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Thread: Episode 12 - The Mbali Fields Migration

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    Episode 12 - The Mbali Fields Migration

    Another long 2 weeks hiatus passed, and The Lion Guard is back again with this episode.
    I thought it was very good, maybe not at levels of greatness like other, much better episodes, but I still really liked it

    The song "Trail to Hope" was played in the background instead of being sung by the characters, it was nice for a change. It has quite a feel-good vibe to it, I just wish it had lasted a bit longer though.

    I gotta say I loved the new characters, especially Muhimu, the zebra herd leader (I thought Punda Milia would be back for this episode, but I'm kinda glad he wasn't, makes room for new zebra characters), and surprisingly my favorite scenes were the exchanges between Bunga and Muhimu, they were all really funny ("It is time? don't get all Rafiki on me!" xD) and the whole scene with the zebra baby being born was both hilarious and utterly adorable! I didn't like Bunga since the beginning of the series, but he's been growing on me lately, I loved him in this episode and I hope I do so too in next week's, Bunga and the King

    Mufasa is back! He's been absent for 7 episodes until now. I think it's good that he's not showing up so often, but it was nice to see his face again, and giving a great piece of advice. I liked the message on self confidence vs. others' lack of faith, I know it's not really something new and it could have been explored more, but it felt just right in this episode. Kion looked hurt after being critiqued for the way he led the herd, and Mufasa's words were very encouraging. I was also glad to see Muhimu admitted her mistake and helped to regain the herd's faith in Kion and the Guard, it was a great scene.

    The crossing through the Outlands didn't feel so threatening, with there only being 3 hyenas like always (where are the other hyenas from RotR anyway?), I wish Janja had a bigger pack of hyenas so it really looked dangerous, but we all know Janja doesn't stand a chance against Kion. Maybe he thought he would this time since they were just Kion and Bunga defending a small bunch of zebras, but it still felt too easy and quick. At least they still provided some good laughs, and the baby kicking Janja's face was just priceless xD

    Seriously, that baby zebra was so cute. For a moment I thought Muhimu would name it 'Bunga'... that would have killed me (and who knows, maybe she did ^^)
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    I watched this one, and all I could think was, there's everyone's smart/sentient herbivores! xD

    Considering they were trying to make the episode epic in 22 minutes, it was a pretty good one. The song was nice, the advice they revived Mufasa to give was high quality. I guess moving herds around is one of the lion guards bigger responsibilities, and it was nice of Simba to have that kind of confidence in Kion. And I was pretty impressed with the show featuring pregnancy and birth the same way I was impressed it brought up funerals in a child-friendly way those few episodes back.

    All the epic trek you can fit into one day before nightfall!

    I really did expect Muhimu to name the baby Bunga, I seriously did. They were very cute together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cleargreenwater View Post
    I watched this one, and all I could think was, there's everyone's smart/sentient herbivores! xD
    My thoughts exactly. I quite enjoyed this episode too, it was nice to see a different side of the herbivores, even though it's beyond reason why a lion would lead a herbivore migration Still, I was happy to see Simba again, and the episode was nice overall. Some handy plot devices in how all of a sudden Kion can't clear a canyon of rocks with his roar, but what can you do. Since they were venturing into the outlands I had also been hoping for a glimpse of Jasiri again, but no such luck I suppose.

    I agree that the baby Zebra was very cute, and it was good of them to address the birth/new life aspect too
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