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April 22nd, 2011, 08:21 PM
A new era character profile sheet

First name:

Middle name: [If character has one]


Nickname/s: [If any, if not then put ‘none’]

Age: [in retrospective of human age over feline age]

Family: [if any, if not put deceased or unknown]

Mate: [if any, if not then put no mate]

Pride: [Pridelander, Jungler or rogue]

Position in pride: [will put up list in the prides section about what positions are going]



Build: [skinny, fat, muscular etc.]

Distinguishing features: [scars, birth markings etc.]

Disability or health problem: [Things from limps to bad hearing etc. Anything that causes your character problems. If your character is ok in all areas then say ‘none‘.]

Main body fur colour/s:

Mane colour/s: [If character has one]

Belly fur colour:

Tail Tuft colour/s:

Inner ear colour:

Reference picture/s: [If you have one then it would be good to see, if not try and hunt one down if you can. Try TLKFAA or fur affinity. Just gives a better understanding about what your character looks like]

Character Biography:

Sample role-play: [Just to see at what sort of level your role-playing skills are at. A minimum of 4 lines and a page maximum of random made up role-play with your character.]

Just to make sure you’ve read through the rules, what is the word in bold text?

April 24th, 2011, 04:44 PM
First name: Utora
Nickname/s: Lekiki
Age: 21
Family: Unknown
Mate: No Mate
Pride: Jungler
Height: 30 in. (75cm) & 5.5 feet (167cm) long.
Weight: 268 lbs (121kg)
Build:Lanky and slim, but strong and slightly muscular.
Distinguishing features: Scar on her stomach but not too noticeable. Blue eyes. Overall her being a white lioness sets her apart in a bad way and makes her distunguishable.
Disability or health problem: Moderate mental health issues.
Main body fur colour/s: White.
Belly fur colour: White.
Tail Tuft colour/s: Goldish and Black
Inner ear colour: White.
Reference picture/s: I'll be making one shortly.

Sample role-play:

Utora had no heart for strangers, there was this threat felt, What do they want from me? However, this stranger was weaker and worse off overall. A young rouge male that was skin and bones. He seemed to have a spring inside of his frail body that allowed him to gracefully stroll through the grass, bouncing on his charcoal colored paw pads through the dirt as the evening suddenly became midnight.
The sounds of night stirred something in the two lions as they moved on along the edges of the jungle. Utora hesitated at the notion of entering the open outlands, or the serengetti. Something always seemed to belong to someone else, all except the jungle. Perhaps, the jungle being similar to a puzzle or a maze, prevented any pride from claiming it. The borders changed every second in the jungle. This is my third night Lekiki. Utora looked back as Keewa laid down in the brush beneath the baobaob trees. His body sunk inside itself as he relaxed expressing all his skeletal features. Utora flicked her tail for a moment, like a cord yanking her heart to go on, she yanked back and apoproached Keewa. I know how to count nights, too Keewa. They are endless, remember. Utora sat beside him and huffed. She was observant of the lack of starlight in the sky. Of the croacks and groans of strange creatures farther out. The faint smell of water lingered on the breeze. Everything but the trail of a decent meal was present. She hung her head, eyes closed, then looked to Keewa who seemed to already be intent on sleep, right there in the open. Keewa you can rest but only for a short while. Do you understand? Utora needed him to understand, to hold on for a little bit longer.
Quickly she slipped away from him and went on a frantic search. Without him she could move faster and even get herself involved in a more dangerous kill without the fear of getting both of them killed. Utora was uncertain of the length in distance she'd travelled, as she lingered along the rim of a watering hole, muddy paws with her tongue hanging out. The nights could be hotter than the days sometimes.
Zebras were drinking across the way but she was aware they weren't an option. Still, she continued to look around, returning to the cover of the brush. Her head was up and here eyes were scanning into the dark. Her nose was taking in everything at once, all in desperation. Noises began to distract her and she drew herself closer to the source to better understand what could cause such chaos. Utora came through the tangling weeds and grass and made enough space to see over the clearling; a pride of some sorts having a feud with some wild dogs. Hyenas. The shouting was annoying and Utora laid down, her ears flat as she swished her tail. They were like dots over on the hill but she could smell something worth getting involved in; food.
It had taken at least an hour to creep in unoticed while the chaos continued to unfold all around her. They were so wild with the night and the fight that they remained oblivious to her. There had been one, two or maybe even three kills torn and tattered across the hill. At times, the screams and bellowing roars made her muslces lock and her instinct was to turn tail and run. But the thought of Keewa laying still, waiting for her to return empty mouth made her angry. She was so close to an overlooked heap of flesh and without thinking she sunk her teeth into the meat and bolted off. Without a second to pass the slaps and cutting blows of lions or hyenas, she didn't know, came down upon her but she continued on. Maybe it was a lot, slowing her down. Maybe it was enough. Maybe it was too little! Utora shrieked at them to leave her be as the hyeans laughed and the lions shouted. She took off like the wind down the hill and through the grass, her breath squeezing out around the gobs of meat in her jaws. Nothing but death would get her to stop now, trunning was the only logical command in her head, on and on and on.....
After some time, her frantic running became trotting which became walking. Her joints ached and her back hips were starting to express their damage. They'd gotten a few bites and lashed into her but she assumed at the quanity of food they'd sacked this evening, this little scrap she'd made away with wasn't worth all the energy it took to bring her down. Utora drug some of the animal carcass with her. It was a decent piece, enough to maybe satisfy one of the two for a few hours. By no rights, a meal. Her jaws ached from clenching on for so long. There was a steady drizzle of rain now, she drug herself up the way she'd come, to the two baobaob trees where Keewa rested. Utora released the meat and tossed herself to the ground, licking her maw and taking in deep brathes of air. After a few pauses, she opened her eyes and looked up to Keewa. Utora allowed a deep sigh to escape her and then she sat up, looking around for any threats. Then she looked back down to Keewa, ate both their portion of the meal and was gone before sunrise, alone.

