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    I was browsing through The Water Hole section when I thought to myself "Where are the fanfics?!"

    I know fanfiction isn't for everyone, but I hope you'll enjoy mine called Kiburi Baadaye, meaning The Future Pride. I have also got a plan for a Role Play based on the ending of this fanfiction, but I think I'll wait for a little while before I start that up.

    I would just like you to note that I am not the best writer in the world and I believe in readers using their imaginations. I am also posting each chapter separately due to the fact my fanfic is quite long...

    The characters either belong to me or to Disney.

    Please enjoy!

    TLK 4 – Kiburi Baadaye (The Future Pride)

    Everyone rejoiced at the joining of Kiara and Kovu. It was a wonderful occasion, with the Outlanders finally having a loving and caring family to protect them. Kiara and Kovu kept getting congratulated by everyone, but soon they decided that enough was enough. They were exhausted and needed some rest.
    It was only as they lay down in the cave did they realise they hadn’t seen Vitani anywhere. Kovu leapt up and began searching for her.
    Very soon, he found her, just sitting on the edge of Pride Rock, gazing into the distance. She had a glazed look as if her thoughts were somewhere else. He noticed tears steaks down her face.
    “Vitani…” Kovu called gently. “Are you alright?”
    Vitani started at the sudden noise, but calmed when she noticed Kovu. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, she let out a whole flood of tears and ran towards her brother.
    “Kovu, I can’t stop thinking about mother.” She whispered.
    Kovu put a kindly paw on Vitani’s and nuzzled her face.
    “It’s okay Vitani, she’s in a happier place now. She’s found Scar and will now be watching over us as we continue our lives. We will never forget her Vitani.”
    Vitani looked up into Kovu’s bright green eyes and nodded. She closed her eyes and fell into his shoulder, trying to stop the tears coming down her cheeks.
    Kovu was heartbroken – he had never seen his sister like this. It wasn’t like her, but he guessed that was just a façade when mother was around. He supposed he liked this side of Vitani. It made her more thoughtful rather than just some vicious fighting machine.
    “Come on, let’s get some rest.” He whispered into her ear.
    “I’ll come in later, Kovu. I just want to spend a bit longer out here alone.”
    Vitani felt Kovu leave next to her. She was alone once again. She didn’t want to tell Kovu the real reason for her tears. Although she was crying over Zira’s death, Vitani wanted her long lost love Kopa. She had seen Kovu join with his childhood love, yet hers was dead. Zira had told her that. Just thinking of his beautiful eyes and his cute hairtuft made her cry harder.
    “Vitani?” Came a quiet voice. “Please don’t cry!”
    Vitani’s ears pricked up. She recognised that voice. Her face lifted and she turned around quickly. In the shadows was a male lion, strong and well-built with a magnificent mane.
    “Kopa? Is it really you?”
    The shadow moved and ran towards her. It was Kopa! Vitani ran towards him too and they jumped up and hugged each other. Vitani began crying again, but this time with happiness. They sat down and Kopa licked the tears off her cheeks.
    “Don’t cry. I’m home.”
    The two of them snuggled up tightly and fell asleep under the stars.

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    Chapter 1–Hope and Peace
    A few years later.
    It was a joyous time up at Pride Rock. Simba and Kovu had formed a coalition and ruled justly and fairly, the lands were filled with animals and the horror of the past was finally washed away with the sounds of new life. There were four cubs up at Pride Rock belonging to Kiara and Kovu, and Kopa and Vitani.
    Chimalsi was the eldest and was growing into a strong, healthy male lion. He was to be King in the future. When he was an only cub he liked getting all the fuss and attention, but that moved when Dafina was born. She was only a couple of months younger than Chimalsi and she was beautiful. She looked a lot like her mother Vitani, but with a brighter glow like her father Kopa. Chimalsi knew that she would be his queen and would try and spend every moment with her. She also quite liked Chimalsi, especially his large hair tufts which would bounce up and down when he ran. Then, a year after Dafina was born, Wema and Kabili were born. Chimalsi loved his sister, Wema, and would often help his parents look after her. Dafina also loved her brother Kabili loads, which meant the four of them were inseparable. They were the best of friends and would do almost everything together.
    One day, Wema and Kabili wanted to go and play down at the waterhole. They loved to go down there and play among the tall grass and splash in the water. The other animals knew to give them room because they were royalty and under Simba and Kovu’s protection. They ran up to Nala who was sunbathing on Pride Rock.
    “Grandma Nala! Grandma Nala! Can we go and play by the waterhole please?” Kabili called.
    Nala smiled at the young cubs, reminding her of the time Simba had asked Sarabi to go to the waterhole.
    “I guess I could allow that.” She chuckled. “As long as Chimalsi goes with you.”
    And the cubs were gone. Nala had to laugh.
    “What’s so funny?” Kiara asked, just arriving back from the hunt.
    “Sorry, it just reminded me of Simba asking Sarabi to go and play by the waterhole with me. I used almost the exact same words, only she insisted Zazu went with us. Remember me telling you about how we lost him.”
    Kiara laughed. “Yes, I remember.”
    Meanwhile, Kabili and Wema were trying to persuade Chimalsi to come with them. In the end, he relented knowing he could get Dafina alone with him. He was planning on asking her whether she wanted to be his mate or not, so he was quite nervous.
    “Come on you two!” he shouted to Kabili and Wema. “Let’s go find Dafina!”
    They found her laid in the grass just below Pride Rock. Chimalsi admired the calmness she had when she was asleep and knew that he would see her asleep every day if she agreed to his request.
    “Psst” he said to the young cubs, trying to get their attention. “Right, here’s the plan. You two will wait here whilst I get Dafina. Okay?”
    The little cubs nodded and Chimalsi set off. He had crept up on her and planned on pouncing on her, but figured that might ruin his chances, so he just tapped her on the shoulder.
    “Dafina, wake up.”
    He saw her stir and open her eyes.
    “Wha…” she began, then saw Chimalsi. “Chimalsi, what is it?”
    “Would you, um… like to come to the waterhole with, um… me?” He asked nervously.
    She blushed, but replied positively and then they ran towards the cubs. They agreed on a race to the waterhole. Kabili and Wema set of straight away, but Dafina and Chimalsi stayed behind, giving them a head start.
    “Betcha I’ll beat you!” Chimalsi said.
    “Oh no you won’t!” Dafina replied as she leapt off after the others.
    They ran all the way to the waterhole, laughing and giving each other long looks of love. Wema reached the waterhole first and cheered, but got cut off as Kabili ran into the back of her and crushed her on the floor. Dafina had her eyes closed whilst she relished the chase, and managed to trip and land on Wema and Kabili. Chimalsi arrived and cried “Pile on!” as he jumped on top of all of them. With much complaining, they all managed to climb free of their friend.
    “Okay guys.” Wema said. “Because I won, I choose the game and I choose tag!”
    They all groaned. Wema was the best at tag because it meant she could practise her hunting skills, however, Chimalsi groaned because it meant he wouldn’t be able to talk to Dafina. But all the cubs sped off.
    Very soon, tag turned into a good old game of rough and tumble, which turned into hide and seek. This was the opportunity Chimalsi was waiting for. He followed Dafina and hid with her.
    “Chimalsi, find you own hiding place.” She complained.
    “Actually Dafina, I have something to ask you.” He cleared his throat. “Would you like to…”
    But he was cut off. An adolescent lion had just come into the clearing. He was a light brown colour with a swept back hair tuft and spotted markings on his back leg.
    “Excuse me, I was wondering if I could join your game?”
    “Well, actually we were in the middle of something.” Chimalsi said gruffly.
    Dafina looked into Chimalsi’s eyes. “But that can wait, surely!”
    Chimalsi couldn’t deny Dafina’s request even though he wanted to protest.
    At that moment, Kabili leapt into the clearing roaring “Found you!” with Wema just behind them. They took a moment to realise there was a stranger with them and they soon began asking all sorts of questions, completely unaware that it was rude.
    “Who are you?”
    “Where do you come from?”
    “Why have you got funny marks?”
    “Who are your parents?”
    “Why are you here?”
    “Do you like playing games?”
    “Why are you staring at my sister?”
    The last question came from Kabili and made both Dafina and the new lion blush.
    “Please, let me explain.” Said the new lion, quickly breaking his gaze from Dafina. “My name is Ajali. I don’t know where I come from. All I do is travel around with my parents Dikeledi and Dakarai. I guess you’re Pride lions and that you’d call me a rogue. The thing I, I wish to live in a Pride and not trespass on anyone’s land. I want a large family. You asked me about my marks. They have been with me since birth, but I kinda like them. I guess they show that deep down, I am still a cub even if I seem harsh or rough. At the moment, my parents are out hunting. I hope they find something because I haven’t eaten much over the last week or so. I’m here because I heard voices and I wanted someone to play with and to talk to. I’m very lonely as I have no siblings and because I travel all the time I can make no friends. Yes, I do like playing games. I played a few with my parents when I was younger, but they grow more distant from me now. And I was staring at your sister because I think she’s beautiful.”
    At his last remark, Chimalsi snarled. That made everyone stare at him – it was so out of his character.
    Dafina walked up to him. “Stop being so jealous Chimalsi. It’s not like I’m your mate or anything.”
    Those words cut Chimalsi deep as if a knife had gone through his heart. He felt his cheeks go warm and his eyes begin to water. He didn’t want to cry in front of Dafina so he fled. He ran back up to Pride Rock, into the cave and cried silently.
    Meanwhile, the cubs got into a brilliant game and spent ages chasing each other, all thoughts of Chimalsi gone. It was only later, when the exhausted cubs were collapsed on the ground did Dafina think she needed to see him.
    “Ajali, you seem really, really nice and I’d love to meet your parents. I’m sure they will be welcome up on Pride Rock.” She said.
    “What about Chimalsi? He didn’t seem to like me and what if your parents don’t like my parents?”
    “We’ve learnt not to judge people without getting to know them. If you don’t want to come, that’s fine, but please ask your parents!”
    “Okay, wait here.”
    Ajali ran off into the grass, heading for the cave he was currently staying in. He knew he loved Dafina and just hoped she’d accept him. A short while later, he reached the den.
    “Mother? Father?” he called. There was no reply.
    Ajali walked round the cave and suddenly heard sobbing. He ran towards the sound. He saw his father leaning over his mother. His mother wasn’t moving.
    “Father? Why isn’t mother moving?”
    He walked over to his mother and saw she wasn’t breathing. She had awful gashes down the side of her body and Ajali knew that she was dead. His father kept muttering “Dikeledi” over and over again as if hearing her name would bring her back to life.
    “What happened?” Ajali cried.
    Dakarai acknowledged his son for the first time. “She took on an antelope calf, but the mother came charging in and hit your mother with her antlers. I carried her home, but she died before I could save her.”
    Ajali started to cry. Why did this have to happen to him now when he’d almost found a Pride for them.
    “Leave.” He heard his father say in a low growl unusual from his normal calm self. “Leave now. You remind me of her too much. I can’t cope. LEAVE!”
    And to make his point, he lunged for Ajali, teeth bared and roared. Ajali was terrified so he turned and fled. That was the last time he saw his father.

