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Lion King Stu
April 22nd, 2011, 08:25 PM
Picture taking from Epona's TLKFAA, I take no credit for this work at all. It's a good piece that I can use as a visual of the pride lands though.
The following map above only shows what is really important to those who are role playing in the pride lands, the jungle that you can see in the south is not the jungle that the Junglers will be living in. The Junglers will be living in another jungle that is situated to the north separated from the pride lands by the elephant graveyard.
The terrain of the pride lands is pretty mixed, there is a lot of flats in the main grazing areas around Pride Rock itself with some small sized hills and several mountainous areas down to the south. Several key rivers flow into the pride lands coming from the jungles in the north and two water holes are present around Pride Rock.
Rafiki's old tree remains down in the south, having survived a few thunder storms striking it remains standing though at the moment unoccupied as is most of the Outlands having taken residence in the pride lands.

The pride lands is a safe haven for those living in it, plenty of available food and drinking water gives those living there a good, happy existence. There are many homes in the pride lands, lots of small dens scattered around plus one main one located at Pride Rock though only royal family and guardians now tend to live there, the hunting party now resides in a den on the underside of the promontory point going down into Pride Rock.

Lion King Stu
May 7th, 2011, 02:55 PM
The air was cold, on a small hill on the border the dark outline of a young line was just about see-able to the eye. The lion was sat down looking up at the ink like blackness of the night, his eyes looking up at the stars a slight sigh left his mouth as he eventually looked down and gazed upon the horizon, overlooking what used to be called the Outlands. An almost eerily silence was all you could hear, the odd sound of a gust the only thing to break it against the sound of crickets and other bugs in the grass around him.

A long few moments passed before he struggled to his feet gritting his teeth, his back leg aching and burning from wounds of old. Slowly he continued on his border guard duty keeping a cautious ear open as well as eyes, in the past many border guards had gone missing and turned up dead around this area and he was determined not to be another number to that statistic. A shiver filled the lion as he continued on his way, the coldness going to his bones “Got to love the night shift” he grumbled to himself as he continued as the first signs of sunlight began to make an appearance.

The thought of having a sleep when he finally returned back to the den at Pride Rock made him smile, in a way it was the only thing sometimes that got a feline through the night shift sometimes. No one really wanted to volunteer for it anymore, but it had to be done as attacks were more common by night, even more these days than during the early hours of day light like it had been in the past. It had been in the early hours that Twilight was attacked and nearly killed, it had shook him up for ages before he decided to take the late shifts once more.

Still the lion continued along his way across the border, the sun just about peaking up on the horizon, the sky turning shades of red and yellow.
“Another night over, another day I will live” he said quietly almost smiling to himself.