slightly. He looked over at Nala for a brief moment. He watched her sit at the other side of the table. He kept eye contact.

Nura shifted her eyes towards Twilight smirking at him for a moment before paying attention to the front where Katai was ready to make his announcement.

Katai stood up. The expressions on his face were somewhat different to what they had been lately. He looked happy and of course, he was going to make an announcement for all the employees and friends to hear.

?Friends and employees, thank you for attending this party tonight. I have a few things to mention; one of which has changed my life completely?? He paused for a moment and made eye contact with Asha before continuing, ??first of all though, I?d like to thank my good friend, Twilight for all he?s done for me. He helped me and Asha in the recent accident we had and he?s just done so much for me. Despite him turning up dressed incorrectly, he?s really outdone himself. I really have to reward him with something which I will do.? He nodded his head slightly and smiled at Twilight, ?Many thanks, bud.?

Twilight looked a little dumb struck for a few moments. However, after hearing Katai say that his face suddenly changed. He smiled at him and nodded his head slightly as well.

Katai continued, ?Now, the most important thing tonight that I will mention has changed my life forever. My love, my Asha ? the lioness who changed my life completely and the lioness who?s done so much for me has finally agreed to take my hand in marriage. It was a tough decision but we?ve decided to get it over as soon as possible. Of course, you?ll all be invited.? He then turned to Asha as she stood up, ?I love you, my future wife.? He ran his paw through her mane before kissing her lovingly as she kissed him. The sound of applauds were the sound of it all at that moment.

Twilight however, didn?t pay much attention at all. Most of the time his mind was set to what he was going to do later. He wasn?t sure at this time.

Nala caught eye contact on him again, noticing he wasn?t applauding Katai and Asha at all. She frowned slightly as she sighed and rolled her eyes.

King Simba
November 19th, 2005, 11:20 PM
Twilight continued to twiddle with his fingers and paws. He didn?t care really about Katai and Asha?s relationship. He was just bothered about his relationships at the moment ? his relationship with Nura and his part relationship was Nala.

A few minutes later, everyone seemed to move from the table. Twilight was the last one left sitting there. Why? Well, because he was daydreaming. Nura came up behind him and tapped him on his back a couple of times, ?Err, Twi??

Twilight jumped and gasped as he felt Nura tap him on his back, ?W-what?? He turned his head round quickly to her and frowned slightly before noticing it was her, ?Oh, Nura? it?s you.? He smiled, ?Want to head over to where I and Nala were earlier?? He questioned holding her paw slightly and stroking it.

?Erm, I don?t think that?s my kind of place to be quite honest? with my dress and all.? She took a slight glance at her own dress before looking back at Twilight as he stroked her paw.

?Oh c?mon? I?m pretty sure you?ll more that enjoy it.? He talked in a seductive tone towards her as he gripped hold of her paw and pulled her along like she did to him earlier on.

Nura just simply gasped as Twilight pulled her along.

King Simba
November 20th, 2005, 11:03 PM
Twilight simply just smirked as he pulled her along. He had made a new friend and he wanted Nura to meet her. He stopped outside in front of the back room and opened the door slowly and quietly. He stepped inside and waited for Nura to join him.

Nura wasn?t quite sure about what to do to start off with but in the end, she decided to see what Twilight wanted to show her. She stepped inside ? the coldness of the air hitting her. She shivered slightly as she looked around. It smelt fusty and she didn?t like it.

Twilight lit one of the candles so Nura could see and meet Nala, ?Nura, meet Nala.? He smiled to her before smiling to Nala, ?She?s a friend of mine that I?ve been talking to and such.?

Nala smiled to her politely, ?Hi.? She held her paw out to shake with Nura?s.

Nura just held her paw out and shook it with Nala?s, ?Hey.? She smiled slightly.

Twilight just smirked as he watched the two lionesses get to know each other. His face was half hidden due to the poor lighting so he was partly in the shadows. At the sight of Nura, his birth marking shone. This only happened when he was with or near the ones he truly loved. He liked the look of Nala but he knew it could never work out. He was happy to be with Nura and loved and accepted her for the way she was.

After getting to know each other a little bit more, Nala and Nura sat down. Nala drew her attention towards Twilight. She was pretty aware he was in a relationship though so she didn?t go any further.