April 30th, 2011, 05:39 PM
First name: Abasi
Middle name: None
Surname: Balogun
Nickname/s: None
Age: 33
Family:Folami and Nuru [Father and Mother]
Mate: No Mate
Pride: Rogue
Position in pride: [will put up list in the prides section about what positions are going]
Height: 9 1/2 feet, 40 inches.
Weight: 407 lbs.
Build: Muscular but not overly so.
Distinguishing features: Being mostly black colored, his green eyes are the only thing that make him stand out in the darkness, otherwise he is difficult to locate at times.
Disability or health problem: None
Main body fur colour/s: Black
Mane colour/s: Black
Belly fur colour: Gray
Tail Tuft colour/s: Black
Inner ear colour: Gray
Reference picture/s: Reference (http://djcoulzanimalsonly.deviantart.com/art/Malka-Adult-132115071)
Character Biography: Abasi has a general bitterness and defiance developed through the steady sense of rejection given by the continual prods of his family at his appearance and heritage. He likes the rain, and enjoys watching and observing people from afar without needing to get involved if it can be helped. Ironically, Abasi has a vast detestation for arrogance despite a slight lean towards pretentiousness at times himself. Cheery, overt people interrupting solitude at the wrong time also ranks high on his list of dislikes.

The youngest cub, oddly enough, was born with green eyes and what appeared to be dark fur despite both parents and his one older sibling possessing lighter shades. The couple assured themselves that the cub’s features would lighten with age. When they remained dark after several weeks however, Nuru was forced to confess to an affair with a rouge months before. It wasn’t long after this secret was brought to light that Nuru fled from the small pride, leaving her two boys with her former mate. Folami could hardly blemish his reputation further by disowning the cub, and so allowed him to stay and grow in his lands. He took instead to his elder son, focusing his efforts on teaching Zuberi the skills needed to lead a pride. Abasi spent his young years throwing himself into Folami’s presence and trying to perform as his brother did. However, lacking in the same prowess, he trailed far behind the other in the skill of hunting, and his ‘father’'s pride made no attempt at correcting his mistakes. As time went on, it became clear that Abasi’s family would not be the only ones to shun him. It was obvious to the other animals that he was not Folami’s son, and the whispers and looks when he would go out ushered in a crushing shame for his low status. The time soon came for Zuberi to take over and promptly wasted no in time chasing his half-brother out. However Abasi didn't seem to mind, he's been waiting for that day. No longer seeking to please his pride, he strikes out on his own. It was difficult at first teaching himself to hunt properly, defend his kills...survive on his own with no company. Yet as years went on, his skills were honed and sharpened to an accomplished level.