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    When he reached the others, he had to laugh as he saw Dafina’s hair tuft. She had obviously let them style it to keep them occupied. However, his happiness was short lived and tears came to his eyes as he remembered what had just happened.
    “What happened Ajali?” Asked Dafina, who then started crying during Ajali’s sad tale. Even Wema and Kabili, who probably couldn’t understand how bad it was, had glum looks and a tear or two in their eyes.
    “So, will you come and live with us?” Kabili asked.
    Ajali nodded and the group promptly left for Pride Rock.
    Ajali was really nervous when he met King Simba, Queen Nala, King Kovu and Queen Kiara. They were staring at him inquisitively and asking him questions about his family. They had learnt not to judge people before getting to know them, hence the reason why they came up with the rule to let newcomers stay for about a month before deciding whether they can stay permanently.
    Ajali was overjoyed to be welcomed in, even if it was temporarily at the moment, but he knew that on his best behaviour he could stay forever.
    Finally that day came and Ajali was presented in front of the entire Pride. The rulers agreed he could stay. Ajali ran towards Dafina and licked her cheek, not noticing the evil look Chimalsi was giving him.

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    Chapter 2 – Illness and Prophecies
    It seemed to be the season of love at Pride Rock. Ajali and Dafina were inseparable, much to the dismay of Chimalsi. He began to keep in the cave, sulking and wishing that he was with Dafina, not Ajali. Chimalsi never thought of himself as the jealous type, but he was. Wema and Kabili also spent more and more time away from the others, enjoying their own company and not caring about what their siblings would say. However, nothing would stop the group’s rough and tumble times with the addition of Ajali and the loss of Chimalsi.
    However, something was wrong with Kabili. It seemed he was getting weaker and weaker in their games, lost his appetite and had to remain in the cave under the careful nursing of his mother Vitani and father Kopa.
    A few days later, Wema decided to go and pick a flower for Kabili to show her feelings for him and try and make him feel better. She had gone to a beautiful part of the Pridelands, a place buzzing with insects and colourful with the hundreds of flowers scattered around in the grass. Finally, Wema found a lovely bright blue flower to match Kabili’s eyes and picked it up in her teeth being careful not to tear it’s precious petals.
    She ran up to Pride Rock and almost into Rafiki. She stopped just in time to see Simba and Kopa supporting a weak Kabili. She dropped the flower and ran to her love. His eyes were barely open.
    “Rafiki! What’s wrong with him?” She cried.
    Rafiki just shook his elderly head and wiped a tear from his eye. He hated seeing a lion in such distress as this.
    Wema then confronted Kopa and Simba. “Where are you taking him? I want to come too!”
    They were about to say that she should stay inside, but the look that she gave them stopped the words from coming out.
    “He is gravely ill, Wema, and he needs to remain away from us. We don’t know what he’s got or whether it’s contagious.” Said Simba.
    “We are taking him to a small cave in the Pridelands to recover. He’ll need you to support him Wema. Come with us.” Said Kopa.
    Wema peered into Kabili’s face. “Don’t worry.” She whispered. “I’m coming too.”
    Rafiki led them to a tiny cave. The view from the entrance allowed Kabili to see Pride Rock and there was a small river running through the back where he could drink. It wasn’t too cold and there was enough sunlight to supply vitamins. Simba and Kopa lay Kabili down in the sheltered area and went about explaining to him where he was and why he was there. Then they got up and left, leaving Wema alone with Kabili. She went and lay down next to him.
    “Kabili, I want to tell you that I love you and that you shouldn’t give up. Fight whatever is hurting and keep going. I will be here for you as will everyone else. Just don’t leave me…”
    By the end, Wema was in tears. Her heart felt like it was going to explode and she felt like cursing the Great Kings for what had become of her love.
    She went outside to Simba and Kopa. Rafiki had gone, so the three of them walked up to Pride Rock in silence.
    The mood suddenly dropped at Pride Rock over the next few weeks, but everyone was doing their bit to help.
    Some had set up a guard rota to protect Kabili from other animals. They would sit atop the cave keeping watch, but not disturbing Kabili from his rest.
    Dafina and Ajali would go down and offer tons of support and comforting words.
    The huntresses brought food down and left it in the entrance of the cave for him to eat.
    Wema would bring flowers and stones as gifts and go inside and sit and talk with him. Sometimes, she’d go down with Kopa as he told Kabili and Wema storied from their ancestors.
    Some days, Kabili seemed fine. He’d even managed to request some of Rafiki’s paint to draw pictures in the cave from all the stories, but other days he was very ill. He wouldn’t eat or drink and his fur looked like it hadn’t been washed for weeks. He would start shaking uncontrollably and there wasn’t anything they could do to stop it. His eyes became glazed and Wema didn’t know whether he was attentive or not. It was taking all her self-control not to cry in the cave in front of him.
    Meanwhile, things were tense between Ajali and Chimalsi. Chimalsi had started bullying Ajali and was making his life miserable. Then Dafina confronted him.
    “Why Chimalsi? What do you have against him?” She roared.
    “He took you from me.” Chimalsi said, plainly and without a hint of the raging beast inside him.
    “You weren’t mine, Chimalsi!”
    “But you could’ve been!” He yelled. “Do you remember what we were doing on that day Dafina?”
    “We were playing tag and other games when he came and joined us.”
    “What were we doing just before you met him?” Chimalsi growled.
    “You were asking me a question, but you never finished.”
    “And what question do you think I was asking?”
    Dafina gasped and looked shocked. “You were asking me to be your mate, weren’t you?”
    Chimalsi’s anger faded and instead he felt drained. He nodded and began to sob silently. He turned and ran into the cave, ignoring Dafina’s pleas to return.
    Wema became a beautiful lioness. She had gone hunting with the other lionesses until it was time for her first hunt. She was so excited and promised Kabili that they would share whatever she caught. That thought got her through.