Nura sat down and looked at her surroundings, ?Pretty gloomy in here, huh?? She looked at Twilight as she noticed his birth marking shine. She smiled and cuddled into him. The fusty smell wasn?t satisfying to her but she knew if she was with Twilight, she knew she?d be safe and happy.

Twilight closed his eyes slightly as he cuddled into Nura as well. His birth marking continued to shine as he kissed her softly. He then opened his eyes and responded to what Nura had said before, ?Yeah, well you see Nura, this place is old. It?s damp, dark and smelly that?s for sure.? He laughed softly as a slight purr emitted from his throat.

King Simba
November 22nd, 2005, 10:17 PM
Nura softly closed her eyes as she listened to Twilight?s response. She smiled slightly as she continued to cuddle in close to him. They both seemed to drift off into a quiet sleep as they rested against each other. Nala closed her eyes too and fell into a quiet sleep herself.

A few moments later, Twilight?s ears twitched. He heard slight knocking noises on the door. He rubbed his eyes before going to investigate. He opened the door quietly making sure he didn?t wake Nala or Nura. It was Nura?s workmate, Tuku. He looked slightly older than Twilight and had a similar mane to him. However, he was older and wiser and knew how to tackle problems properly. However, sometimes he was classed as a pompous, old crook.

?Hey. I?m Tuku; I?ve come with a message from Mr. Kagunda.? Tuku smiled slightly to Twilight, ?You?re Mr. Jordan I take it? Twilight Jordan?? He then took a peak to look behind Twilight through the doorway, ?Twilight with two lovely ladies.? He chuckled slightly before holding the message in his grip.

Twilight looked a little dumb struck for a moment, ?Who the hell?s Mr. Kagunda?? Just before Tuku could respond, he remembered, ?Oh, you mean Katai??

Tuku nodded, ?Yes. That or Mr. Kagunda.?

Twilight looked straight at Tuku for a moment, ??Right. Okay.? He then turned to look back at the two sleeping lionesses before looking back at Tuku, ?What does he want to see me for and who are you? Yes, I know you?re Tuku.?

Tuku smirked slightly and stepped forward slightly, ?I good sir happen to be Tuku, Nura?s workmate. I?m also Mr. Kagunda?s messenger.? He puffed his chest out slightly and put on a pompous type of voice.

?You?re Nura?s workmate?? Twilight raised an eyebrow slightly before chuckling slightly, ?Well, you?ve picked faults with the wrong guy here? I happen to be her boyfriend.? He smiled proudly before shaking his head slightly and rolling his eyes, ?Now, enough with all this crap and tell me what you wanted to tell me. Please. Or is it too much to ask??

Tuku let out a slight sigh before opening up the envelope with the message inside. However, before Tuku could actually read it Twilight snatched it out of his hands to read it himself, ?I?m not blind and I can read.?

He opened up the envelope and took the message out which was on a piece of notepad paper. It said;

?Hey Twi, Kat here. I thought I?d send you this message via Tuku since I?m actually in the middle of my celebration for mine and Asha?s marriage. Just thought I?d tell you that since you?ve come here incorrectly dressed I thought I?d return the favour and sort something out. In fact, if you come up here now (I?m in the royal ballroom) I?ll be sure to give you something to keep and wear so you can fit in with us all. I shall be here for a pretty long time so come up as soon as you can. ^^

From your best mate, Kat.?

Tuku watched Twilight as he read through the message. He remained quiet now before taking the message out of Twilight?s paws, ?Shall I tell Mr. Kagunda that you?re on your way??

Twilight nodded slightly, ?Yes, actually.? He showed a slight flicker of a smile since the message had actually cheered him up a bit.

?Very well.? Tuku nodded before heading off towards the staircases which lead upstairs. He took a posh stride as he headed up the stairs quickly and swift.

King Simba
November 25th, 2005, 04:54 PM
Twilight watched Tuku walk off and shook his head slightly, ?The pompous old crook.? He muttered to himself before looking back at both Nura and Nala. He noticed they were still sleeping so he just quietly closed the door and walked off towards the staircases.

He noticed a few other guests looking at him gone out as he walked by. He just simply raised his eyebrows and carried on walking minding his own business.

A few moments later he reached the top of the staircase. He panted softly as he waited until he got his breath back a bit. He then looked back at his surroundings and looked back at how high he had climbed. He was pretty much gob smacked.