Abasi would be content to live out his days as a rogue, but age and maturity may very well shape his desires into something quite different. Abasi’s greatest strength is his quick wit and sharp tongue. Abasi is a sarcastic and somewhat bitter individual with few if any friendships. He prefers to live by his own set of rules, even if he isn’t sure of why he puts them in place himself, and although headstrong, Abasi generally prefers to keep to himself concerning his opinions and expresses them in wordless actions.
Sample role-play: The sun broiled and cooked the grasslands to its liking. Never quite finished with its obsessive task of baking the inhabitants to a charred cinder. Luckily for most, they were able to find the most sought after shade; whether it be in a cave, under a tree, or even underground. The waterholes were crowded at this time of day, the steady influx and need for water pleased both parties: The ancient crocodiles got a meal while their customers, parched for thirst, warily drank the cool water at the edge of the bank.

It was much too hot to bother with feeding yet. Most days the lions slept until night fell for the hunt. The cubs played with each other under the watchful eyes of their mothers, happy to be lazing about and not worry of anything interrupting their peaceful rest. Abasi was idly surveying from his vantage point the vast expanse of green and yellow grass that moved by wind and beast. While the lions of this pride all slept together, he found no male in sight. Curious. Who was their leader and more importantly, where was he?

Lion King Stu
April 30th, 2011, 06:54 PM
Utora and Abasi added into Pride Roster section

May 1st, 2011, 09:14 AM
First name: Judas.
Middle name: -
Surname: -
Nickname/s: -
Age: 27.
Family: Deceased.
Mate: None.
Pride: Rogue.
Position in pride: n/a.

Height: 110 cm at the shoulder.
Weight: 107 kg
Build: Lanky, slim.
Main body fur colour: Sandy-tan ecru.
Mane colour: Bi-coloured brown and black.
Belly fur colour: Pale ecru.
Tail Tuft colour: Black.
Inner ear colour: Pale ecru.

Distinguishing features:
- Unusually tall.
- Bi-coloured mane.
Disability or health problem:
- No known issues.
- Has close to an obsession with fish.
- Homosexual.

Overall personality: An individualist to a fault, Judas’ doesn’t really believe in teamwork unless it’s a critical survival situation, but most of all he dislike finding himself beholden to anyone a situation which common teamwork could impose upon him. The rogue is rather anarchistic, holding a deep dislike for figures of authority and people with power, especially lions believing that no one is entitled by birth to their positions of power. More than anything he claims to thrive in his solitary existence stating that he does better on his own than being dependant on another; this is merely a shield to mask a dislike for responsibility.

A rather gloomy, stoic, and pessimistic fellow that perpetrates an aura of harsh reality, dark somewhat sadistic humor, and blunt, inconsiderate sarcasm, almost like a dark cloud following him around, Judas’ also been cited as somewhat a doomsayer, Grim Reaper, and a self-styled party pooper the latter designation is something he’s secretly proud about though he sees himself as a realist first and foremost. It’s not that he wants to rain people’s parades or even seek to do this it’s just an effect he usually has on the people around him. This anti-social, solitary behavior and general distrust, and suspicion of others hide a spiritually wounded individual that has tried to make best for him-self in the face of overwhelming adversity. In response to the death and despair surrounding him he adopted a savage view of nature; the survival of the fittest is the only rules, and consequently he has strong ideas of self-reliance, self-awareness, and self-confidence, and does have a not very high opinion of the weak, and destitute. Despite being labeled as cursed by the more superstitious members of his circle and thusly avoided by near everyone, he is deep down beyond his shield of negativity; a highly social and generally quite friendly person at least to those that have earned his trust or those he ends up liking for some reason or another.

It’s difficult to gain his trust and respect but once you’ve earned it and manage to keep it he remains a loyal friend to the death and once he opens up to a person different sides of his personality become apparent; what was once an overly serious and sullen individual reveals his more frivolous sides; likes his affinity for pranks, storytelling, and generally just the enjoyment of life, rather different for one whom on the surface seem very wrapped up in the concept of death. Deep down he’s a little child-like with an easy, laidback view of the world around him; despite his philosophy’s serious overtones.