    She got plenty of encouragement from everyone at Pride Rock and Kiara told her not to panic because it wouldn’t be as bad as her first hunt. Then it was time to go.
    She padded over the familiar hunting territory until she found a group of gazelle. She remembered to be careful around gazelle because of what happened to Ajali’s mother. Very soon, she had caught a young gazelle and had started taking it back home. Everything had gone smoothly, just like the Pride had said.
    However, she spoke too soon. Suddenly, she was surrounded by a hyena clan. They had gone when Simba had banished them after the death of Scar, but they had obviously returned. She put down her gazelle.
    “Why are you here? You were banished by none other than King Simba himself.”
    The hyenas stared at her, amazed by her bravery. Then one stepped forward, obviously the leader.
    “We were told by a prophet that a cub would be born that would destroy the lions of Pride Rock. We have come to see that cub.”
    Wema was astonished. A cub that would destroy Pride Rock! Was that one of her cubs? Or one of her friends? An enemy?
    “Leave now! No one will destroy the lions of Pride Rock!” She roared.
    “We’re not leaving without something in return. Come with us and we can train you to kill, or bring one of your friends.”
    That was when the hyenas attacked. Wema was never a strong fighter, she was more of a hunter, but she fought back. The struggle lasted a long time and when it ended Wema was covered in scratches and bites, dripping blood. The hyenas backed off. Wema felt her consciousness leaving her.
    “No one will destroy Pride Rock!” she yelled before collapsing.

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    Chapter 3 - Love
    Up on Pride Rock, Kovu had heard the roars of his daughter and called Kiara to come and look for her. They found her not far from Pride Rock, lying on the floor with nasty bites and scratches on her. They gently picked her up and carried her to Pride Rock where Kiara went about licking her wounds. Soon, her eyes began to open and she began to stand up.
    “Wema, what happened?” Asked Kovu.
    She told them about the hyena attack, (she gathered the hyenas had run off with the gazelle), but didn’t tell them about the prophecy. It scared her too much and wished it wouldn’t come true.
    Kovu relayed the information to Simba who then went about searching for these hyenas, but they had left without a trace.
    The next day, Wema felt strong enough to walk down to Kabili’s cave. She felt her muscles begin to work properly again, however she had developed a limp. She hated her limp as it stopped her from hunting which she loved to do. She apologised to Kabili for not bringing food and told him about the hyena attack. She didn’t even tell him about the prophecy. When her story was done, she held Kabili’s paw and whispered comforting words into his ear as he had another seizure. They were becoming more common now, as was the constant running of his nose and eyes, breathlessness, dribbling, vomiting and diarrhoea, but Wema cleaned him up in the river and washed the cave clean. She began to admire all the wonderful drawings he made. She noticed Mufasa with Simba looking at the stars, Mohatu at the waterhole, Kopa finding Vitani and Scar with the hyenas. However, there was a new drawing she noticed, right at the back of the cave. It showed a light cream lion with a brown mane and blue eyes with a dark brown lioness with green eyes and in her paws was a light brown cub with crystal blue eyes. Seeing that drawing made her cry and turn to see Kabili lying there, gazing at her.
    He was almost an adult now, with a thin mane covering his neck and his eyes. He was handsome.
    “Like it?” He whispered. They were the first words he’d uttered in about a month and Wema’s heart leapt. He was getting better! But then, he started shaking again and she ran to comfort him through one of the biggest seizures he’d had yet.
    Meanwhile, up at Pride Rock, Ajali was preparing to ask Dafina formally to be his mate. He had planned a romantic stargazing session in their favourite spot. She was going to meet him just after sunset, so he had set out early to get ready.
    However, when he got there he noticed a white lioness crying. He ran over to her and asked her whether she was okay. She shook her head.
    “What’s your name?” Ajali asked.
    “I’m Nabii.” Sobbed the lioness.
    “Why are you crying?”
    “Because I thought my life was going to work out brilliantly with a loving mate and a beautiful family, but it hasn’t. I don’t have anyone to love.”
    That sparked something up in Ajali’s mind. Perhaps, if he took Nabii back to Pride Rock she will fall in love with Chimalsi, for that was what was wrong with him. He was heartsick!
    “Nabii.” He whispered. “I know someone you’ll like. His name is Chimalsi and he is Prince of the Pridelands. I think he was planning on finding love too, but hasn’t and now it’s destroying him. Please come with me.”
    The white lioness nodded and followed Ajali up to Pride Rock.
    “Who’s this?” Dafina asked Ajali as they reached Pride Rock.
    “Don’t worry my jealous furball, she is for Chimalsi, not me. I only have eyes for you.”
    Dafina stepped out of defensive mode and greeted Nabii properly.
    “He’s something special – you’ll like him!” She told her.
    “Wait for me out here please Dafina.”
    Then Ajali entered Pride Rock and walked quietly up to Chimalsi as to not disturb anyone else.
    “Chimalsi, wake up please.”
    Chimalsi awoke with a start and swiped at Ajali, who ducked.
    “Wait! I have someone I think you’ll want to meet.”
    The two male lions walked out of Pride Rock and met with Nabii. Chimalsi couldn’t believe his eyes – Nabii was stunning. He loved her snow white fur and her fluffy ear tufts, not to mention her eyes which were the colour of icy water.
    “Hi, I’m Chimalsi.”
    “Pleased to meet you, I’m Nabii.”
    Chimalsi smiled. He liked her name.
    “Would you like to join me at the top of Pride Rock? The stars are beautiful from up there.” He asked her.
    Nabii nodded and Chimalsi led her away from Ajali, turning back to wink at him in a silent word of thanks.
    “That was really kind of you Ajali.”
    Ajali spun around to face Simba. He was standing in the entrance of Pride Rock staring up at his grandson and the white lioness.
    “He needed a mate, I realised, and that was exactly what Nabii needed too.” Ajali said.
    Simba looked Ajali straight in the eyes and nodded.
    “I think you’re right. Talking of mates, wasn’t there something you were meant to do tonight?”
    Ajali gasped and ran to Dafina to apologise. They went and stargazed and Dafina agreed to be his mate.
    When they returned to following day, Nala informed them that there would be a double joining ceremony as Nabii was to be joined with Chimalsi.