After regaining his energy fully, he pushed the doors open. He was quite embarrassed the moment he entered. He just seemed to be the centre of attention at that time ? he didn?t like being stared at. However, a few minutes later everyone just started looking back to where they were looking previously.

Twilight sped up and ran right through the centre of the ballroom. Thankfully, he got there pretty much on time so he knew nothing had started yet.

He reached the other side and looked around for a few moments; he caught no sight of Katai or Tuku. He gave up and sat on a nearby Victorian style chair. He didn?t fit in here and he didn?t like it.

Within a few more minutes, things started to get moving along a bit. Twilight?s ears twitched as he heard something. He felt someone touch him on his shoulder. Just out the corner of his eye he saw the colours orange and tan. In the end, his eyes focused and he finally made out who it really was.

?Oh, hey Kat.? He gave him a slight flicker of a smile before making eye contact with him, ?You told me to come right? Or was Tuku just being a jerk and was he just lying??

King Simba
November 28th, 2005, 08:17 PM
?No, no? the letter was from me. You were asked to come.? Katai gave Twilight a warm smile, ?I?ve got something for you.?

Twilight smiled back to him, ?Ahh, and what might that be Kat?? He asked curiously.

Katai said nothing at this point he just laughed slightly and smirked, ?Follow me.? He began to walk rather fast towards the other side of the ballroom but fast enough to allow Twilight to keep up.

As the exited the ballroom, Twilight couldn?t help but look at all the old style grandeur through the corridors. He noticed loads of Victorian and antique style furniture.

Katai took a slight glance back and slowed down a few paces. He smiled at the sight of Twilight looking around. He tried to keep his elegant tone as best he could there so that he fitted in with the rest, ?You know, this place really has some splendid history.? He looked around himself before adjusting his bowtie which was tied around his neck.
Twilight looked at him with a thoughtful expression on his face. He wasn?t quite sure why his friend was acting that way but thought it would?ve been best if he just responded and tried to fit in too, ?Yes, quite.? He smiled and nodded looking around himself.

On the way down the corridor, a trio of lionesses passed by ? Lady Chaniya, Lady Malaika and Lady Sabiha. Katai knew quite a lot of the guests here since he came here quite often. Most of the time with business lions from around the country. Katai smiled at the sight of them and stopped to talk to them.

?Well hello there ladies.? He took a slight bow in respect to them. They were pretty well known in this country since they had been knighted recently for something they had recently done. He smiled and bent down to kiss each and every one of them on their hands.

One of the lionesses stepped forward ? Lady Chaniya. She was known to be the most posh and chattiest of the three and she took a liking to Katai. She wore an elegant black gown, ?Oh, you?re so charming Katai. You know, I?m pretty much surprised you haven?t been knighted yet. The impertinence of those retched specimens.? She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder sighing happily.

Twilight simply rolled his eyes and sighed, ?Look ladies, we haven?t time for this. Kat was actually gonna show me something. Now if you don?t mind, how about you walk on??

However, the other lionesses had already gone. Chaniya was the only one that was there now. She gave out a hysterical laugh to Twilight?s remark, ?Oh good sir, what are you doing dressed like that?? She continued to giggle and laugh hysterically before clutching onto Katai?s harm and continuing to walk along with him. Katai didn?t really like her doing this and was struggling to get away.

Twilight didn?t like Chaniya?s remark at all so he followed them and pulled Katai away, ?He?s already got his bird. He doesn?t need you.?

Chaniya continued to laugh and giggle hysterically, ?Bird? Oh dear, is he really in love with a bird? Oh good lord!?

Katai let out a sigh of relief, ?Thanks for that, Twi. Those ladies really get down my throat when they do stuff like that.? He shook his head slightly as he took a slight glance back at them before continuing, ?Come on anyways.?

King Simba
November 28th, 2005, 11:02 PM
?Those women are nuts.? Twilight rolled his eyes and shook his head. He began to follow Katai and hoped they didn?t bump into anymore guests along the way.

?Yeah well Chaniya seems to have something wrong up there, y?know.? Katai rolled his eyes before pointing up to his head.

?Yeah, she did seem a bit? crazy.? Twilight let out a slight sigh before stopping outside a doorway where Katai had stopped before.

?Just give me a minute, I?ll be right out.? Katai told Twilight before heading into the room and closing the door behind him. He left Twilight to wait outside.