Reference picture: (Coming Soon)

Sample role-play: (Taken from a off-site RP)

-The anger was boiling up inside Logan part of him wanted to fly at this creature yet his knowledge that the creature would easily overpower him kept him at bay. He slammed one end of the pole into the ground more of an anger outlet than anything. “What the hell do you want!?” he exhaled through a growl, narrowed eyes trailing the fiend before him; the other’s ghastly appearance didn’t faze him much anymore. Brows knitted as the demon spoke saying that he thought Logan’s talk about taking life being justified interesting; well of course it had been justified the person that did it had hurt someone he cared about “They deserved it” he growled, “So shut up! You have no idea what they did!” he added through a snarl. “No, quite obviously I am not.” He responded irritation ripe in his voice as he answered the fiend’s rather rhetorical question, “What human has fur, claws, fangs, Hm?” the shifter shook his head defiantly. Logan kept stepping back the moment the other made a move forward keeping their distance more or less constant in this eternal sadistic dance. But as this demon; Wither had the audacity to claim that the shifter was lying Logan opened his mouth to face that argument but whatever he was about to say was stopped in his throat as the other continued.

The anger so clear before had now been replaced by one of fear, “I-” Logan began, yet the demon’s speech kept cutting him off not allowing him to build much of any counter argument. Logan knew he had anger issues but he never thought he’d use them against Fray; indeed it was always Fray that had been careful not to hurt him. “Just shut up!” Logan snarled his chest heaving hearing the other’s argument; he backed up into a nearby tree dropping the pole. As much as he wanted to fly at this guy rip him to shreds, ever fiber in his body screamed for him to do it, although doing that however would only prove the demons claims; that he had anger issues and that he stood the risk of accidentally unleashing them against Fray. The back of his head hit the bark of the tree eyes closing while a frown etched into his face, “I’d never hurt him.” Logan whispered through clenched teeth, his chest heaving, “I-I’d.” he cut himself off tearing his gaze from the demon, “What do you want from me?!” he whispered barely audible, lower lip quivering gaze trailing the forest around them.

The pole was on the ground and Logan had pressed himself up against a tree whatever wall that had been mustered between himself and demon was now gone; nothing but air separated them. “Why can’t you just… leave me alone?!” he cried out at the fiend, gaze meeting the other’s he didn’t know what this guy wanted, much less what he had done to deserve this fiends wrath. “Are you some kinda Judge, or Reaper… here to punish me for my sins?!” he exhaled almost out of breath, indeed Logan was getting desperate for an answer, the creature couldn’t have come all this way just to toy with him for its own amusement? He knew some higher powers given they existed frowned upon people like him; all he did was a sin, even his love was a sin. “If you are my judge… i-if you are my reaper…” The man frowned, “Then give me my punishment, and be done with it!” he sneered, Logan was not a religious person quite the contrary yet he knew the existence of higher and if not lower powers they were not gods but this world’s closest equivalents of any and right now he was faced with either an aspect or it could indeed be one of these lower powers in the flesh… fleeing this would be futile, that was even something his stupidly valorous father would realize.-

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May 1st, 2011, 07:20 PM
Judas added into Pride Roster section

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May 1st, 2011, 08:57 PM
First name:

Middle name:





No mate


Position in pride:
pride guardian

92cms high/235cms in length



Distinguishing features:
Birth markings- small star like markings around neck, crescent moon marking on forehead
Scars- scar on neck covered by mane, scars on hind right leg, scar on left cheek.

Disability or health problem:
Slight limp in rear right leg
Suffers from slight depression.

Main body fur colour/s:
Golden brown

Mane colour/s:
Dark brown

Belly fur colour:
Light yellow

Tail Tuft colour/s:
Dark brown

Inner ear colour:
Dark brown

Reference picture/s:

Character Biography:
Born and raised in the pride lands he grew up in the good times before everything went down hill, he has had a slightly tragic upbringing after his father was killed by rouges while guarding the borders and losing his mother in an hunting accident.

When the prides split after the death of Kovu, Twilight decided to stay with the pride that he grew up with. He wasn't a great fan of how the kingship had come about but he trusted the decision that the pride had made, he was highly disappointed in how most of the pride just upped and left like they had.

