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Thread: TLK 25th Anniversary Collab

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    TLK 25th Anniversary Collab

    Hey, so, it's been five years...

    We've done forum art collabs for the 15th and 20th anniversaries of the film, so this year we will have to make one for the 25th, right!? The setup would be just the same as before - we sign up for characters from the main cast to draw (most likely everyone will get to draw more than one character, just like last time) and then the drawings are put together on a background. I'm out here in plenty of time, but I got excited so here goes

    I'll happily host and draw the background again (unless someone else really wants to, in which case just let me know)! Save your finished drawing as a high resolution PNG with a transparent background and send it to me/the host. Do not shade your character!

    (Preliminary) Deadline: ?

    Character list:
    Simba: KanuTGL (completed)
    Nala: Leorgathar (completed)
    Mufasa: KanuTGL (completed)
    Sarabi: Sharifu (completed)
    Scar: Kossu (completed)
    Zazu: Vidan (completed)
    Timon: Leorgathar (completed)
    Pumbaa: Sharifu (completed)
    Rafiki: Sharifu (completed)
    Shenzi: Kossu (completed)
    Banzai: Kossu (completed)
    Ed: Azerane Leorgathar (completed)
    Sarafina: Kossu (completed)

    Previous collabs:

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