Inside Katai remembered bringing one of his spare suits earlier on at the beginning of the night. He remembered storing it in this room; that?s why he brought Twilight up here in the first place. He stood still and thought for a moment. A few minutes later he remembered where he stored it and decided to get it out and down for Twilight to wear since he did come dressed incorrectly and still was.

He opened one of the cupboards and carefully took it out. He grabbed a plastic bag and put it inside so he could hide it from Twilight to start off with. After he done all this, he exited the room and smiled to Twilight, ?That?s all I wanted to come up here for.?

?Just that?? Twilight gave him a slight frown before once again following Katai down the corridor. He then noticed the bag Katai was holding. He smirked to himself, ?So, what?s in that bag Katai??

Katai laughed and shook his head before turning round to face Twilight, ?Twi, it?s something for you alright?? He took a slight glance at Twilight?s clothing before looking up at him again. He figured it was time to tell, so he did.

?Okay, you win me over.? He put his paw in the bag and grabbed hold of the coat hanger to pull it out. He pulled it out fully to show Twilight. He smiled.

?This is for you. This is one of my spares so I figured you?d look just as good wearing it ? after all, we?re around the same size in clothing so instead of it being locked up in a cupboard for the rest of the night, I figured you?d like to wear it.?

It was navy blue with lines of white all lined down the collar of the jacket, around the cuffs and down at the bottom of the trousers. The shirt was white and looked sort of like a tuxedo. There was a black bowtie to go with it.

Twilight pulled a face, ?I can?t wear a tux, Kat.? He glanced at Katai before glancing back at the suit again, ?And a bowtie? Good god.? He sighed, ?Seriously Kat, this ain?t my type of clothing. I?ve never wore anything like this ever!?

King Simba
November 30th, 2005, 09:39 PM
Katai just stared at him for a few moments before letting out a slight sigh, ?Twi, you look more of a fool dressed like you are now. Just put it on ? it?ll suit you. I know it will.?

He handed the suit over to Twilight and made sure it was firmly in his grip. Twilight looked at him for a second.

?I hope to see you down there soon.? Katai whispered before heading off down the corridor back down towards the stairs.

Twilight sighed and thought for a moment, ?Perhaps its best I change. After all, I do look sort of like a prick wearing what I?m wearing now.? He took a look at what Katai had given him. He entered one of the free rooms and locked the door. He decided to put it on.

It took him a while to actually try and suss out how to put on this type of clothing. In the end though, he got round to it. He slipped his usual clothes in the bag and walked across to a large, Victorian mirror. He pulled a face the first time thinking he looked rather weird. He just shook his head though and sighed before picking the bag up and exiting the room.

He fiddled about adjusting the bowtie around his neck as he walked down the corridor. Luckily, no-one was there so he knew he wasn?t going to be stopped by anyone.

As he reached the top of the staircase he waited in the shadows for a few minutes; his eyes set on Nura. He smiled to himself and made an appearance ? a warm smile set on his muzzle.

He reached the next level and looked down at Nura who hadn?t noticed him yet, ?She?s so beautiful.? He thought to himself smiling still.

Nura noticed him in the end though and looked up. She really couldn?t believe what she was seeing ? she never knew Twilight actually had the spirit to actually wear something like what he was wearing now, ?Twilight.? She said in a calm, gentle voice before smiling and heading up the stairs to meet him. She held her dress up in one of her paws to make sure she didn?t trip.

Twilight blushed and looked down as she reached him. A smile still set on his muzzle before looking up at her, ?Well I guess you?ve never seen Twi like this, huh?? He let out a slight snigger as he continued to blush.

Nura laughed at the fact that he was blushing, ?No but you look wonderful.? She smiled to him, ??so handsome.? She whispered in his ear purring slightly.

A grin came to Twilight?s face as he heard Nura purr into his ear, ?Thank you Nura.? He raised his arm and smiled at her waiting to see her reaction.

Nura giggled to him and put her arm through his gripping hold of her opposite paw as she held herself close to him.

Twilight wasn?t used to this at all; all he was used to was simply just holding hands with other females. He somewhat liked it though so a smile came to his face once more. He began to walk on with Nura on his arm.

Step by step, the two slowly walked down the staircase which seemed to go on for ages. The elegance of this place was too much to be desired for Twilight; he was more of a swinger in the nightclub. He didn?t mind though ? as long as the one he loved was there with him, he was okay.