The next few years Twilight's life went on like normal, nothing much happened and all was good in the pride, inside though Twilight felt quite along having lost his mother and father at an early age. Most of his days just consisted of patrolling the borders, and staying away from Pride Rock.
When the attacks started happen Twilight was in the thick of it, despite being young he was quite the talented and smart warrior, he sustained many war wounds but was never seriously hurt. That was until he was attacked and had his rear leg savaged, it healed slightly but never fully leaving him with quite a noticeable limp that sometimes gives him grief.

In the big skirmish that saw the death of both kings of either pride he stayed by Dijana's side and made the ultimate decision to not chase the fleeing Junglers down in fearing of a counter attack.

Twilight is very friendly and caring, he would die for any member of the pride should it be called upon. He is slightly quiet at times but is always willing to give out advice or listen to other pride members problems. Despite his young age he is very smart and a good leader in fights.

Sample role-play:
Slowly coming around in the den at Pride Rock he let out a loud groan as someone poked him in the ribs, “hey Twi, get up” a voice seemed to echo in his ears, the feeling of water dripping onto his cheek. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up at the drenched lion disapprovingly and let out a soft growl.
The weather outside had got a lot worse, rain beat down loudly against the rock that it echoed throughout the cave, a chilled breeze flowed in through the entrance that sent shivers down his spine.

“What a fine time to start a shift” he muttered to himself as he stretched across the ground loudly before getting up and slowly making his way to the cave entrance, sitting down he looked into the darkness, the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance and the flash of lightning briefly lightened up the pride lands.
“Might as well make a start” he muttered to himself with a sigh, his body feeling heavy and tired proceeded to make his way across the muddy, drenched ground heading toward the border at the elephant graveyard.

May 6th, 2011, 06:23 PM
Name: Kirefu
Nicknames: Kir
Age: late 20s
Family: Unknown/deceased
Mate: None
Pride: Pridelander
Position in pride: None

Height: Somewhat tall
Build: Quite thin and lanky.
Main body fur colour: Ash brown.
Mane & tail tuft colour: Dark brown.
Belly fur colour: Ashy cream.

Distinguishing features:
- Three diagonal scars on his face, one crossing his left eye.
- His mane is very long and somewhat unkempt; it hangs down and curls slightly at the ends.
- His claws are almost always unsheathed.
Disability or health problems:
- Somewhat poor vision in his left eye, due to injury.
- Depressed at times.

Personality & Bio:: Kirefu had a fairly average life growing up in the Pridelands; at least, as average as life in those times could be. He never knew his father, and as his mother was getting on in years, he had no siblings. Still, he was quite content; a momma's boy, he often stuck to his mother's side and was too shy to even approach other cubs except when forced.

His world was shattered when his mother died of old age when he was an adolescent. He suddenly found himself utterly alone with little idea of what to do with himself or how to survive. To make matters worse, trouble was brewing in the Pridelands; the queen had died in a hunting accident, and small murmurs of rebellion were beginning to spread.

Soon enough, Kirefu found himself taken under the wing of Kiume, one of the pride's males. Kiume was a young adult, handsome and strong, and quite popular among the pride's younger lions. He also had some radical ideas about the monarchy and a sometimes fiery temper, but Kirefu was grateful enough to have a friend that he was willing to overlook Kiume's faults.

Time passed and eventually the uprising that had been muttered about for so long happened. Suddenly Kirefu had a choice to make: he could follow Kiume and the other rebels to the jungle, or stay in the Pridelands, the only home he'd ever known. It was a hard decision, but he was afraid of change, and chose to stay behind. Kiume only looked at him with disgust and then left. Kirefu was shocked: he had thought their friendship meant more than Kiume's political alliances. He was wrong. And once again, he found himself alone.

Thankfully, this time, he had learned enough from Kiume to care for himself. Though he stayed with the Pridelanders, he often ate alone, slept alone, and spent his days alone. Some knew him and would talk to him on occasion, but more often than not he was ignored, and that was the way he preferred it. What he viewed as a betrayal from Kiume had cut him deep, and he didn't want to get hurt again.

