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  1. Ok, I hate Bush now:
  2. this is what i hate about humans
  3. I have something to tell you
  4. Gay marriage?
  5. What's Your Religion?
  6. An idea on peace
  7. Religon (again, sorry)
  8. and now I hate christianity
  9. Confusing Christianity?
  10. A decent argument against homosexuality, esp. gay marriage.
  11. Biblical Animal Rights
  12. How fair are some legal systems?
  13. Debate: Experts say trophy hunting will save remaining lions.
  14. Truth behind 9-11? Was it the Government?
  15. Muslims starting boycot against Denmark.
  16. Debate: Confederate Flag In School
  17. New Al Qaeda Leader Planning Attack Against U.S. ?
  18. The Creation - Work of God or Work of Science?
  19. Global warming: Truth or Ficition
  20. How will the world end?
  21. Your religion... and why?
  22. Debate: Gay Marriages
  23. Illegal Immigration
  24. Evolution?
  25. Feminism
  26. Saddam Hussein sentenced to death
  27. The Libertarian Party
  28. Hunting? The Big Problem
  29. Cloned Meat
  30. Hate Crimes
  31. Convicted Felons Not Voting
  32. Same Sex Unions In America
  33. Spanking Ban
  34. Amarica = over religus?
  35. America: Not religous enough
  36. Homosexuals CAN be made normal!!
  37. Evolutionary Education - Do we need more?
  38. Gun Control
  39. Evolution
  40. Osama Bin Laden is dead
  41. Same-sex Marriage.
  42. Discussion on morality
  43. A real world environmental question
  44. Dietary choices have an effect on the environment
  45. Marius the Giraffe
  46. Drive By Shooting in Santa Barbara
  47. Drowning the Sorrow
  48. Star Trek legend, Leonard, "Spock" McCoy, dead at 83
  49. Online vs Brick and Mortar shops
  50. B r e x i t t h r e a d