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Thread: Ori games

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    Ori games

    Just in case somebody is looking for new games to try out and for some reason has been EVEN slower than me to pick up the Ori games:

    - Ori and the Blind Forest
    - Ori and the Will of the Wisps (released just a month ago)

    I finally played through the first one when COVID19-quarantine started, and after finishing immediately bought the second one.
    I can highly recommend picking up both if you are at all into platforming / metroidvania. IMO, the sequel is gameplay-wise smoother than the first, but the first is still worth going through, if not only for the soundtrack, gorgeous visuals and story experience. The story is very simple, but the execution makes it have lot of impact nonetheless (tears, I tell you. TEARS!).
    The sequel's story pick up right where the first one ends, so its a perfectly smooth continuation from one to the next.

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    I love platformer games!

    I had tried Ori a few years back, because my best friend was obsessed with the game. It seemed indeed like a great game, with pretty visuals and beautiful music. My laptop couldn't handle the visuals at the time though, so I forgot about it.

    But now, with the sequel, it's propably a good time to pick this up. Might check it out on steam.
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