Time once again passed without incident until the day the Junglers attacked. Kiume was among the jungle's soldiers, and though Kirefu tried his best to avoid him, Kiume tracked him down. It was the first time they'd seen each other since Kiume had left. They exchanged words as well as blows. Kirefu wasn't exactly weak--he had built up his strength by hunting for himself--but he was still afraid of hurting the lion that had once been his closest friend. He focused mainly on blocking Kiume's attacks, and managed to hold his own for a while, until Kiume roared and struck Kirefu hard across the face, nicking his left eye. The fighting stopped between them; Kiume stared at him with a mixture of rage and shock as Kirefu gritted his teeth, trying to focus his vision and get the blood out of his eye. They glared at each other for a few moments before Kiume turned and ran, attacking someone else.

Thanks to the help of the pride's medicine lion, Kirefu didn't lose his eye completely, but he bore three ugly scars across his face, and his vision in his left eye was blurred. With that, his feelings for Kiume transformed from hurt to outright hatred.

Reference pictures: adult headshot (http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/3228/kijpic.png) , my lame attempt at drawing scars (http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8818/tijwithscars.png) , cub full body (http://img807.imageshack.us/img807/4500/tijcub.png)

Sample roleplay: Kirefu warily approached the glittering waters of the Prideland's largest lake. It was high noon, and the heat was sweltering; consequently, the lake was surrounded by lions and other animals alike drinking or trying to cool off in the water. He hated to go to the water hole while so many others were there, but his mouth was dry and the heat unbearable. He tried to pick a spot away from the others and drank.

Sadly, his solitude was short-lived. A young lioness had spotted him and was bouncing her way over. "Hi, Kirefu!" she said, coming to halt beside him and moving uncomfortably close.

He tried his best not to grimance. "Hello, Ashi," he replied, the unenthusiam in his voice unmistakable. He had never been a good actor. Still, Ashi didn't seem to notice.

"What are you doing today?" she purred, inching ever closer.

Kirefu blinked, oblivious as to what her behavior could mean. The only lioness that had ever purred at him was his mother. He felt himself on the edge of panic. "Um, I have to go, sorry," he said lamely, beginning to move away at a pace he hoped was subtle.

Still, he was already too far to hear her crestfallen, "Oh."

Word: Grammar

Lion King Stu
May 7th, 2011, 02:59 PM
Kirefu added into Pride Roster section

July 15th, 2011, 12:45 AM
First name: Askaru
Surname: Leonnwis

Nickname/s: Aski, Askaru

Age: 19

Family: Mother: Nerigi, Father: Tasl

Mate: No mate

Pride: Jungler

Position in pride: Unofficial lion cub of King

Height: 98cm // 264cm (with tail)

Weight: 265 kg

Build: Normal lion body, trained to fight and otters

Distinguishing features: none

Disability or health problem: Poorly conjoined bone in the front paw after the last fight, on the outside invisible

Main body fur colour/s: Grey

Mane colour/s: Black

Belly fur colour: Light grey

Tail Tuft colour/s: Black

Inner ear colour: Black

Reference picture/s:

Character Biography: He was unwanted cub of local lion king. His mother wasn't queen, so when he became independent and left the pack wandering the neighborhood. Looking for a better life and the place where he belonged and fit. His pride for him either forgotten or hated, only what he loved was his loving mother. Anyway pack in which he lived was not oppressive or violent. He just born on the wrong day, in the wrong place. Does not herald him for his militancy and willingness to do for justice and the good of all. He is pleased when he can help, and glad to help and advise. Due to his solitary life is thankfull for each contact with someone else and sometimes got in the fray, or struggle, sometimes winning sometimes escaped, fortunately still alive and life goes on.

Sample role-play:

* It was night, clear and clean, the moon and the stars lit up the surrounding countryside, it was the right time ...*
He rose slowly and quietly stepping, walking around his mother, who slept with him. Lick her ear to say her goodbye, and went out of their home, which was by this time him too. Determined to create your own life and fight for their piece of happiness that he not passed yet. He was not looking back. He knew that would not overcome the force that compelled him to go back and snuggle up to her mother, happily sleep well knowing that does not belong here. It did not take long and the night was even darker and darker than when he came. Something flashed through the front, he stopped and instinctively ducked, and growled a little. Instead of a determined and strong lion came a shaky voice. ,, Is anybody there?" When he lacked answer, more rapidly went on and hoped that at least partially fulfill his dream as you can see that you will have to build yourself.