After a few more moments the two reached the bottom and looked around. Twilight took a slight glance at Nura who remained on his arm. She smiled to him as they continued to walk on.
Katai saw both Nura and Twilight out the corner of his eye. He turned round quickly to see both Twilight and Nura stood in front of him. He smirked.

?So, you did put it on in the end then?? He laughed putting on a teasing type of tone to his voice.

Nura just simply smirked to Twilight as she took her arm away from his. She stood watching the two curiously since she was still shy.

?Yes Kat, I did. Guess I sorta mix in now huh?? Twilight smirked back before pulling forward and prodding Katai in the arm.

?Ow?? Katai rubbed his arm before raising his head and smirking at him, ?That hurt.? He laughed slightly before rubbing his arm again, ?And yes, you look good.? He winked to him.

Kovu The Lion
December 1st, 2005, 05:00 AM
Nice stuff KS ^_^ Very interesting to read xP .... Twilight + Suit = Hell :E


King Simba
February 16th, 2006, 11:10 PM
Ok, well I decided to try and start to write some of this again since I think I've kept you guys waiting too long for the next part so I'll try my best to post some more tomorrow. ^^

Kovu The Lion
February 17th, 2006, 12:37 AM
YAYS! <333 This story freaking rawks..x3;;;

King Simba
February 17th, 2006, 11:31 PM
Twilight just simply smirked and patted Katai on the shoulder before looking at Nura and drawing his full attention towards her, ?How about we head off home now? I?m pretty tired.?

However, Twilight lied. He felt selfishness and anger begin to run through his mind at this point in time. He didn?t like these types of parties, nor did he like dressing like he was at some special occasion like a pompous rich folk?s ball. Of course, he knew Katai wasn?t a pompous prat. Sure, he was rich but he was also his best friend as well.

Nura blinked a couple of times and just simply looked at Twilight for a few short moments, ?But Twi??

Twilight interrupted her, ?Nah, Nura. I don?t wanna stay. I?ve had enough.? He faced the wall for a moment or two, ?I wanna go home.?

Nura sighed and nodded, ?Well, if it?s what you want.? She smiled slightly.

?Of course it?s what I want.? Twilight smiled before heading back towards the stairs, ?I?m off to get changed. Wait for me here.? He disappeared up the staircase after taking one last glance at Nura.

Twilight once again entered one of the dressing rooms where he previously changed. He took his original clothes from the bag and began to get changed.

It took him around 10 minutes to get changed fully. He rolled his eyes and sighed before exiting the room.

He stormed down the corridor; He wanted to get out of this place as quick as he could. He met Nura at the bottom of the staircase, ?Come on, let?s go.?

Nura looked at him puzzled for a moment or two as he passed by. She then shrugged her shoulders slightly and followed him anyways. She didn?t want to disappoint him.

King Simba
June 2nd, 2006, 08:06 PM
Wow, new stuff at LONG last. :ayecapn:

And just so you guys know, I'm gonna try and update this as much as I can now cause it's been inactive for donkeys years...

Out in the car park, Twilight simply dropped his head down for a moment, ?Did I do the right thing?? he asked himself quietly before setting his dark, blue eyes on Nura. The moon reflected in his eyes but he couldn?t get over how pretty Nura?s eyes were, especially at night. He then sighed and looked away again.

Nura looked upon him with curiosity, ?Twilight?? she paused and walked up to him, putting her paw on his shoulder, ?You did do the right thing?to be honest, I didn?t quite like it there either?? she reassured him and gave him a slight flicker of a smile to try and cheer him up a little.

Twilight remained quiet for the remainder of the minutes. Somehow, he didn?t really like the fact that he just walked out on everyone, but deep inside, he knew what he had done and he knew it was the right decision?well, for him anyway. He then turned around and smiled at Nura, ?You know, thanks for that Nura. I don?t think that party was to our taste to be quite honest?it?s just the fact that I let Kat down that gets me down. I mean, he?s my best friend and he?s done a lot for me as I?ve done for him??

?Well, I?m pretty sure if you did explain to him why you left, things?d be alright. But don?t worry; I?m sure nothing bad will happen...? She forced herself closer and once again wrapped her arms around his neck, ?Heck, you?re mine and I?ll never let the boss do that cause I love you.? She grinned and forced herself closer and closer.

