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December 28th, 2014, 02:23 AM
Hey everyone! I want to share something I've been working on for quite a while - a well-organized compilation of the official Disney character references and model sheets.

Despite the large number of references that have trickled out of Disney over the years it was really hard to find the one you need because it's all scattered across personal collections, and even if you got your paws on one it's still impossible to find anything in there because such collections are hardly organized. So one day I got really fed up with this and set out to create a well organized, publicly accessible and definitive repository of The Lion King character reference.

This is the result: http://reference.ufurmix.org/

Here are some pics from the archive that you probably haven't seen:

Head turnarounds for Scar (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/45/category/6), adult Simba (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/55/category/9) and Nala (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/27/category/4), even Zazu (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/8/category/32)
Detailed construction notes for Pumbaa's head (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/138/category/40) and body (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/139/category/40), Scar's head (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/1/category/6), Simba's head (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/35/category/9) and body (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/36/category/9) with several (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/48/category/10) fan-made (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/23/category/10) restorations (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/24/category/10)
Official character size chart! (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/50/tags/41-size_chart) (+ higher-resolution details (http://reference.ufurmix.org/index.php?/tags/41-size_chart))
And lots (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/53/category/25) of other (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/51/tags/5-source_disney_second_screen) cool stuff (http://reference.ufurmix.org/picture.php?/142/category/38), see for yourself!
Everything is downloadable (button on the top right), tagged and searchable. I've tried to track down the original source of every single pic, too.

As for completeness, it already includes everything useful from:

The Lion King Laserdisk extras (digitized by Sarafina/Tailbrush, a treasure trove!)
The Lion King DVD extras (mostly superseded by Laserdisk material)
Disney Second Screen app for Lion King (pics extracted by Nit and Athari)
The Lion King Blu-Ray extras
The Art of The Lion King book (scanned by Sarafina/Tailbrush)
Simba's Pride DVD extras ("Proud of Simba's Pride" clip)
animationarchive.net (very close to Disney, some amazingly high-quality pics)
lionking.org/imgarchive/?Miscellaneous_Images+hi gallery (several unique pics from unknown source)
facebook.com/thebancroftbros, andreasdeja.blogspot.com, barryjohnson77.tumblr.com (personal pages of Lion King animators)

It also includes some fan-made reference in a separate category, such as character color tables by Sarafina/Tailbrush (http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Tailbrush/) and Kivuli (http://kivuli.deviantart.com/). I have not included model sheets that just show keyframes from the movie, since movie frames are already available (http://pridelands.eu/) in a superior quality thanks to Nit!

Let this be my holiday present to you guys!

December 28th, 2014, 11:43 AM
Oooh, now that is cool! :D Already found a few sheets I didn't have before!

Fantastic work there, thank you so much for sharing! :)

December 28th, 2014, 05:41 PM
This is so amazing! :wow: thanks a real lot for sharing. Truly a holiday present indeed :)