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Thread: Mufasa (2024)

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    Mufasa (2024)

    Teaser trailer is here y'all.

    Immediately came here. Hope the years have treated you well!

    Given that it says orphan, Ahadi and Uru are out. Why are Timon and Pumbaa in this movie? Teaser could be for the original movie with the just can't wait to be king, stampede, can you feel the love tonight scenes.

    I just pray they give the characters visible emotion this time.

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    Same as why are Nala and Kiara in this movie? I don't need any more lame Beyoncé
    Her fans couldn't pull the 2019 CGI version through, so let alone this one, lol.

    I'll give them this, compared to the 2019 one, the characters seem to look a lot better emotion wise, and visually it looks really good.
    I just don't need the story that comes with it, haha.

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