Twilight giggled and squirmed in between Nura?s arms, ?Hehe, do you think this is really the right place to do these types of things? Don?t you think lying on the couch by a warm, cosy fireplace would be better?? He smirked looking over at his car.

Nura looked at him with a cheeky look on her face for a few moments before taking both arms from around his neck, ?As long as I?m with you, it doesn?t matter.? She smiled, ?But sure, I?m getting rather cold now. Maybe we should head back to yours?? She asked. ?My parents won?t like the fact of me coming back at this hour you see.? She then sighed and walked away from Twilight, freeing herself from his arms.

Twilight nodded, ?Yeah, sure. You can stay at my house tonight. I?ll give you a lift back tomorrow morning?? He smiled to her before watching her turn away; his smile soon faded, ?What?s the matter Nura?? He asked, concerned for her.

?My parents will never understand that I love you and that you love me?they hate me having a boyfriend.? Nura sighed sadly and sat on a nearby wall.

?Nura, like I said yesterday, your parents can?t get in the way of us two no matter what happens?? He sat down beside her on the wall and held her paw gently, rubbing it in his touch, ?You chose me and I chose you. They have no idea what situation we?re in Nura?? He looked at her in her beautiful blue eyes, ?I love you with all my heart and all my life. I?d die if I lost you and I don?t want that to ever happen cause we?re in love right now. Things can only get better for us both, Nura. I mean it?? He continued to softly stroke her paw, holding her close, waiting to see what reaction she was yet to give him.

Nura looked back up and saw her own reflection in her boyfriends own eyes; she couldn?t get over how lucky she was to have him. He had a decent job, his own house, his own car; he was kind, loving and caring. He just was everything she wanted really. She blinked a couple of times and looked down at his and her own paw as he stroked it. She smiled and gripped his paw tightly before looking back up into his eyes and speaking out some of her fullest words she spoke that night.

?I know Twi?I think they just see you as some random low-life or something. They?ve never gave any chances to get to know you better which is why I think they?re angry about me going out with guys?? she paused for a moment and looked away before looking back towards him again, ?But no matter what happens, I?ll still love you?with all my life.? She gave him a loving smile before shuffling herself closer to him, continuing to look into his eyes.

Twilight smiled as he listened to Nura?s words. He noticed her moving closer and he took this opportunity to offer her the most loving embrace he wanted to offer her for a long time. He leaned forward and moved his muzzle slightly closer to hers, so that she could kiss him and so that he could kiss her. He then put both of his arms around her waist.

Nura smiled and leaned forward as well, moving her muzzle every inch closer to his until their lips touched; she stayed in her current position for a few moments so that the kiss wasn?t just a peck. She wrapped her arms around his neck once again, and continued to kiss away and hold herself close to him.

All of a sudden, they were both disturbed just as Twilight felt a raindrop crash down on his nose. It was beginning to come on to rain. He pulled back from the kiss and looked up to the sky and sighed, ?We?d better get going Nura?It?s raining.? He stood up and looked at Nura as the rain continued to become heavier and heavier.

?I think you may be right?? Nura looked up to the sky herself before rushing across the car park with Twilight.

Just as they reached the car, Twilight slipped his right paw down into his right-hand trouser pocket and took his set of keys out. He pressed the button to unlock the doors, ?There you go Nura, climb in. It?s nice and dry inside.? He smiled to her as she climbed in before making his way to the opposite side and climbing in himself.

Twilight sat there for a moment or two as he slowly inserted the key into the ignition. It was pretty much obvious he was thinking of something but it wasn?t easily noticeable by Nura, who just continued to sit there contentedly.

She turned and looked at him for a moment. Her ears flickered as she listened to the sound of the rain falling onto the roof. A small but noticeable smile appeared on her face before letting out a slight yawn and closing her eyes for a second or two.

Twilight turned back to face her; a slight smirk set upon his muzzle, ?Nura, love. You look tired. How about setting off back to mine, huh??

Nura blinked a couple of times before drawing full attention onto Twilight keeping eye contact with him. She smirked slightly at his offer and sat up fully in the passenger seat before undoing her seatbelt. ?I?d love that.? She winked and forced herself closer once more.

Twilight?s smirk continued to grow, ?Alright, back in your seat girl.? He laughed and motioned for her to get back into the position she was previously in, ?Don?t want any accidents now after all.? He winked and smiled slightly.