-//I'm writing RPGs story for 8 years but in foreign language is this story my first, I know that my English is not exelent ... it's horrible i know, but I hope you underestand a bit. I think I can play RPGs, but we will se ... I red everything about this story ... I hope I'll belong to it.//-

August 4th, 2014, 04:00 PM
First name: Sakura

Middle name: ---

Surname: ---

Nickname/s: Kuku {Any yah want to make up is fine.}

Age: Young - Adult. Don`t exactly know the equivalent in human or lion years. xc

Family: Deceased

Mate: No Mate

Pride: Pridelander

Position in pride: Warrior/Huntress {She often fights, but will hunt in spare time.}[will put up list in the prides section about what positions are going]

Height: Normal Size, Slightly Taller.

Weight: Skinny, but not underweight.

Build: Skinny.

Distinguishing features: A white swirl on her right shoulder, branded by a wise shaman that told her "Your future is great, but your past is a tragedy."

Disability or health problem: None.

Main body fur colour/s: A Golden Creamy Colour

Mane colour/s: She has a single golden tuft going slightly over her eye. [If character has one]

Belly fur colour: Cream.

Tail Tuft colour/s: Golden, curled at tip.

Inner ear colour: Brownish colour.

Reference picture/s: http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q605/rachebritton/SakuraTLKBase_zpsc0021503.jpg Drawn By Astraia {A good freind.} [If you have one then it would be good to see, if not try and hunt one down if you can. Try TLKFAA or fur affinity. Just gives a better understanding about what your character looks like]

Character Biography:Sakura had a pretty much peaceful life, enjoying all parts of it. She is from a tribe of lionesses, and lionesses alone. When her mother was pregnant, she was chased from the pride, as she had betrayed the prides laws of "Having more than friendship with a male." The lionesses in the pride lost all respect, and Sakura`s mother was slowly starving, inside her, it seemed Sakura gave her the strength to hunt, and soon after, Sakura was born a healthy cub, taking most of her mothers attributes and her fathers looks and wits. As soon as she opened her eyes, Sakura was bathing her mother in affectionate little licks and purring all the time, and then her mother named her Sakura. Sakura grew into a young, slightly chubby cub, but none the less loved pouncing on field mice. She`d always let them go after, she woulden`t be mean and kill them, as they haden`t hurt her. As a teen, her father had located Sakura and her mother, and was proud of his daughter. They traveled as a family, enjoying the peace. Eventually they came upon a wise lion with the name of Mihamoto, and he told Sakura that she was to be blessed with a wonderful future, but also a tragic past. The shaman branded her with her swirl mark on her shoulder, and she wears it with pride. However, the moment she left, was the moment she wished she wasen`t born. As they slept at night, a fire, with an unknown cause spread rapidly through the forest. Sakura was awoken by her father, who was barely clinging to life, his mane burn`t, and his back had been burn`t horribly. She let out a wail, and fled, and ran. When she looked behind her, her parents weren`t there, they had met their fates to the fire, and since then, she has traveled alone.

Sample role-play: The golden colored fae basked upon her favorite sunning rock. Not only did it give her warmth, it also gave her a nice watch over the Pridelands. Letting out a content purr, Sakura rolls onto her back, resting her forepaws on her fluffy cream underbelly. Boy, it was weird looking upside down. Soon, she flipped herself back over, lying upside down made her dizzy. Soon, bored of lying around and doing nothing, her cub like adventurousness kicked in. Standing up, she stretches, her back and legs cracking, as she yawns rather quietly, but rewarded with a few stares from her pride-sisters for a few seconds. Blushing in embarrassment, she quickly scurries away.

Upon finding the waterhole, she decides to mess around here for a while. She bends down to take a drink of the.. well, not so clean water. What had been going on in here? Pool party? Without her? Oh the horror! She chuckles briefly, thinking about what could`ve happened. Soon, she gets up once more, looking around for a secret cave or crevice, and soon enough she came upon a cave with vines hanging over the edge, just under priderock. [I]Interesting. She thinks, stepping inside. There were a few cobwebs dotted around, but once cleaned up, she could claim this cave as her own. Awesome. She lies in the center, as the sun begins to go down. She did think it was rather late in the day. She rests her head on her paws, and closes her soft blue eyes, finally drifting off to sleep.[Just to see at what sort of level your role-playing skills are at. A minimum of 4 lines and a page maximum of random made up role-play with your character.]