Oh my gosh, what fun this episode is. Don't read this post if you haven't seen it.

So we now have awesome Scar, who may not be quite so sly, but I think is well done. We also no longer have black and white characters in terms of all crocs are good or bad, we now have bad crocs and good crocs. Makuu is turning into a pretty cool guy I loved the jokes in reference to how stupid the sidekick crocs were, lol.

Also, I burst out laughing at the derpy gecko. Cracked me up, loved it Pat was sad that they didn't keep the cool dark one and had to insert a derpy one, but I found it too funny, haha.

Scar's song is kinda fun Some cool implications for coming episodes, though very "Be Prepared" in the manner of "follow me and get ready because I'm going to make things awesome for us."