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Thread: Secret Santa 2018 (Real Gift Exchange)

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    Secret Santa 2018 (Real Gift Exchange)

    It's that time of year again... To start Secret Santa!

    For those of your who haven't done this with us before, this is a real Secret Santa with members on this forum. You will be sending a real gift through the mail. (So make sure you are comfortable giving out your address if you want to join) Please be aware you could be shipping internationally, so don't send super heavy gifts.

    We don't really have a certain price limit, but I think anywhere from $5 to $15 is ok. But it's up to you, you can spend a little bit more, but don't go crazy. Really it's not the price that matters.

    So here is how this goes, if you want to join, go ahead and PM me your email address. I will give people a month to join. So on September 3rd, I will use a Secret Santa website we have been using for years, where I enter in all the email addresses, and then emails are sent to everyone, and in that email, you will get a link where you enter your wishlist and your address of where you want your gift to be sent to. Once everyone has done that, people will get an email with someone's wishlist and address so you can send them a gift! Make sure to send it in time so they receive their gift by Christmas. I know this seems early but we have been starting it this early for years so hopefully everyone has a few months or so to shop and ship their gift in time for their person to receive their gift by Christmas.

    1. Deadline for joining: Monday, September 3rd.
    2. How to join: PM me with your e-mail address before the above date.
    3. Suggested price range for gifts: $5-$15
    4. Do not reveal your identity to the person you are buying for. This goes against the aspect of it being a secret. People who reveal themselves will be banned from joining the following year.
    5. It sounds cheesy, but have fun!!

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