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Thread: session timeout too low

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    session timeout too low

    hi there

    I donīt know if this is just with me but, as i really type slowly as english is not my primarily language, the forum login validity session is so low that when im composing a post or a reply, it expires while im typing and when i click send, it says im not logged, i lose my text, and i need to do all over again. i think it is set to 10 minutes, its possible to increase it at least to 15 or 20 minutes? thanks

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    It's not just you Thiago, I have the same issue and I suspect more people might have the same. For the last year basically whenever I want to type something long, I copy/ paste it on word pad of notepad, or whatever is available on the device I use at the time. So basically I finish my reply elsewhere and then copy/ paste it back to the forum to post. It's annoying but at least less annoying than having to type everything from scratch whenever it times out.
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