The plot of this role-play is a little different from the previous one from the first Lea Allele, I wanted to try and make it a little more darker than what I have attempted in previous role-plays. I hope that this plot and little bit of history is viable enough to understand for everyone who wishes to join, still sort of considering it a first draft but it goes over a few basic ideas I want to try and include. I’m just hoping it’s going to be as fun and engaging as my last RP on Lea was.

The setting for this role-play like always will be set in the wonderful roams that we have come to know and love as the pride lands that surround Pride Rock, the vast beauty of the jungles and the empty, dusty and creepy location known as the Elephant graveyard. The details of each of these places will be fully explained in their own relevant threads, giving you some insight into what is in each of these locations, special points of interest etc.

Down to the main story itself, or at least what I have come up with thus far: [note: this is still a rough draft]

The story begins just after the death of the last king Kovu, for the last few years the pride lands have continued to be a safe and happy haven for pride members and rouges, the way of life that was reinstalled under the rule of Simba had continued on under the reign of Kovu fairly well.
But in the latter years of his rule tragedy was to strike, it was like a domino effect which couldn’t be stopped. Firstly Kiara sadly passed away from wounds inflicted on a hunt, shortly after the son and future heir was killed by rouges while out on border patrol.

As things would come to pass Kovu passed away without an heir to take over the throne, no royal blood was left to take over the kingdom. Much confusion happened first before it quickly erupted into heated discussion and argument as to who would take the throne next, no one could agree who was worthy to take over. Many names would be put forward as potential replacements, but they could never agree or accept , eventually it split up the pride into two factions.

A rouge going by the name of Dijana saw his opportunity to take the throne and cunningly worked his way around the larger majority to get them on his side, he was a rouge taken in by Kovu just after the death of Simba, his reason for taking him in being was that Kovu reminded him of himself one time.

When his name was put for position of king it caused much uproar as he was classed as an outsider when they wanted the next ruler to be someone born and raised within the pride, the pride was split in two with the majority in favour of making him king. As it came to pass the vote went ahead and no big surprise Dijana won the vote to be king, the smaller group of the pride disgusted at how a rouge had become king decided to leave, they felt the ones who had backed him had stabbed the pride in the back by backing a random rouge over pure blood of the pride. These felines would eventually take residence in the jungles and form their own pride, they would eventually become known as the Junglers taking on felines of the jungle and other random rouges to be apart of their pride.

Many years would roll by and all was peaceful and good, the pride lands continued to flourish and be a safe haven for all those who wanted to take up residence there, he learned a lot from watching how Kovu had gone about his duties and wanted to help to continue it. The thought of how the others had gone with a bad taste in their mouth he knew things couldn’t continue to be good and peace free as they were, he raised the number of guards patrolling their borders and around Pride Rock.

One stormy night the Junglers decided they would throw down the gauntlet and surprise attack Pride Rock, hoping to gain control and power of the pride lands so it was in the rightful hands of the pure blooded who had left.
They managed to enter the pride lands via the elephant graveyard and stealthily made their way deep into enemy territory, they were only rumbled when lightning gave away their positions. The pridelanders managed to repel the attack and pushed the Junglers into a retreat, the fight ending up in the no mans land of the graveyard. The fight resulted in many lost lives and casualties, the attack ended up a failure but showed that the Junglers had intent and the power to cause a viable threat.

The pridelanders wanted to counter attack and strike back at them but Dijana was too cool headed to be forced into an attack out of anger, he simply increased the patrols once more and increasing guard on the borders where the graveyard met the pride lands. No attacks happened for a long while, but unknown to the pridelanders the Junglers were sneaking in scouts across the river to spy and try see where weaknesses were, not one scout was ever seen or noticed in a space of a year. The Junglers once more were building up their ranks, their pridal leader was a real hot head and wanted to keep striking back somewhat hoping they would break through.
Rouge felines were beginning to be trained up as spies from each side and were sent to join the opposing prides to learn of what was going on within each camp, it was dangerous work indeed and reporting back was equally just as dangerous. Not much useful information was coming back through from either side, apart from numbers were slowly increasing on each side.

It was a matter of luck that one day a Jungler scout was eventually caught, the mistake being he had fallen asleep on the job during the middle of the day. He was interrogated intensively about why he was in their lands and what he was doing, from the answers they received they found out that the Junglers were probing to make a big attack once more but as for the time it was unknown even to the scout.
The scout managed to escape custody one night and managed to make his way back into the jungle and reported back about what had happened, he was killed on the spot by the king for his failure and throwing away the surprise attack option knowing now they were going to be expected.

A large skirmish happened a few long months later, another night attack was launched via the graveyard and the river a stronger force than the last infiltrated the pride lands once more. The king himself made the trip, this time round it would be an all out attempt to take over, the strong force was spotted and engaged less a mile from Pride Rock, a few guards on border patrol were taken out quietly though one managed to slip through and raise the alarm.

A strong pridelanders force met the invaders head on, a long fight started that raged on into the early hours of the morning as the sun began to rise over the battlefield, blood soaked into dry, cracked ground from the many dead and incapacitated fighters. By that morning both kings were dying from wounds inflicted in battle, the Junglers called a retreat and fled with their dying king. The pridelanders did not pursue, they were more interested in trying to keep their leader alive.
The Jungler king died on the border of the Elephant graveyard just before the jungle, Dijana died of his wounds on the battlefield just away from Pride Rock.

Both prides are now kingless, the hatred for each over is now stronger than ever with the death of their kings.

The story ends here, how it continues is now down to you! Which side will you pick? Who can you trust? Can you stay loyal? Welcome to, a new era.