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Thread: Fandoms & breaks/waves of interest

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    Fandoms & breaks/waves of interest

    I'm sort of in this now with Lion King but I know I'll regret it in a few months when interest is back to normal if I totally miss all the Lion Guard newness and fun.

    It's normal though, I cycle through interests & I'm sure everyone does.

    Do you have a fan cycle? Maybe yours goes by seasons, or alternating years, or by merchandise new releases? What gets you engaged again? What things are liable to make you drift faster? Are there any fandoms that go together for you, or ones that you seem to go for as antidotes to another?

    It's fun to think about if you have a pattern.
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    My fan cycle lasted for 2 or 3 hours.

    I don't think I ever break from any interest in one fiction/universe/story because I keep thinking about it everyday, it just switches moment to moment.

    To be honest, New merchandise does get me back into the fandom because I wanna know what's new and what's hot in there.

    Fandom that goes together? You don't really want to see He-man with Simba on the same page. But I do like if they put on some Feline humanoid heroes in there like Chief Carnivus in 200x and Classics line.
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    My level of fandom involvement tends to correlate directly with one of two things: 1) How busy I am in real life and 2) when I hit a creative dry spell. Since I resigned from teaching over the summer I have had a lot more free time, so that's a lot of why I've been around (a bit) more.

    I have my own projects going on but when I can't think of anything else to draw, spitting out some fanart usually helps loosen the creative muscles. Though lately my interests have turned more toward things featuring humans since I am striving to improve my people drawing skills. Currently obsessing over Galavant and the book Way of Kings. I highly recommend both if anyone needs something to fangirl/boy over. x3

    Honestly I've never had a huge interest in merchandise, so that doesn't really matter to me. But new cannon material like the Lion Guard definitely piques my interest. Though I am a terrible fan because I still haven't seen anything more than what I've been able to find online. e_e; I did record it while at my parents' place over Christmas but ran out of time to watch it. Going back down there in a couple of weeks though, so I'm going to try and view it then.

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    Lion King is really the only one of my fandoms that I don't do that with. I go in and out of Harry Potter for example. Doctor Who is pretty constant, but I don't keep up with all of the news like a lot of people. So, yes? I go in waves for some of them, but not all. If that makes sense.

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    I go through life in phases, lol.
    They usually last about 3-6 months.
    I can be completely obsessed and passionate about something, and then after a few months, completely drop it and never bother with it again.

    I've had so many ... most famous ones were Hilary Duff.
    Lasted a few months, watched too much Lizzie Mcguire, listened to her CD too much.
    It did resulted in years later, actually meeting her, and talking to her! <3
    She is the sweetest person EVER!

    Miley Cyrus was supposed to be a phase ... but that one's been stuck for the past 8 years now :/ lol.

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