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Thread: Same-sex Marriage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadiki View Post
    Then again I'm getting kind of confused in this thread as I think using religion to back up their opinion on why something should not be allowed is rather wrong as.. and I know I keep repeating myself, but politics and religion should be kept as far from one another as possible. One is based on personal belief where other is based decisions made for people of the nation. I mean is it really ok for a Christian or Muslim or Jewish or anyone else in that matter that something is wrong, because like said we should not be judging someone else believes, so why should those ethics be used on rules that apply to everyone living in that nation.
    You and I agree on this subject, I don't mean to confuse you :P No, I don't think it's right to use religious rules for a secular society. I very much support the separation of church and state -- just as much to protect the church as to protect the state. Yeah, people do vote based on their own moral outlook on the subject, and honestly I think that's by far the greatest influence that religion has on politics in this country. But, to be honest, I don't think that a good majority of people in the United States (or elsewhere, I'm not picking on the US) really think deep enough into political subjects to realize that even if you don't approve of something's morality, that doesn't mean it should necessarily be illegal.

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    The whole thing is a distraction issue, there are more important things going on that affect everyone, not just one group

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