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    Chapter 4 – Tears and Rejoicing
    The ceremony was held a month later. The couples were greeted by the animals and roared in happiness. The scene was very joyous, apart from Wema would stayed in the background, crying silently. She was happy for her brother and her friends and the fact her limp was gone, but she wanted Kabili.
    Wema ran down the side of Pride Rock and into Vitani.
    “Where are you headed Wema? To see my son?”
    Wema nodded and more tears fell from her face.
    “Come here, my dear.”
    Wema went back up to Vitani and into a big, supportive hug.
    “Do you know what I see when I see you?” Vitani asked. “I see myself, a brilliant hunter and also someone who needs their mate. I was pining for Kopa on the day of your parent’s joining ceremony and he came back to me. Perhaps Kabili will come back to you.”
    And with that, Vitani got up and left. Wema felt more hopeful with Vitani’s story and ran all the way to Kabili’s cave.
    He was asleep when she entered, but she went and lay down next to him, taking in his scent. Then he woke up, only to have another seizure. Wema was glad she was with him to lick his fur and stroke his mane, but then he made a motion as if he was going to speak to her. Wema put her ear next to his mouth and she heard him say that he would rather die than endure this torture.
    Wema cried out loud and fled from the cave, running back up to Pride Rock where she lay in a dark corner and cried in mourning as if Kabili had actually died. Kiara came in a comforted her with words of love, stroking her fur and licking her tears away as if Wema was a little cub again. She remained in her mother’s arms all night.
    A few days later, Wema plucked up the courage to go and see Kabili again. She brought a flower like the one she had found all those months ago when Kabili first fell ill.
    When she reached the cave she saw Kabili painting on the wall. It was a beautiful picture of flowers and stones in the shape of a heart. Wema entered the cave and walked over to Kabili and stuck the flower in his mane.
    “I love you Kabili and I’m sorry for deserting you the other day.”
    Kabili smelt the flower in his mane.
    “I understand Wema. I scared you and that was no way for a mate to behave.”
    “Yes. You’re my mate aren’t you?”
    Wema nodded, choking back on tears. Kabili smiled a dazzling smiled and licked her.
    “I haven’t had a seizure since the day you left me. My nose doesn’t run constantly and my eyes have stopped watering. I also feel like I can eat again!”
    Wema smiled. “You’re getting better!”
    The couple laughed and hugged and licked each other, tears streaming down their faces.
    “I’d better get your parents!” Wema said softly.
    “Okay, I need a bit of rest anyway. I’m not quite better yet!”
    Wema gave Kabili one final lick and ran up to Pride Rock. She found Vitani and Kopa and told them the news. Smiles lit up their faces and they ran back down to the cave with Wema to see their son. Kabili hugged and licked his parents and thanked them for everything they’d done for him. Kopa admired the wall and whispered something in Kabili’s ear which made his eyes sparkle and smile grow. He nodded and nuzzled his father.
    Everyone else came to visit later on in the day. Most of them gasped at the decorated cave and would nuzzle him in a friendly, affectionate way saying they were glad he was better. He assured everyone that the tick in his eye and the thickened skin on his nose and paws were just an aftereffect and weren’t contagious. He also informed everyone that he and Wema were to become mates and that he would be the Pride’s storyteller.
    A few days later, Kabili travelled from his cave to Pride Rock. Everyone was standing up the rock and as he walked past everyone, he thanked them for the support, the food and the protection. However, certain individuals he gave a longer thanks.
    When he passed Rafiki, the old baboon who was dying himself, he thanked him for the vitamins to keep his body healthy. Next came Simba and Nala. He thanked them for the news they gave him of the Pridelands. Then it was Chimalsi and Nabii and he thanked them for the laughter they brought, as Nabii told some amazing jokes that made him choke. Then came Kiara and Kovu and he thanked them for the comfort and support they gave him through his traumatic seizures. Then his female family members, Vitani and Dafina, with Ajali, and he thanked them for the food fresh from a kill and the words of love they gave him. Finally, at the peak of Pride Rock were the two people who had helped see him through the most. Kopa and Wema.
    Kabili thanked Kopa for all the stories he told. He told Kopa that they gave him joy and warmth. Then he faced Wema.
    Kabili had seen Wema turn from a lovely young cub into a gorgeous lioness. He thanked her for her visits where she would speak of love and hope and happiness.
    Then Rafiki joined them at the top of Pride Rock and completed the joining ceremony. Wema stood next to Kabili, her heart finally healed again and roared.

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    Chapter 5 – Death and Shock
    The happiness and joy everyone felt didn’t last for ever. A week later, Simba died. Everyone mourned for the King that stabilised the lands and had ruled with his heart. Nala’s heart broke too and a funeral was arranged for the pair.
    Rafiki held the ceremony and it was to be in the place where all the Great Kings and Queens get buried. All the other animals joined them and together they mourned their rulers.
    It was a moving moment with the grass the dead Kings provide water with tears. All the animals lined up and paid their respects, leaving the lions last to mourn their family member.
    Whispered words were the only sound heard on that day, until Nabii came to pay her respects. She had been worried about returning to this place; a place that ruined her life. She had hoped the Great Kings had left her alone, but as she approached the bright green grass, she was pulled to the spot where she had sat all those years ago.
    Everyone else watched in amazement as Nabii walked purposely to a spot on the green grass and sat down, dead straight. The clouds started to open and a magical path connected Nabii to the break. They could see the Great Kings and an unpleasant wind began to howl. Then Nabii opened her mouth.
    “Secrets will come out. The family will tear. Only one can reunite them, a lioness of power. The family will become strong again until a cub is born that will destroy the lions of Pride Rock.”
    Then she collapsed.

