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Thread: The Lion King (2019) Trailer

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    The Lion King (2019) Trailer

    I'm pretty sure we all saw it already yesterday, but I thought it still deserved a new thread here, so let's talk about it:

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    Im looking forward to it

    Its a harmless remake so if its good then we can enjoy it, if it isn't we can forget it.

    None of this "what if this happened instead" or "the other side of the story you didnt know about"

    In a way Im happy that some life has been blown back into Lion King.

    It seems very hopefull for me, but if i dont like it ill proberly go watch it again with my eyes closed just to listen to the soundtrack because i trust Hans Zimmer is going to do an amazing job with it xD.

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    I watched the trailer maybe 3-4 times and I honestly didn't feel inclined to watch it more.
    It gives me such a sad, bittersweet feeling.

    I will watch the remake when it comes out, of course. I'd lie if I said I look forward to it though.
    Then again, this is only my biased first impression, since "The lion king" means so much to me.

    It seems like they've put a lot of effort into it, the details of the backgrounds and everything looked pretty...and very bland at the same time.
    Lifeless. I don't know how to explain it. It gives the same feeling the remake of "The jungle book" gave me. In their effort to make it look realistic, it seemed like something was missing out.
    I'm not a big fan of "The Jungle book" though, so I don't really care, I could simply forget it. This feels different though...

    On the bright side, it's nice that this will probably bring new life in the fandom and everything...A new generation will be introduced to our beloved story.
    And maybe the remade story will be more intriguing and all. I am curious about that.

    I still really, really wish Disney invested more on creating more new original content. New movies, less remakes, less sequels. Back in the time of the golden era it didn't all have to be CGI to be impressive, or memorable.
    I miss that.
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    This is a teaser. I'm thinking the movie may not even start with this / like this.
    Usually teasers don't make it into the movie.

    Don't know how much life it will bring into the fandom.
    As people will like the animated over this one, and visa versa.
    So it's 2 fandoms I guess.

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    I'm definitely alright with this, I know this not going to be a blatant knock off. Since we have the current technology I'm completely understand where this is going. A lot of folks say: Better graphic doesn't make things a better story.

    As for the graphics and CGI and all that sort? I posted a Unreal Engine 4 thread about how capable the technology are in the current time. that's definitely off topic but as for the whole CGI art styles I believe that can be related.
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    I basically second Kossu’s entire post.

    All in all, I’m not impressed. I’ve struggled to put my finger on what exactly irks me so much about the visuals, and it is just that - they feel lifeless. I don’t believe in any of those characters to be alive and breathing, they’re just... there. Which kinda is counter to the very definition of ”animated” in my opinion.

    And since I was so disappointed with the new Beauty & the Beast, where they failed to make a good movie out of basically a shot-for-shot remake, I have little hope for TLK19 to be any better :/ At this rate it really will be Pride, just with more CGI xP |
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