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Thread: Timon & Pumbaa animation

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    Timon & Pumbaa animation

    I am watching some old Timon & Pumbaa reruns on the Disney cartoon chane. Mind you, I haven't seen the show since the first season was airing. In one particular episode(a calendar showed the year as 1995), Timon and Pumbaa are being stalked and chased by a panther. Normally, I think that panthers are beautiful creatures, but this one is ugly as sin. It's lower jaw and chin are bigger then the rest of it's body combined. It's legs and paws are as this as straws. The backgrounds in all the epidodes was shotty too. I couldn't help thinking Where are the TLK animators when you need them?! When measured up to the actuall movies, Timon & Pumbaa's animation doesn't measure up.
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    I actually have some of these on VHS. On one of the episodes, Simba and Scar are also included. Simba and Scar don't look anything like they do in TLK itself either... doesn't surprise me.

    Anyways, I have both 'Around the world with Timon and Pumbaa' and 'Dining out with Timon and Pumbaa'. I got these a few years ago when I was younger and haven't watched them for a while... not too sure whether I want to, to be honest.

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    I have those 2 videos aswell, yeah you could never tell that this series was a spin off from TLK it was pretty crap.

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