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    Chapter 6 – Secrets
    Nabii awoke to a group of curious faces peering and whispering around her. She opened her eyes further and realised she was back at Pride Rock. At first she was confused and then she remembered what had happened earlier. She felt guilty at not telling the Pride beforehand, but she had hoped she would never have to deal with it again.
    “Nabii. How could you?”
    Nabii turned towards Chimalsi who looked hurt. Her eyes began to water.
    “Chimalsi, I’m really sorry. I didn’t think it would ever happen again.”
    “What happened back there Nabii?” Asked Kovu.
    Nabii gulped. “I gave a prophecy.”
    “I knew it!” Came a strong voice. Wema pushed herself to the front. “The hyenas said almost exactly the same thing.”
    “The hyenas?” Kovu questioned. “The ones who attacked you?”
    “Yes. They questioned me on the prophecy and then tried to take me back with them. I refused and fought them.”
    “Wema, did the chief have a crisscross scar over her eye?” Asked Nabii.
    Wema thought for a moment before nodding. Nabii closed her eyes.
    “Nabii, tell us your story please. No lies.” Whispered Chimalsi.
    Nabii nodded again, took a deep breath, then began her story.
    “I was brought up in the savannah by a clan of hyenas. They had found me as a cub and the chief was about to kill me when the wise old hyena stopped her. She told the leader that I was to be the greatest prophetess to be born for a thousand years.
    The clan leader decided to raise me as her own, teaching me the way of the hyenas, but also keeping me updated of the ways of the lions.
    I knew I was different, but I didn’t care. I loved my adopted family.
    One night, the leader came in to see me sat dead upright in the middle of the cave, just like you saw tonight. She said I didn’t pay any attention, but started speaking in a soft voice. I told her ‘Find the place where the Kings lie dead. Lay me on their bodies. Let me seek their wisdom.’ I repeated it once more and then I collapsed.
    It was the following morning when the chief hyena told me about my prophecy. I was really scared because I couldn’t remember a single thing about it, but I knew it had to be carried out. I remembered a story from one the hyenas had told me about the lion Kings that rule in a distant land. I knew they spoke of wisdom and life and I told her to take me there.
    We travelled for many days and nights, but soon we arrived. The chief hyena knew of the place where the Kings were laid when they were dead and we travelled there. I went and sat on the grass which was bright green and full of life, something that I had never seen in all my life.
    That night, I told the hyenas to leave me alone. All except the clan leader who promised to stay with me.
    I sat on the grass and felt the power of the Kings reach me through the ground and it made me feel warm. I let them embrace my mind and I opened it to the stars. I felt connected in the Circle of Life like a key between the living and the dead. I then spoke a prophecy.
    I said ‘A cub will be born a great ruler, but needs advice. A cub will be born a loving mate, but needs their friends for support. A cub will be born a storyteller, but needs to overcome illness to survive. A cub will be born a great hunter, but needs to have purpose.’
    I didn’t have any idea what I was saying, but the clan leader remembered every word.
    The following morning, the clan leader sent spies to Pride Rock and they came back and told me every word I said was true.
    That was the present, but I wanted to know the future. I went back to the Kings by myself that night. As I felt the power of the Kings I asked them with my mind if they would help me remember what I said. I felt a slight tug in my heart and mind which told me they agreed. Then, I heard the words that flowed from my mouth. They were the same words you heard tonight.
    I guess the chief hyena was watching me because she wouldn’t have known about the prophecy otherwise. I was scared and I decided to leave the hyenas. I told them that the Kings would tell me if they needed me.
    I lived on my own from then on, scared of my prophecies and what the future held. I had a tough time as a rogue with plenty of males trying to claim me as their mate, but I didn’t love any of them.
    One night, I decided that I needed someone who would rather die than be loveless, which was exactly how I felt at that moment. If you’re wondering, it was the same night Ajali found me. The rest you know.”
    Nabii was in tears by the end, as was Chimalsi who felt sorry for his mate.
    “Has any of your prophecy come true yet?” Asked a voice.
    Nabii nodded. “This was my secret, however, I clearly said ‘secrets’. That means they’ll be more.”
    Everyone glanced nervously at each other as if someone would burst out with some terrible secret.
    “Excuse me.”
    All heads turned towards a light brown lioness with big blue eyes.
    “Is this the home of Kopa?”
    Then the heads turned questioningly towards Kopa who had his mouth hanging wide open.
    So Nabii wasn’t the only one with secrets. There was chaos at Pride Rock with everyone speaking at once. Vitani had managed to push herself to the front and was viciously questioning Siri whilst Kovu and Kiara tried to quieten everyone down. When there was silence, Siri spoke again.
    “I don’t understand why you’re not pleased to see me.”
    “And why would we be pleased to see you?” Snarled Vitani.
    “Because…” whispered Kopa. “She’s my daughter.”

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    Chapter 7 – Forgiveness
    Vitani suddenly became very still. She looked into Kopa’s eyes and he lowered his with guilt. She fled the scene feeling betrayed, letting out her emotions like she had on the night she found Kopa. Now she found out that he had another cub and hadn’t told her about it. It didn’t make her feel cross at the fact he had been with another lioness as Zira had cubs with two different lions. Nuka and her were only half siblings. But she felt angry at the fact he hadn’t told her.
    Meanwhile, Siri ran up to her father who had started to cry.
    “Why are you upset father? I’m home!” she said.
    “Because I had kept you a secret from everyone and they now feel like I’m untrustworthy.”
    “But my mother helped to heal you! Surely they should be thankful!”
    “But I have a mate now, the lioness who confronted you. She probably hates me now. We have two children!”
    “That lioness, was she Vitani?” Asked Siri.
    Kopa nodded and Siri grimaced. Her mother had warned her that Vitani was her father’s true mate, but Siri had just ignored her. She wanted to be part of her father’s family!
    “So Kopa, how come you came back if you had a family?” Asked Kiara.
    “Because Zira had tried to kill me and I had a feeling in my heart that the evil was about to go. I only arrived after Zira’s death, remember.”
    “So Siri’s mother…”
    “Healed me, yes, and I fell in love with her. It wasn’t as strong as the love I felt for Vitani, but it was there.”
    Kabili and Dafina felt outraged at their father’s behaviour and left Pride Rock. Kopa’s head fell and Siri had to comfort him.
    However, Nabii was busy thinking. She knew how to fix this.
    A few weeks later, things had improved. Nabii had talked to Siri a couple of days after she arrived and told her that she needed to win Vitani, Kabili and Dafina’s trust. Siri took Nabii’s words to the heart and set about bringing new paints and stones to Kabili in his story cave, bringing flowers to Dafina and hunting with Vitani. Slowly, but surely, the family grew back together and accepted one another.
    But just like everything that had happened before, their happiness was short lived. Kovu got attack by rogues whilst patrolling the borders and died from his injuries. Kiara felt like all the power she had had desert her, so she said Chimalsi and Nabii were fit to become the next rulers. Also, Zazu said he wanted to spend his last few months with his family, so Chimalsi chose a new Major-domo. He chose a cheetah called Busara and his mate Moyo.
    Chimalsi had to tell his family how he knew the two cheetahs very well. All through the story Nabii kepts thinking ‘secrets, secrets’ disapprovingly, but actually, she quite liked his story.
    When he was in the cave during his lovesick months Chimalsi slept most of the time. That meant he was awake at night, so he crept out and went exploring. One night, he came across the two cheetahs having a late night drink at the waterhole. They quickly became friends and Chimalsi learnt that Busara was very wise and his mate Moyo was very honest. The two of them made a great pair and Chimalsi would sneak out every night. One time, they ambushed him with mud and turned him into a cheetah, which he wasn’t too impressed about and another night he and Moyo pretended to fall in love to annoy Busara. Of course, Moyo’s honest nature meant that when he ran away she had to go to him and say that they were just joking.
    Kiara approved of the cheetahs, as did Nabii and they were welcomed into the family.
    A few days later, Dafina approached Vitani complaining of feeling weird. She described her symptoms and Vitani smiled.
    “What is it mother?” She asked, slightly panicked.
    “I’m going to be a grandmother.” She said softly.
    Dafina gasped. “Does that mean..?”
    “Yes, you’re pregnant!”
    Dafina could hardly believe the good news. She ran up to Ajali and whispered it in his ear. His eyes widened and then he cheered and licked Dafina’s stomach.
    “We’re going to be the best parents in the world!”
    The rest of the Pride found out quickly and the congratulations didn’t stop. Nabii went up and congratulated the pair, although a tiny voice in the back of her mind just went ‘the prophecy.’