Nura nodded, ?Yeah. Don?t worry; I wasn?t planning on taking over as far as the driving is concerned.? She grinned putting her seatbelt back on, and laying back to make herself comfortable for the drive back to Twilight?s house.

Twilight turned the key in the ignition so that the engine started, ?I wasn?t thinking that. Just y?know?ahh, forget it.? He blushed before letting out a slight chuckle, ?Let?s go now anyway.?

He put the car into reverse and slowly worked his way out the parking bay before making sure his headlights were on and his windscreen wipers were on. He then set foot on the accelerator and turned to exit the car park where he joined a busy, slip road back towards the motorway.

Nura had pretty much fell asleep now. Twilight didn?t want to be rude and put some of his loud rock music on, so he just turned the local radio station on and kept it to minimum volume so that Nura could sleep peacefully and happily on their journey home.

He smiled to himself as he began to think about the wonderful thoughts of Nura. All remained a mystery what his future held in store with her, but he began to hold a strong hope for things to start to get even better for them both. He continued to drive on. However, his smile soon faded. He began to think about what an idiot he had been for just walking out of the workers party like he did. Katai was his best friend and he had let him down. He didn?t even applaud him on his achievement with Asha so he had been a fool really. He sighed and took a slight glance at Nura as he stopped at some traffic lights before setting off on his journey once again.

There wasn?t much traffic on these lonely stretches of road at this hour so the roads remained mostly clear. Twilight stepped down onto the accelerator a little more so that they travelled at a much faster speed.

June 3rd, 2006, 05:41 PM
great to read more KS, fantastic job ;)

King Simba
June 3rd, 2006, 06:22 PM
Haha, thanks. I'm gonna try and work my butt off again soon to write some more... :p

King Simba
July 2nd, 2006, 10:34 PM
Yep, more story. :secret:

All of a sudden, he had no choice but to break because he saw a small creature of some sort run out onto the lonely, stretch of road ahead of them. He ended up breaking hard enough causing Nura to wake, ?Huh? What! What?? She looked around noticing their speed picking up once more.

Twilight sighed and shook his head, ?Sorry Nura?something ran out in front of our path, that?s all...? He paused and looked at her for a moment or two, ??so I had to break pretty hard else I would?ve hit whatever it was.? He then took both eyes away from her and concentrated back on his driving.

Nura sighed and yawned, ?That?s ok. It was probably a rabbit or something?they?re usually pretty hard to see in the dark.? She smiled slightly, ??don?t worry yourself over it. You did the right thing.? Her smile grew at this point in time, trying her best to keep Twilight happy.

?Yeah well, I didn?t wanna end up swerving round it too much otherwise I would?ve put us both in danger. That?s the last thing I want?? Twilight paused and whispered something to himself in his head so Nura couldn?t hear, ??I want things to get better for us both, Nura. I really do.?

Nura knew that he was deep in thought but she didn?t want to distract him from his concentration, especially at this hour, so she just sat back in her chair and continued to look out the window at the rolling mist coming across the fields.

The visibility seemed to get poorer and poorer, so Twilight dropped his speed a little, ??what would you prefer, Nura? A small rabbit to die, or either me or maybe us both to die??

?Hmm, what?? She turned towards her boyfriend, ?What did you say?? She asked, having been concentrating on the ever-changing scenery outside.

He sighed, ?All I said was would you prefer a small, defenceless rabbit to die or would you want it to go in the other direction causing either me to die or maybe even us both?? Twilight repeated and took a slight glance towards her, ?I know which option I?d choose.?

?Oh right, well?? Nura turned away and paused for a moment, a little clueless at what Twilight had just asked, ??of course I wouldn?t want us both to die...? She turned her head back towards him, ??so I guess I?d choose option A.? A slight flicker of a smile appeared fully on her muzzle.

?Ah, right. So I did get through to you in the end, huh?? Twilight smirked at her response as he continued to concentrate on his driving.

Nura smirked back at him, ?Well then, which option would you choose??

Her question captured his attention so he turned to look at her once more, ?I?d choose that option as well.? He smiled before noticing a small, green signpost in the distance, ?Anyway, this could be our turn-off, Nura. I think I remember this area??

He took a further glance at the signpost as they approached, ?Yep, I was right. Nearly home now.? He indicated as he approached the nearby junction and took a left turn.