Role-play rules for ‘A new era’

These are the rules that all role-players will have to follow and respect if they’re going to be in this rp, these rules are in place for your benefit as well as everyone else who is participating. Anyone breaking these rules will run the risk of being warned/at worst be kicked from the RP. I will be running a three strike system to those who break the rules, I like to think that maybe after the first time you might of learned your lesson, if not you will get a second and final warning before getting a kick on the third.
I’m probably one of the nicest, chilled out role-play moderators that you’ll probably ever come across so don’t make me angry, because I don’t like being so.


*No god moding of other players characters. This is probably one of the top rules, there is nothing more annoying than other people role-playing characters that aren’t their own, let it be made perfectly clear and don’t do it.

*No swearing. As much as I would love to add a bit of colourful language into this role-play I will have to say don’t do it, this forum is family and children orientated and we may have some younger role-players among us. If you are wanting to swear then the only substitute of which I can suggest is to do so like this “****” a little lame I know but that’s the only helpful thing to get around the situation.

*No sex. This is pretty much a bog standard rule as well which sort of for the same reason as the swearing, this is a family forum. The only thing I can suggest is if you want to have your characters doing the freaky and you want to role-play it then do it over MSN, Yahoo, email etc.

*No over violence and gore. There is going to be fights in this role-play, there will be blood, there is no getting away with that in this role-play. I am how ever going to ask that you don’t take it too over the top with it, broken bones, cuts and bleeding is ok just no missing limbs and other things that the younger members maybe get upset about.

*No one liners. This is a massive pet hate of mine and many other role-players, when you make the effort to do a fairly decently lengthen, descriptive, interesting role play reply only then to be then presented with a one minute, one lined, not thinked about response. The minimum response that I am going to set is 3 or 4 lines, as for a maximum I will say about a page but I won’t care if you go over it just shows you’re making the effort.

*Deaths of characters. Sooner of later I can imagine a few lions are going to meet their makers, with war this is a dead cert. When characters die, they will stay dead, they won’t be like Jesus and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
I will be making an obituary type thread for the deaths of any characters in this role-play, when your character dies I would like to be private messaged so I can add it into the thread.

*Number of characters. I will be setting the maximum number of characters that a single person can have to 4 unless they can prove to me otherwise that they can rotate and use the other characters they have effectively.

*Language. Easy one this, make sure you role-play in English and English only.

*Special abilities and talents. Ok I know in some role-plays your lions and various other animals had the abilities to fly, turn invisible etc. however in this role-play such things do not exist, sort of trying to stick to some sort of realism and normality.

*Colours of characters. This in all truth doesn’t bother me too much, all I ask is that you don’t make your character be like the rainbow or over the top like being bright neon pink etc.

*Animals. This rule can be changed if I can be convinced about the type of animal that you are wanting to play as, ideally I would like to keep the animals that are native to Africa. On the other hand it would relegate a few other types of felines I like and have role-played with in the past, other big cats like tigers and other felines like cougars etc. of which aren’t native to Africa will be ok, everything else you will have to convince me on…and usually a lot of the time I’m convinced fairly easily.
*No immortality. Let’s face it sooner or later things come to pass and you die, be it from old age, accidents or the fatality of war. Nothing annoys me and other role-players more than characters that just won’t get injured or die. In this role-play I can assure you that you will more than likely at some point get hurt or die, no one is god in this role-play plain and simple.

*No clothing, hats etc. Nice and simple to explain, you’re animals in the wild. You’re fuzzy, covered scale, feathery etc. plain and simple.

*No anthromorphic characters. Sorry no humanised animals in the role-play, just plain and simple animals.

*No humans. As the rule says, no exceptions.

*Grammar, punctuation, spelling. I’m not the best when it comes down to these three most of the time, just try and do your best in trying to use proper grammar and using punctuation where it is needed. I will suggest also that you maybe triple check what you write down before you go posting, from past experience it can be embarrassing when you included words you never intended to put down.
I will also say, which should be common sense to you all not to use txt or msn speech in the role-play.