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    Chapter 8 – New Life
    Dafina gave birth to two beautiful female cubs. She decided to name one Halima and Ajali named the other Sakina. Ajali and Dafina didn’t let them out of their sights and they were their pride and joy! Ajali would go out hunting, as he felt he needed to provide for his family. Kiara also found a new purpose in life after Kovu’s death and would often cub sit in order to give Dafina some rest.
    One day, Ajali was joined on his hunt by Vitani, who wanted to talk to him. They talked about the future and about Halima and Sakina until they came across a herd of zebra. Vitani told Ajali the plan and they went into the herd to hunt.
    Ajali was attentive to every little move and how Vitani was such a skilled hunter, even in her old age. Then he heard her cry out in pain. He ran towards her and saw her get kicked by an angry male zebra. Ajali roared and scared the herd, giving him time to rescue Vitani and take her back up to Pride Rock.
    Vitani knew that her time was coming and told everyone that she wasn’t scared, but happy as she would see her mother and her brothers again.
    So when she died a few days later, the Pride mourned for Vitani, but knew that she was in pain no longer. Kopa wouldn’t stop crying and he and Kiara would often lean against each other for support, being the only ones left in their generation. Dafina and Ajali nuzzled each other often and even Siri had a few tears.
    However, their mourning wouldn’t last for ever. Nabii was pregnant, as was Wema. It was a joyous time on Pride Rock, with Chimalsi and Kabili running around getting advice and Nabii and Wema comparing cub names.
    Very soon, the day came and the two lionesses went down to the birthing cave together. It used to be Scar’s old cave, but thanks to Kabili, it now had lots of lovely decorations of flowers and lions, including a whole roof painted to look like the Great Kings of the Past. They gave each other support as each one gave birth, and then emerged a few days later to join with their worried mates.
    Wema had given birth to a beautiful light brown cub with sea green eyes. Kabili said that he had almost got their daughter coloured correctly in his story cave and that he would have to do a touch up. They named their daughter Amani and they greeted the rest of the Pride.
    Nabii had given birth to three male cubs, one pure white like her, another very light brown and the last a mixture of both. Chimalsi was over the moon seeing his healthy mate and his perfect cubs. They decided to call the white one Jabari, the brown one Zuberi and the last one Bakari. Although the Pride was filled with happiness and congratulated their King and Queen, some of them remembered a story of Uru’s cubs Mufasa and Taka and how having two male cubs at the same time split apart the Pride. They kept whispering to each other, wondering what the consequences would be this time.

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    Chapter 9 – The Beginning
    About a year later.
    The cubs had grown up quickly and had soon become the best of friends. Halima, Sakina and Amani would often make a bunch of giggly girls and talk about the boys whilst Jabari, Zuberi and Bakari would play fight and try to sneak up and pounce on the girls.
    Sometime in the past year, both Kiara and Kopa had passed on, which meant there were only two generations on Pride Rock.
    Nabii had grown wise and had forgotten almost entirely about her prophecy. Chimalsi had grown into a fair leader and his Major-domo Busara was faithful and helpful in times of crisis. Dafina spent many hours cub with Kabili whilst Chimalsi was patrolling the borders and Ajali, Siri and Wema went hunting. Kabili liked to take the cubs to his story cave and settle them down by telling them a story. They all had their favourites! Jabari liked the one where Simba was slurping snails with Timon. Simba and Timon seemed like the far past now, seeing as Timon and Pumbaa left before Chimalsi was actually born.
    The Pride was content with no major problems for ages, but that was about to change.
    Chimalsi and Nabii had decided that they weren’t going to discuss which of their cubs were going to be the future King. Chimalsi hoped one would go off to another Pride and live there, having his own kingdom whilst the others joined together. Nabii hated the idea of not seeing one of her sons so proposed that all three of them would form a coalition and rule the Pridelands together.
    The truth was, they were worried about what the future held.
    One day, the cubs were talking together when Sakina brought up the topic of Kings.
    “So, which one of you is going to be King?” She asked the male cubs.
    “I am .” They all answered at the same time, then looked at each other questioningly.
    “I thought I would be King because I was born first.” Answered Zuberi.
    “I thought I would be King because I’m the strongest.” Answered Jabari.
    Bakari didn’t answer at all. He just shook his head as his eyes filled with tears. He had no claim to the throne that he could think of. Amani saw that Bakari was upset so went over and nuzzled him, giving him no verbal support.
    “Hang on Sakina! Who says it had to be one of them! If they die, the throne goes to the girls!” Shouted Halima.
    Then everyone started talking at once, the girls arguing with the boys and the boys arguing with each other. Amani saw that they were distracted and she and Bakari crept away. They didn’t stop walking until they had reached the story cave, where they sat down together.
    “Bakari, are you ever scared of the future?” Amani asked.
    He nodded and stared around the cave.
    “I’ve heard my mother and father talking about a prophecy. It sounds scary.”
    Amani put her paw on his and squeezed.
    “My father was scared once. He was really ill in this cave once and that’s why he painted pictures, to make himself feel better. He was scared because he thought he might die, but he was also looking forward to the future.”
    She pointed to a faded picture of a family of lions.
    “This is meant to be my family. My father drew it when he was a young adult, dreaming of the future he might have with my mother. He didn’t seem scared, so why am I?”
    “We’re all scared, Amani. The only thing that will help to get us through is the support of others. I will be here for you, just as I know you will be here for me.”
    The two cubs didn’t speak for the rest of the afternoon. They just sat there, staring at the drawings and wishing they both had the bravery of Kabili.
    When they joined the other cubs, they noticed they were still fuming from their argument. Jabari had managed to give Zuberi a nasty scar on his muzzle and he was sitting alone, glaring at the others. Halima and Sakina were sat with Jabari in awe of his bravery. Amani ran over to Zuberi and started licking his wound. Bakari felt a pang of jealousy as he saw Zuberi staring into Amani’s eyes as she helped him.
    “What happened?” Bakari asked.
    “Jabari gave Zuberi a scar! He’s so brave!” Said Halima.
    “And now, Zuberi had sworn revenge!” Said Sakina. “That’s so stupid! He can’t beat Jabari!”
    Then Zuberi started growling and Jabari joined in. The brothers glared at each other, wishing they could have another fight. Jabari started to walk towards Zuberi again when suddenly, the cubs froze as they heard a roar.
    Chimalsi had entered the scene and was furious with what he saw.
    “Jabari, Zuberi, come with me.”
    The two cubs dropped their heads in shame and walked slowly after their father. The rest of the cubs were soon taken away by their parents who were shocked something like that happened.
    But it was only the beginning.

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    Chapter 10 – Betrayal
    About two years later.
    Zuberi and Jabari had grown further and further apart in the years that had passed. Zuberi was always alone whereas Jabari was constantly crowded by Halima and Sakina. He liked the attention – it made him feel popular. Bakari and Amani had fallen in love and had become mates. They often spent time together in the story cave, which is the place they first fell for each other and it was away from the others.
    One day, Sakina went up to Jabari and asked him whether he would be her mate.
    “I’m sorry, Sakina, your sister already asked me.” He replied.
    “WHAT?!” Sakina roared. “But you love me more!”
    “I love you both the same.”
    “Then why didn’t you choose me?”
    “Halima asked me first.” He sighed.
    Sakina was furious! She ran away from Jabari and found her sister, smirking at her.
    “I guess you’ve found out I have a mate!” She laughed.
    “He was to be mine!” Sakina snarled.
    “Well, I guess he isn’t anymore.”
    At that last comment, Sakina lunged for her sister and they became locked in an epic battle. Sakina was strong, but Halima was fast and managed to weaken her sister quickly, but not before she had several scratches down across her legs and face. Then Halima went in for the kill, but as Sakina collapsed, her claw caught Hakima’s ear and tore it. Then there was silence. The fight was over.
    “Well done, lovely.” Called Jabari.
    “It was for you, mate.”
    “How are you going to disguise it?”
    Halima thought for a moment. “I’ll say we were attacked by a clan of hyenas. They’ve been found more frequently in our territory this year as if they’re waiting for something.”
    “Or someone…”
    When Dafina and Ajali saw their dead and injured daughters, they burst into tears and inquired what had happened. When Halima got to telling them a hyena had attacked, Ajali became suspicious.
    “Hyena’s don’t attack lions.” He said simply. “They’re too scared.”
    “These ones weren’t.” Replied Halima.
    “Hyena’s also don’t have paws that big or claws that run that deep. Those are lion paws. Were you attack by lions?”
    “No! I told you they were hyenas!”
    “Then please explain to me how your mouth twitched into a smile when you said your sister was dead and how the paw and claw sizes match up with your own.”
    Halima gasped. “Are you accusing me of killing my own sister?”
    “I am. Get out of here and never return. You’re a traitor to your family and your Pride.”
    Halima looked at her mother for support, but Dafina started to growl.
    “Get out!”
    Halima fled with Jabari on her heels. They ran far into the grasslands and never looked back.
    Ajali turned towards his mate who was crying over their daughter’s still form.
    “I had to, Dafina.” He said.
    “I know. You were right. I could see it on her face and on her paws. Also, it must mean she was attacked by Sakina. I’d recognise her scratch marks anywhere with that broken claw on her right paw.”
    The couple nuzzled each other and Ajali licked away Dafina’s tears. Later on, the others noticed the couple’s sadness, but didn’t dare ask where their daughters were now. They trusted that they knew.
    Amani and Bakari were deeply shocked at the death of Sakina and the fleeing of the culprits. They looked on each other for support and they received it, knowing they would never leave each other.
    Meanwhile, Zuberi was plotting. He only had one more obstacle before he was the one true heir to the throne. But how was he going to get rid of him…
    “Bakari.” Zuberi called to his brother.
    “Yes…” He replied, suspiciously.
    “Amani wanted me to tell you that she’s waiting for you in the story cave.”
    “Why couldn’t she tell me herself?”
    “Because she needed to get ready.”
    Bakari still wasn’t sure whether what his brother said was true, but he decided to go along with it. He walked quickly to the story cave and wasn’t surprised when Amani wasn’t there. He had already decided what to say to his brother when he met him in the entrance.
    “Where’s Amani?” He asked.
    Zuberi told him that he saw her going to the waterhole in tears. That made Bakari worried. Why was his mate crying and keeping secret from him?
    “Okay.” He said. “We’ll go together.”
    Zuberi was pleased. His plan was working so far. Bakari took the bait as he knew he would – his brother was so predictable!
    Halfway there, Zuberi stopped Bakari. He told him that he had wanted him to come down here alone.
    “Why?” Asked Bakari nervously.
    “To eliminate the threat to my throne.” Said Zuberi as he launched into his attack.
    Bakari was an awful fighter, not wanting to practise often as his heart was too pure for violence. Therefore, Zuberi easily won. When Bakari lay dying on the floor, Zuberi turned and ran back up to Pride Rock.
    “Amani!” he cried. “It’s Bakari! He was attacked by leopards!”
    Amani gasped and ran after Zuberi as he took her to the site of the fight. Zuberi was clever. Leopards were similar to lions in the way of paws so he wouldn’t be caught like Halima did. Also, the fact he washed his claws in a stream near Pride Rock meant there was no signs of violence on him.
    When they reached the site, Bakari’s body was gone. Zuberi was confused, but then noticed the trail of blood and the scratch marks in the dirt and realised a large animal had carried the body away.
    “Where is he?” Cried Amani.
    “The leopards must’ve carried him off.”
    Amani started crying loudly and fell into Zuberi’s side. Zuberi liked the feeling and leaned into her, offering comfort. He needed her on his side.
    He wanted her as his Queen.

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    Chapter 11 – Fury
    A few years later again.
    The Pride had only just recovered from the loss of four of the cubs. Amani spent most of the time with her parents and away from Zuberi, who followed Chimalsi around, learning to be King.
    Suddenly, the peace and tranquillity ended. Kabili managed to catch another illness which was no match for his already weakened immune system and perished. Unfortunately, this disease was caught by the rest of the Pride and the eldest and weakest also perished. Very soon, only Chimalsi, Wema, Amani, Zuberi, Busara and a few other lionesses were left in Pride Rock. The laughter never came and any happiness the place once had was washed away by the tears of the survivors.
    However, Zuberi was getting impatient. His father felt like he could still rule the Pridelands without help, so he knew he had to go. He planned another plan, similar to Bakari’s death, and soon, he was to be King.
    One evening, Zuberi approached his father on the top of Pride Rock. Chimalsi looked grey and tired after all that had happened to his Pride. Creeping silently towards Chimalsi, Zuberi gave his father an almighty shove. Chimalsi fell, but managed to catch a glimpse of his son, grinning evilly before the ground rushed up to meet him.
    Amani saw Chimalsi fell and rushed out to his body. He wasn’t moving and she scented Zuberi on his fur.
    “Zuberi!” She roared.
    Zuberi ran down to meet her, teeth bared, but Wema intercepted.
    “Don’t you dare go near my daughter, you murderer.” She whispered, whilst preparing for an attack.
    Zuberi leapt at Wema and they began to fight. Wema hadn’t improved much since the day she got attacked by hyenas and soon, Zuberi overpowered her, but not before she managed to add several scars to the one that was caused all those years ago.
    “Mother!” Amani cried as she saw her take her final breath, exhausted on the grass.
    Zuberi walked purposely towards Amani.
    “Join me.”
    Zuberi roared and Amani ran into Pride Rock. She knew Zuberi was unstable and ready to attack at any moment. She warned the lionesses and Busara to run and get out before anything could happen to them. Busara agreed to protect the lionesses and they left. When Zuberi arrived, panting and drooling, Amani went over to him and smacked his face, which just made him angrier. He grabbed her back with his claws and told her that she had to be his. Crying in pain, Amani agreed, knowing that the goodness inside her heart might change the blackness inside of his.

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    Chapter 12 – Reunion
    Amani led a lonely life in Pride Rock, trying to calm the unstable beast inside Zuberi and making him safe for others to join their Pride, not that she could call it a Pride with only two lions. She longed for her old life or the life that might’ve been if she had stopped the fighting between the cubs. Now her true mate was dead and Zuberi was her last hope. If she could change him, maybe her life would change too.
    Zuberi loved Amani. He had never thought about the way he felt for her before because love was an emotion best left for the weak, but now, love was making him strong. He knew he would protect Amani and care for her like a mate should and nothing would stop him from making her his.
    A few months after Zuberi became King, he was pacing up and down Pride Rock when a voice called out from below.
    “King Zuberi! I come in peace!”
    Zuberi stopped pacing and turned towards the ground. He was sure he knew that voice, and he was right. Standing below him was none other than his brother Jabari and his mate Halima.
    “What made you return?” He snarled.
    Halima stepped aside and showed Zuberi a young cub.
    “We have a family now and we need protection.”
    Zuberi nodded at his brother and agreed he could come up, but deep down in his soul, Zuberi felt like it was a trap and that his brother would take control of the Pridelands. Therefore, he had to go.
    Amani had noticed the change in Zuberi fade and come back to his original, violent self. She begged with him not to attack, but let her talk with them. He shoved her back into the cave and went about meeting with his brother for the final time.
    “Jabari, I would like to speak with you alone.”
    Jabari nodded and told Halima to go inside the cave with Amani before proceeding to the place Zuberi was standing.
    There was no need for words. Both brothers looked into each other’s eyes and knew what was going to happen. Zuberi swiped at Jabari who went to bite his brother’s legs. On and on the fight went, each brother perfectly matched until they were both exhausted and weak from loss of blood. As they panting on the floor, catching their finals breaths, Zuberi asked Jabari for forgiveness. Jabari gave it and asked for forgiveness in return. As Zuberi nodded, both brothers closed their eyes and lay still.
    Amani knew something bad had just happened. She ran to the scene with Halima close behind and cried over the sight they saw. Once they cleared the bodies, giving them both a proper burial, Amani took Halima inside Pride Rock.
    She could tell something had changed in Halima since she’d last seen her. She seemed tired and old as if Jabari was the thing keeping her young.
    “Amani, take care of my cub.” She whispered with her eyes closed.
    “I will, what’s her name?”
    Without another word, Halima ran out of the cave and into the grasslands. Amani jumped up and ran after her, only to be called by Radhi. Amani cried softly for her friend, knowing Halima needed to be alone after the death of Jabari. Amani just hoped Halima would find another male lion to give her life purpose.
    As Amani turned back to the den, she found the entrance blocked. Through the tears, the figure looked blurry and she thought it was just a figment of her imagination.
    She recognised that voice and his figure. She tried to blink back the tears in order to see clearer, but more filled their place.
    He ran towards her and caught her as she fainted.
    When Amani awoke she found Bakari with her and the little cub Radhi. That meant, it wasn’t a dream. He was real!
    “Bakari, how did you survive?”
    Bakari sighed and looked into the eyes of his mate as he began his story.
    “I was attacked by Zuberi and he left me before I was completely gone. I’d lulled him into thinking I was almost gone, but I had some strength left. I dragged myself away and to the waterhole where I cleared my wounds and gave myself strength. I managed to find a cave and rest in there whilst I recovered. Then I set off.
    I walked for many days until I found an abandoned grassland. It sounded exactly like the one your father told us about; the one where the Outlanders lived for a short while, but I must’ve been on the far side of the territory as I couldn’t see Pride Rock at all. It looked so inviting that I had to go inside. It was a lot different from when the Outlanders had lived there because the ground was full of grass and there weren’t any bugs at all. I found a small river and a cave and lived there perfectly happily knowing you were safe, until I found out about what my brother had done.
    I must’ve been about a month ago when I met Busara, the Major-domo of my father. He told me what had happened. He was incredibly weak as he had fought flash floods, diseases and stampedes. The other lionesses weren’t so lucky. I carried him to the river and helped him drink and eat. Then I returned to my cave with him and we planned to go and defeat Zuberi when we were both stronger.
    We set out not long ago for Pride Rock, but as we approached we saw Jabari fighting with Zuberi and we kept down low and didn’t move until they were resting. Busara took me up through a back way of Pride Rock and the rest you know.”
    Amani had tears in her eyes as her mate nuzzled her and licked her cheek.
    “Where’s Busara now?”
    Bakari moved out the way and Amani saw Busara with Radhi. He wasn’t looking impressed as Radhi had decided to mess around with his hair. She laughed, the first happy sound to be heard at Pride Rock for several years.

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    A couple of months later, Amani sat with Bakari on the tip of Pride Rock with Radhi and Busara just behind. A cub sat in between Amani and Bakari’s paws, their son, Taji.
    Taji walked up to the tip of Pride Rock and roared, a tiny, childish roar, but that roar was filled with hope and happiness.
    At once, the grey clouds began to clear and the Great Kings and Queens looked down on the new family. Amani felt a heaviness lift from her fur and roared. The prophecy had lifted, taking the curse from them. Bakari felt it too and joined Amani and Taji in their roar.
    The new family looked up into the sky at the Great Kings and Queens, but also the non – royal members of their family. They could see Jabari and Zuberi with Halima and Sakina, Chimalsi, Nabii, Kabili, Wema, Dafina, Ajali and Siri, Nuka, Vitani, Kopa, Kiara and Kovu, Simba and Nala, Scar, Zira, Mufasa, Sarabi and Sarafina, Uru and Ahadi, Mohatu and Sauda, and thousands more they didn’t recognise from Kabili’s story cave. Together, they roared feeling the Circle of Life complete.

    Notes from the author:
    Kabili’s disease is known as distemper and is a common disease that kills lions, but only a few lucky ones survive with the symptoms in the story (twitching eyes and thickened skin on the nose and paws).
    The scene between Zuberi and Amani was based off the scene between Nala and Scar in the musical/a cut scene from TLK.
    If you have any more questions then I shall answer them the best I can.

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    I promise I will read through this when I get the time in the next couple of days, every time I think of it it's right before work or when I'm heading off to bed. Been a while since I read a fan-fic so I'm looking forward to it
    That which you manifest is before you.

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    Yeah, I apologise for the length! I wrote it a chapter at a time as I was also busy during the day, but I managed to get it done!

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    There definitely is a lack of fanfics here, so thanks for adding to the pool of creative talent here.

    I'll have to give this a read when I have some free time.

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